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After receiving the address from Liu Chen that day, Yang Xin searched nearby for a while before finding  Shen Banqing in a daze, hugging herself in a small park.

Yang Xin’s expression became tangled when he saw the Liu family bodyguard waiting nearby.

Of course, he was happy to find her safe, but why would Liu Chen send someone to guard Liu Chen has never been nosy.

If he didn’t have ideas about Shen Banqing, how could he go out of his way for her

Yang Xin thought of the rumors in the school.

He didn’t believe it at first.

Now it’s hard to say.

He was very excited to be close to the beauty, but now it seems that he is just functioning as a door god

Yang Xinfel turmoil in his heart.

However he was unwilling to give up on Shen Banqing.

Now everyone is a suitor.

Maybe Shen Banqing isn’t into Liu Chen’s style and likes his grounded style

So Yang Xin began to create opportunities for himself.

He talked to Shen Banqing most of the night, though it was mostly him talking and he didn’t get much response.

Maybe for her, he was as annoying as the cicadas in the park.

Yang Xin gradually stopped talking and quietly accompanied Shen Banqing as if protecting her.

The light leaked from the middle layer of the thick cloud rendered a dark purple, interwoven with bright golden lines in people’s sight.

The small park in the evening gradually became crowded.

It was a bustling scene, the shuttling of children, the companionship of lovers, the men and women pushing strollers, the ice cream truck on the side had just played it’s memorable tune and several children gathered there to ask their parents to buy them ice creams.

Only Shen Banqing’s0 corner is isolated from the world.

A car quietly stopped in the street not far from the park.

Shao Fei was concerned about Shen Banqing’s situation.

He almost got off before the car stopped completely.

But Liu Chen pulled his arm.

Yesterday’s overwhelming sense of aggression hit again.

Instinctively Shao Fei wanted to pull back his hand, but he was held still.

“What’s the hurry People aren’t running away.” Liu Chen said as he took out a small bottle sprayer from his pocket, which is an anti mosquito liquid.

Still in his usual arrogant style, but his movements are gentle.

“Mosquitoes love to sting you and you don’t care whether all your blood is sucked away.

Your constitution is made to attract these things.”

Seeing Shao Fei looking directly at himself, Liu Chen didn’t feel the strangeness at all.

As if he should have been like this: “Why don’t you close your eyes”

When you are with Liu Chen, you can easily enter the flow created by Liu Chen without knowing it.

When the realisation comes,they are already trapped.

In such a natural state, Shao Fei seemed to be domesticated.

He habitually followed the instructions.

Even when Liu Chen’s eyes became indifferent, his brain was blank.

The spray was like the thin rain in the narrow space of the car.

Liu Chen did not seem to care about the strange smell in the car, he sprayed around Shao Fei’s white lotus root ar,.

Occasionally touching with the pad of his fingers to charge a little interest without sneakily.

Shao Fei, who didn’t notice his tofu being eaten at all, didn’t resist, only feeling antsy with the passage of time.

There was a small bump on his wrist.

A mosquito bite from buying food at noon.

The small red bump was particularly eye-catching on the white skin.

Liu Chen pressed on it like a prank, before spraying more.

Although the two were much closer and Shao Fei was more relaxed in front of Liu Chen, every time he got along with Liu Chen, panic and anxiety rose up inexplicably.

Liu Chen was working hard, and Shao Fei bowed his head.

His eyes were full of thinking and anxiety.

This grinding atmosphere was like he was immersed in a fog of confusion, which he only sank deeper into.

It was the same when Liu Chen wiped his hands in the toilet.

It was as gentle as being licked by the tongue of a poisonous snake.

Shao Fei pulled his hand again, and Liu Chen let go.

He slowly lowered his eyelashes and pulled back his slightly distracted state, which made people unable to see his expression.

As he was about to thank him , the memory of the male lead telling him to thank him less flashed by.

Since he wanted to be closer, he should say less thank yous.

Shao Fei changed his words: “Let’s go down.”

Don’t know when the game of being the young master’s brother will end.

Shao Fei recalled that in today’s class, Liu Chen moved his notebook over, and the vigorous and powerful handwriting slid in front of him, which said: Have you considered this morning’s matter

Too many things happened in the morning.

Shao Fei was wondering which one Liu Chen meant.

Soon another word was added: Brothers

Shao Fei immediately realized that Liu Chen was not joking.

He intended to treat him like a brother and make up for the lacking feelings of brotherhood.

If you have read the original work, you will know that Yao Feifei’s mother and son’s visit to Liu’s house is only Liu Zhengming’s scheme to push the boat with the current, and is simultaneously a warning to Liu Chen.

Does such a Liu Cheng lack brothers No, not to mention the other half brothers, there are also many aristocratic families who grew up together since childhood.

People who want to be his brother can form a long line.

So even if he were lonely, why choose him

It’s not that he has too low an opinion of the male lead, just that the specification of passerby A has been too high recently.

It’s like one step can reach the top of a mountain.

Completely unfitting.

He guessed that the male lead might have some ulterior motive, but he couldn’t tell what it was.

However, this was also in line with his plans.

If he could stay with the male lead, perhaps he could find a way to reach the ending.

Shao Fei agreed to this advantageous deal without much thought.

People need to know when to bend and stretch 1.

He could be a fake prince in gold foil, putting on a big show before being torn down and discarded.

After agreeing, Liu Chen seemed to be addicted to this new game and was almost inseparable from him.

Of course, Shao Fei is not used to it.

However he can’t refuse since he already said he wanted to be ‘more intimate’ and build feelings.

Just like just now, similar to being covered by a thin woven net.

Occasionally Shao Fei felt suffocated.

Once out of the car, Shao Fei stopped worrying about Liu Chen.

He began to recall what happened to the female lead at this time as he trotted into the small park.

Finally finding Shen Banqing sitting in a chair next to a landscape flower, which was similar to last night’s scene.

Yang Xin didn’t notice Shao Fei at first.

It was because the boy didn’t have a strong sense of existence.

Only after he saw Liu Chen behind Shao Fei did he recall that thi seemed to be Liu Chen’s deskmate

Shao Fei came beside Shen Banqing, observed her unfocused eyes, haggard and pale face, and gently called her name.

“It’s no use.

She didn’t talk, move or even eat all day.” If she didn’t blink, people would mistake her as dead.

If it’s just emotional loss, Shen Banqing won’t experience so much pain.

Due to her actions, her family fell into a desperate situation, she can’t forgive Xie Yun, let alone herself.

If it’s not because her parents dote on her, worrying about her having a good home in the future, they won’t put all their eggs in one basket to support the Xie family and won’t trust Xie Yun so much.

His father’s desperate eyes and his mother’s tearful face played back in his mind like a movie.

Even in such a situation, they didn’t blame her.

How could she have the face to go back to see them again There seems to be no place for her in this big world.

She doesn’t know where she can go or what she can do.

Men like her, women hate her.

Shao Fei was so anxious by the female lead’s state, she can’t go on like this.

When he looked back, he saw Liu Chen sitting down on a chair not far away.

His slender legs crossed, as relaxing as on vacation.

He didn’t pay attention at all.

Shao Fei couldn’t breathe from the frustration he felt towards the male lead.

You deserve to be single.

You deserve to have no finale.

How can you not be alone!

Did Liu Chen not understand the word “initiative”

Liu Chen’s fixed task after school is to communicate with one of his personal assistants and five special assistants.

Since the company was given to him, with Liu Chen’s meticulous character, whether it’s only practices or not he will do his best.

This time he was very conscientious.

He even contributed to the experiment.

For example, he stayed up all night and listened to the faint snores of a hamster through the monitoring all night.

But in the middle of the night, the signal will be intermittent and weak, sometimes fuzzy, and the screen will flash.

These are all areas that need to be improved.

He quickly typed in feedback form, stating the product defects concisely.

Urging the programmers in the company to work overtime to improve them.

On the other end, Wu Lianggang didn’t expect that the great young master Liu was so interested in the products and even tested them personally.

These things should have been handed over to a special tester.

Wu Lianggang also submitted an evaluation report to Liu Chen with various comparison data.

After a short conversation, Wu Lianggang told Liu Chen to pay attention to his body.

Now his main focus should still be on his studies and there’s no need to spend too much energy on new products.

The relationship between the two is between a teacher and a friend.

Previously Liu Chen kept the conversation only on the main points, before disconnecting.

However, he is in a good mood these days, so he is more easy going.

He even asks Wu Lianggang about his private life, such as whether he has got rid of the entanglement of a certain woman.

However, Wu Lianggang, who always answered quickly, switched the topic back to business.

Liu Chen was keenly aware that there was something fishy.

Liu Chen doesn’t mind what Yao Feifei does.

He doesn’t even care about his fathers private life, why should he pay attention to his women

There’s a sentence: those of the upper class have their own rules.

Liu Chen smiled.

How could Wu Liangang be fascinated by a beautiful empty vase Unless he…

When Liu Chen was pondering in the background, Shao Fei ran to the ice cream truck nearby and asked for cotton candy.

Maybe its sign is too small.

Most people who pass by choose other desserts.

This is the food Shen Banqing feels the most nostalgic about in the novel.

When she was a child, her parents were busy with work.

She was brought up by her maternal grandmother because her paternal family had a serious preference of sons over daughters. 

Her grandmother loved the young Shen Banqing twice as much so her granddaughter will lack nothing growing up.

If it hadn’t been for the great blow to Shen Banqing caused by Grandma’s death she would not have let Xie Yun enter her heart with a little comfort.

Shao Fei thought that ten Xie Yun was not enough to make Shen Banqing fall deeply in love.

Cotton candy is the best memory from Shen Banqing’s childhood.

When Shao Fei held the fluffy cloud of cotton candy, Liu Chen quickly snapped a picture.

Well, glutinous rice ball go well with fluffy clouds.

“What is this” Liu Chen looked at the cotton candy and asked knowingly.

Shao Fei hesitated.

He felt that using this to coax Shen Banqing should ease the hostile relationship between the two.

“Can you…” Shao Fei racked his brains to think of how to ask.

“Hmm” The little guy is too shy and hasn’t gifted it to him after such a long hesitation.

His courage is too small.

Liu Chen thought about how this little guy at noon went to the canteen to buy him a bottle of walnut drink.

He was bitten by mosquitoes for some food.

It was not until the second class in the afternoon that he secretly stuffed it into his drawer and pretended that it was sent by a girl.

Did he really think Liu Chen is as stupid as this little fool

“Can you send this to Shen Banqing” Better not beat around the bush and just ask.

Liu Chen’s upturned corners of his mouth instantly flattened, his expression turned indifferent and his fingers slightly clenched until green veins appeared on the back of his hands.

In a low voice he asked, “Why”

“Just do me a favor, okay She needs comfort now.” Shao Fei blinked and pleaded in a small voice.

This is his first request since he changed his identity as a fake brother.

Liu Chen, a sophistry expert is speechless in the face of Shao Fei’s unusual logic: She’s unhappy.

What’s it got to do with me

Everyone in the world suffers and is wronged.

Why should he take action Do I have to comfort them one by one

With building depression, Liu Chen looked at Shao Fei’s expectant eyes and returned a smile that wasn’t a smile: “No time.”

Shao Fei looked at the mobile phone on the camera function and looked at someone who lied with his eyes wide open: “…”

After a few seconds, Liu Chen returned to his lazy appearance, with his legs spread wide and his aura unfolded.

He refused to communicate.

Coldly stating: “I’m the driver today.

I’m only responsible for escorting you, not a part-time delivery man.”

Shao Fei, who failed to ask for help, decided to console himself by shouting in his heart ‘you deserved not to find a girlfriend all your life’.

He put the cotton candy in front of Shen Banqing, and her glassy eyes finally focused.

Like the soul returning, she moved her stiff arm and received the familiar cotton candy.

She didn’t look at Shao Fei, but slowly put it into her mouth.

Slowly, tears rolled down.

Bitter tears mixed with sweet and sugary taste were swallowed down her throat.

Suddenly she hugged Shao Fei’s waist and seemed to want to hide her tears against him.

Cotton candy stuck to their clothes, but they didn’t care.

“Waa…” Shen Banqing burst into tears.

At this time, it seems that it doesn’t matter who the person in front of her is.

She just needs strength to stand up.

Yang Xin, who saw no result after spending a day and a night with her, watched a boy without a sense of existence rob his place.

Was their Yang family predestined to be sniped

Feeling redundant and slightly injured, Yang Xin wants someone to help him separate the two.

Will Liu Chen just let them hug like this

Yang Xin turned back and saw Liu Chen standing in the shadows.

At this time, the light faded and the night climbed up.

He looked chilling standing like this.

Liu Chen quietly looked at the two people embracing each other, with a strange calm in his eyes.

Shen Banqing shivered inexplicably, feeling a chill down her spine.

Shao Fei was also uncomfortable.

He patted the strong girl on the back and repeated: “This will pass, this will pass…”

Shen Banqing found a place to talk.

At first, her tone was soft and emotional.

Then it became more and more intense: “I chased him like a fool.

He’s probably laughing at how stupid I am.

How can there be such a stupid woman She will do whatever she’s told, with no complaint.

In the end she’ll make excuses for him.

It’s so easy to use! So why not use it He can do anything to me, but why harm my parents! They still don’t blame me, why don’t they blame me Everything is my fault Ah, when the car rushed over yesterday, I just wanted to let myself die… “

There was no such paragraph in the original book.

He didn’t expect Shen Banqing experience these extreme thought.

Shao Fei couldn’t help holding her thin but strong shoulder tightly, giving her support at the critical time.

He quietly said, “You still have a lot of things to do.

Are you willing to let him off so easily”

Shen Banqing will become the goddess of countless people.

How can she give up here

Shen Banqing’s tears flowed more fiercely, holding Shao Fei like grasping the last piece of driftwood.

Sensing her despair, Shao Fei could only hold her cold body and hope to give her a little warmth.

Through her he seemed to see the him who just transmigrated to this world; insignificant, no one cares, no past, no family and no memory.

Liu Chen looked as if he had been solidified.

He suddenly took a big step and walked towards them.

Yang Xin was deterred by his vigorous and resolute momentum.

This is the man his father praised so much, one person who eclipsed everyone in their generation.

Shao Fei was still holding the female lead when his eyes were suddenly covered by a pair of big palms, and a warm body stuck to his back.

Tears wet Liu Chen’s palm and made waves in his heart.

Lowering his head he pressed his lips on Shao Fei’s ear, causing small goose bumps to pop up.

“Why are you crying”

1他想著兵來將擋水來土掩,當個穿了金衣的假皇子 = Soldiers come to guard, water comes to earth cover = an idiom meaning to take flexible measures according to specific circumstances.


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