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Shao Fei saw that Liu Chen was looking at his mobile phone and relaxed.

The conversation seems to be finished.

I’m so tired.

It’s more tiring than class.

Every time he gets along with the male lead, it’s like marching to war.

Theres still over half a month till chinese valentine’s day and many people have asked similar questions in the forum.

Liu Chen read the answers one by one and felt that none of them were suitable, until one particular answer entered his eyes: Buy! Buy whatever they like.

No one doesn’t like receiving gifts.

And it can also show the depth of your feelings.

There’s a saying of how you can’t measure a person’s feelings with money.

However if you spend less, it definitely means there’s a problem! You can’t even express it through money.

What feelings do you talk about!

Liu Chen’s finger paused over this one.

Seems not quite right

Nonetheless this seems to be the only one that is a little reliable.

“What does it mean to buy buy buy” Liu Chen asked straightforwardly and observed the expression of the little animal.

Shao Fei still knows this.

During the time he lived with Yao Feifei, she was a typical shopaholic.

The male lead who seems to be the serious type should not understand these things.

Shao Fei explained it with his own understanding.

“Will you be happy when you receive something”

Shao Fei thought that now there are valentines day advertisements everywhere.

The gimmick this year seems to be to buy buy buy.

If you browse online, you will see this pop-up box.

Maybe the male lead also  saw it.

He thought of how Yao Feifei’s eyes shine every time she mentioned shopping.

So he nodded in the end: “Yes, they all like it.”

Liu Chen soon came to the conclusion that he liked it.

Liu Chen usually has no desire to buy things, but if the little guy likes it, then buy.

Neither of them talked much and conversation naturally stopped.

Shao Fei is getting a little sleepy.

He got up at four in the morning, which is early even for him.

Since he was destined to meet Liu Chen, he should get up at a normal time and not toss himself so much.

At noon, he had another nightmare during his nap, which led him to be in a trance all afternoon.

Before, he was concerned about the female lead and didn’t feel tired.

Now that her situation has improved.

He put down his heavy heart and was overcome with sleepiness.

His head leaned slightly to the side, his mouth opened and closed, and his vague voice said, “Chen ge, let me know when we arrive.”

As he spoke, his eyes continued to fall.

Liu Chen saw that he was going to sleep and a smile rose from the bottom of his eyes.

Just an hour ago he was still angry, but as long as that irksome presence didn’t show up1, he wouldn’t be provoked at all.

Liu Chen gently poked the little bulging cheeks on his face.

In the night, his gentle whisper was particularly charming: “Don’t fall asleep completely.

We will arrive soon.”

Lao Zhang in the front row reported a new address.

Shao Fei heard something, but he couldn’t coherently make sense of the words.

He murmured a few times, only retaining a little consciousness.

Recalling that at noon, during the hour and a half lunch break in the school.

Shao Fei set an alarm clock and planned to nap for 20 minutes to recharge his energy, but he slept deeply and had a dream in just 20 minutes.

Now he still remembers the scene in his dream.

He dreamed that he was chased by a huge python.

He ran fast for his life, yet he couldn’t get away.

The huge body coiled around him and tightened him little by little.

The dream is awfully realistic.

He can still feel the smooth and gorgeous snake scales on the snake skin he was struggling against and the feeling of the snake tongue licking a wet streak on his face.

Shao Fei was too frightened to move right after he woke up from his dream.

Unwilling to recall that feeling, he found something to occupy himself.

Thinking of the feeling of distress and guilt during the day, he went to the grocery store to buy something to eat.

Along the way, he brought Liu Chen a walnut drink to prove that he really wanted to be “more intimate” so as not to provoke Liu Chen without knowing.

On the side he once again fell into dreamland.

Liu Chen finished all the tasks he needed to after class today.

So he had the leisure to look through the circle of friends.

There are too many friends in his circle of friends.

The dynamic can refresh every few minutes.

Luo Yufei is the most active one.

Without going too far down he saw the latest post by Luo Yufei.

It was a picture of a little boy walking askew with a pacifier.

The following sentence was: my little soybean milk called me gege.

Such a smart baby must be from my Luo family!

Luo Yufei often shows off his little brother, the second child.

Liu Chen sneered.

The Luo family is different from their Liu family.

Their family is harmonious and there are no hungry relatives and friends, and there is no confusion of illegitimate children.

The Liu family has too many restless people and Liu Zhengming is a capable leader.

Those half brothers might have successfully entered the door if they hadn’t been beaten regularly.

The old man of his family asked Shao Fei to live in the Liu family.

On the one hand is to cope with his new lover, on the other hand, to deal with his son.

Liu Chen saw through it but didn’t take action.

Of course, it is also a reminder to him that even if he is the orthodox heir, he should not overly interfere with his father’s decisions.

At least for now, Liu Zhengming is still in charge of the Liu family.

The relationship between father and son is not as harmonious as it seems, but they don’t want to destroy this superficial relationship.

If there are any contradictions, they will keep it between father and son.

Liu Chen scratched Shao Fei’s soft white ears.

Shao Fei curled up like a fried shrimp and pressed his head lower in an effort to avoid.

Liu Chen smiled from the bottom of his heart and a trace of happiness lit up.

Thinking of Luo Yufei’s boasting words, he mocked in a low voice: “Do you think only you have a brother Trying so hard to show off.

No matter how cute, it’s short legged and drools.” Liu Chen used to think that Luo Yufei, who likes to show off his brother, is a silly fork.

Now he can no longer mock him.

Glancing down, he saw Shao Fei was completely covered by school pants.

He could only vaguely see the outline of his legs.

They were thin and long.

It could be inferred from Shao Fei’s visible skin that they should also be very white.

Sure enough, his vision is the best.

Liu Chen opened the photos that he had taken on the mobile phone.

Finding them, he didn’t post it online.

Only posting a paragraph of text: Glutinous rice balls and cotton candy were very compatible.

He praised the dynamics of Luo Yufei just now, and then put his mobile phone aside.

Liu Chen is a celebrity in the school.

The number of friends is almost breaking the upper limit.

He rarely sends news, this time, he liked a post and even sent his own.

Those that know him and those who don’t are in a commotion.

In the eyes of most people, Liu Chen is a top three xueba in class one.

They believe that Liu Chen’s words must have profound meaning, it has never crossed their minds that the meaning is literal.

Luo Yufei was ready to go out to find a wave of people after showing off his brother as usual, but the prompt sound suddenly rang in his eardrum like crazy.

Before he had time to read the circle of friends, he saw a pile of comments asking him: What is a glutinous rice ball and cotton candy What’s the profound meaning

 The majority are from girls of all grades.

What the hell other meaning can it have other than eating.

After brushing his circle of friends, Liu Chen looked at the little guy who was still sleeping.

His indifference melted away as he covered him with the school uniform coat on the side.

Liu Chen’s coat had the smell of shower gel and a faint smokey lingering smell, but it was almost imperceptible.

Shao Fei was very familiar with this smell.

He often smelled it on Liu Chen.

He moved uncomfortably, tender cheek brushing against Liu Chen’s uncovered arm.

Liu Chen could feel a soft sensation.

There was the faintest brush.

Of lips.

Even if Shao Fei’s whole head is shrouded in the shadows, he is still sure.

Liu Chen felt that his heart was not scratched by hundreds of cats, but tens of thousands.

He gently raised Shao Fei’s excessively bent head, straightened the curled shrimp posture.

Looking at the slightly open lips, red and tender, with the smell of peaches.

So tempting.

Between the tug of reason and emotion, there is finally a stronger.

Liu Chen closed his eyes.

He shouldn’t have had such feelings, but he is getting more and more out of control.

He said, as long as you don’t tempt me, I may be able to hold back.

It’s your fault.

Liu Chen seemed unable to resist the temptation and his eyes lingered on his lips.

The light outside the window illuminated them.

Liu Chen slowly approached and a huge shadow enveloped Shao Fei.

Shao Fei was still in his dreams.With the snake staring at him from time to time, he was forced to get used to it.

He just moved a little and didn’t wake up.

Liu Chen leaned closer and closer.

His lips brushed against Shao Fei’s flowing fringe.

Between the hair, he occasionally touched the skin of his forehead.

He gradually increased his strength.

The kiss gently fell on the red face.

Each kiss is so soft.

As if any more force will suck him in.

His hand was also restrained on Shao Fei’s shoulder and the whole upper body was faintly pressed on Shao Fei.

Slowly closing in on those ruddy lips.

There was still a slight distance when Liu Chen stopped.

He opened his eyes and was still trying to pull back with reason.

The hand on the door tightened, and the fingers turned white because of excessive force.

Just once, maybe after experiencing it he will be satiated.

Short term loss for long term gains.

Liu Chen seemed to have found a safe excuse and temporarily gave up his resistance.

His body sank forward again, gently pressed on the soft red corner of the lips, and his heartbeat raced.

Liu Chen’s eyelashes trembled slightly and felt a soft and sweet breath when they were so close to each other.

Tickling his mind with each breath.

He is like a drug addict, stealing delicious food, but he doesn’t dare to admit it.

He moved further away, turbid eyes staying on the still untasted lips.

His eyes became darker and darker.

Like small molecules in the air gathering towards the reactor.

Even Lao Zhang, the driver in front, noticed a trace of strangeness.

The back row was too quiet.

He glanced in the rearview mirror and happened to see Liu Chen who was about to do something.

Seeing the small distance between their lips, he paled in fright.

Lao Zhang’s hand holding the steering wheel suddenly froze.

The brakes under his feet were slammed down and the tires made a harsh friction sound against the road.

Directly interrupting what was about to happen but didn’t happen.

A single ripple shattered something delicate.

The author has something to say: Xiao Liuzi: I’m angry now

Xiao Luozi: what does it mean besides being able to eat.

Xiao Liuzi: Yes, the meaning is I can eat it.

Enmmm ^ nothing can interrupt a man taking action.

1 程咬金 = Cheng Yaojin.

A Chinese general of the Tang dynasty who often shows up to unexpectedly ambush the enemy.

His name has become a saying for someone who is annoying who shows up unexpectedly to disrupt plans.


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