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In the novel with the male and female protagonist’s romance as the main story line, there are an exaggerated number of passerby A,B,C.

In the real world everyone except the main characters are passers-byes, Shao Fei is just one of them.

He has contributed nothing to the plot and can basically have the existence of a background board.

Therefore, since Shao Fei came to the Liu family he has kept his distance as long as it doesn’t violate his character settings.

Generally speaking, no matter what passer-by A does, it is difficult to affect the main plot.

In his opinion, the male and female lead’s relationship will develop naturally.

But now the situation is obviously wrong.

The male lead seriously said he doesn’t like the female lead.

Moreover, the female lead didn’t realise that this is the male lead’s car like in the original novel.

This shows they are really unfamiliar.

Shao Fei didn’t use the emergency button of the system when he encountered Shao Yuanlong’s domestic violence.

He knew how valuable three opportunities per world were, but this time it was far beyond his capabilities.

The button was pressed almost without hesitation.

The system gave an automated reply: The system is not in the service area, please try again later.

A few tries later, the same result.

Shao Fei’s frustration had nowhere to vent.

Why is the system not in the service area

What the hell is the use in you

When Shao Fei was about to explode inside, Shen Banqing slightly recovered from her inner turmoil and apologized softly.

She didn’t listen to Lao Zhang’s asking whether she needed to go to the hospital or compensation.

Only standing up and staggering away.

She doesn’t want to see anyone now.

After beating Xie Yun violently, her world seems to be gray.

Her only wish is to be alone and unbothered.

As a young girl, she can’t bear the simultaneous blow of family, emotions and education.

Shao Fei looked at the back of the female lead and his heartache so much it was about to overflow.

The goddess level female lead in the later stage had to go through hardships in the early stage.

Uncle Zhang shouted a few times.

Seeing that the girl didn’t respond, he could only go back to the car.

Turning to Liu Chen who’s expression was cast in shadows, the driver asks how to deal with this matter.

Liu Chen’s hand clenched into a fist, and green tendons bulged on the back of his hand.

He has been paying attention to Shao Fei’s emotional change, including the reaction when he saw that woman and all his subtle expressions fell into his observation.

A very obvious conclusion is that Shao Fei cares about her very much.

When a man cares about an unfamiliar woman, there are several possibilities.

Apart from interests and other connections, it is most likely that he secretly loves her.

This cognition makes Liu Chen unable to control the inner fury.

Even if he understands rationally that this is normal.

Shao Fei is a man, of course, he will like beautiful girls.

Even if Liu Chen is picky with the harshest standards, it is difficult to pick out her faults.

She is indeed qualified to be the secret crush of others.

Liu Chen finally recalled her information from his memories and remembered her name was Shen Banqing.

But Shao Fei just moved.

There should be no intersection between them.

When did it start Liu Chen had always had a good memory.

He combed through some details he previously didn’t care about.

When Shao Fei came to take the entrance exam, when he sent the little guy out, Shao Fei’s eyes always looked behind him.

The person behind him was Shen Banqing.

He noticed it at that time, but didn’t take it to heart.

At that time, was it love at first sight

In an instant, he connected the cause and effect together.

It was as if the fire burning in his heart was spreading snake venom, which penetrated into all his limbs and bones, so that he could hardly control his expression.

For a moment, he wanted the woman to disappear.

Such an idea was too extreme, making even Liu Chen frightened.


“Aren’t you going to check on her first”

Liu Chen glanced at him and the meaning could not be clearer.

Shao Fei couldn’t get in touch with the system and watched as the plot collapsed in front of him, so he had to push on.

All his attention was on Shen Banqing, who was about to disappear into the night.

He didn’t notice Liu Chen’s change at all.

When the car started and he wanted to ask Liu Chen to help, he found that the man’s face was gloomy.

Completely different from the smile from when they were both chatting.

Shao Fei trembled, like the fear when he first met Liu Chen.

It seemed that this was Liu Chen’s true nature.

Liu Chen was not in the mood to coax Shao Fei at this time, but he also couldn’t watch the little hamster become hot and bothered to find someone.

Therefore taking a few deep breaths, he completely buried the most raw emotions and said in a low voice: “Do you want me to help her”

Shao Fei carefully observed him.

Then he couldn’t help holding the corner of Liu Chen’s clothes with one hand and as he begged, “Can you”

He was really worried about such an upset Shen Banqing.

Her expression just now was distraught and helpless, plus she was so beautiful.

What if there was any danger At this time, Liu Chen is the only one who can help her.

In the past if Liu Chen saw Shao Fei with such bright eyes, he could not help but want to rub it.

Now Liu Chen is not in the mood and just looks at Shao Fei quietly.

The eyes were as dark as if there was no light.

It seemed that one more look would doom people.

Shao Fei wants to shrink away, but rationally knows that this is an opportunity hard won.

He can’t hide now.

Liu Chen looked down at the hand clutching the corner of his clothes.

It was like that time when they met in the study.

People couldn’t bear to refuse his plea.

Almost as Shao Fei thought there was no hope, Liu Chen said faintly, “Alright, but this is not because I want to help her.

You owe me, okay”

Shao Fei nodded naturally: “No problem.

I won’t refuse you anything you ask of me.”

Shao Fei didn’t think much about it.

Now he just wanted to persuade the male lead to help.

The most important thing is that he didn’t think the male lead would need his help at all, so he proposed a bad deal.

Immediately Liu Chen’s eyes darkened, a meaningful smile finally rose up at the corners of his mouth.

Then he called his bodyguards and asked them to follow her along the way to ensure her safety.

That’s not all.

Liu Chen always knows what it means to use every measure necessary.

To make undesirable possibilities disappear completely, it needs the birth of another possibility, and he will promote this birth.

So he called a person who had not been contacted since he added their contact information.

Yang Xin was playing online games in a group at this time.

His teammates were killed in front of him one by one, and he was still holding on.

Any call at this critical moment was considered harassment.

He didn’t even look at the caller ID and shouted directly while looking  ahead: “Who Don’t you know how late…”

“Yang Xin.” Liu Chen gently lifted his thin lips.

Only two words were said, but Yang Xin almost immediately recognized Liu Chen’s voice.

It was so recognizable that he almost jumped up in front of the computer.

He didn’t care about his teammates howling at the other end.

You know, this is Liu Chen.

The most low-key prince in their circle.

Although many people want to get in touch, it is difficult to find a chance.

Liu Chen is warm outside and cold inside.

He just looks easy to get along with.

Therefore, even if he has the contact information, Yang Xin has consciously not pestered him.

He knows that the two are not familiar to that degree, hence he did not expect Liu Chen to take the initiative to call him.

After Liu Chen tossed his current address to Yang Xin, he stopped talking, instead leaning back into the car seat.

Shao Fei is remembering who Yang Xin was.

This is male No.

3, which is a hard to hate role in this novel.

Although he was infatuated with the female lead and he almost became disabled in order to save the female lead in the later stage, he was not hostile to Liu Chen, he was even Liu Chen’s loyal brother.

Shao Fei thought he was very interesting when he first read through.

Although with a careless and rash appearance, in reality he was as careful as a hare.

After Liu Chen asked Uncle Zhang to pull over on the street, he turned on his mobile phone and transferred a sum of money for Uncle Zhang to go out and buy some supper.

This is an obvious method to send people away.

Uncle Zhang has worked in the Liu family for so many years.

He knows how to read the situation and is ready to stay away until otherwise ordered.

Shao Fei was a little restless.

He looked at the unpredictable man in the shadows and his heart was in a mess.

The male lead like this made people unable to keep calm.

After waiting for a while, Liu Chen still stayed silent.

Shao Fei tentatively asked, “I’ll go down and buy something to eat”

“Sit.” Liu Chen finally spoke.

Shao Fei stopped talking and sat down.

If Shen Banqing didn’t show up; if he didn’t feel a surge of anger just now, if his vigilance wasn’t triggered, maybe he could delay for a longer period of time, at least not realise so fast.

Liu Chen realised so fast, he was further caught off guard and even regretful.

Realizing that something is out of control, and that he may no longer be able to rein in the out of control part.

He looked slowly at his side, at Shao Fei who trembled while looking back.

Shao Fei was nervous.

The atmosphere seemed to be tense since Uncle Zhang got out of the car.

He seemed to hear his heartbeat in the silence.

Suddenly, a pair of long arms pulled Shao Fei closer.

Bumping into Liu Chen’s chest, Shao Fei felt the other’s strong chest, which was continuously introduced into his senses as he felt the temperature through his shirt.

He was confused and his mind had turned blank.

Liu Chen only tightened the shackles when he found his wife’s unusually stiff body.

Slowly sliding shut his eyes and pushing aside the more intense struggle and self disgust that emerged again.

Maybe he was wrong from the beginning.

And now I can on longer correct this error.

“Push me away.” Liu Chen said slowly.

“Ah” No matter how slow Shao Fei’s reflex arc is, he also realizes that this hug is not only inexplicable, but also improper.

He was ignited by the burning atmosphere, and the fierce beating hearts of the two teenagers seemed to blend together.

As if soon they would hear each other’s heartbeat.

“If you don’t push it away…” Maybe you won’t have the chance later and I may no longer worry about whether this is a mistake.

This strange situation, no matter what, Shao Fei decided to push him away.

Push, push.

Can’t push him.

Push harder.

Not budging an inch.

How on earth can I push away when you hug with so much strength


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