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TN: Posting all of Thursdays chapters early and in one go as I’m getting my booster and don’t know if my arm will be sore after.

The brakes are so sudden that most people will lurch into the seat in front if they are not prepared.

Liu Chen had honed his reflexes in the training camp.

When he was about to fall into Shao Fei both arms braced on the car door and seat.

He watched as Shao Fei’s eyelashes trembled and forcibly changed his posture until he was a distance from Shao Fei.

Such a loud commotion can wake up people who sleep like pigs.

Shao Fei opened his eyes and saw Liu Chen above him, because of Liu Chen’s overwhelming presence his body stayed motionless in the narrow space.

When Shao Fei was about to hit the seat because of inertia, he was supported by a pair of big palms on his face.

Liu Chen’s expression was a little scary.

He had completely lost his usual male god model.

His eyes were as sharp as a knife, and there was a rare anxiety.

He was originally balancing on the edge of the critical point.

When he decided to give up after having a taste, then he was forcibly interrupted.

What you can’t get makes the craving worse.

The desire that grows in the dark rears it’s head and can no longer be ignored.

When the car finally stopped, Lao Zhang kept apologizing and explained that he was careless.

Liu Chen ignored him and asked Shao Fei in a low voice, “Are you hit anywhere”

Shao Fei, who had his face glued to Liu Chen’s palm, quickly moved away and righted himself.

The whole person seemed as if his soul had just returned.

The sleepiness dissipated completely: “No, what about you”

“Didn’t I have time to protect you Of course I’m okay.”

Thinking of Liu Chen’s action just now of protection, he felt moved.

Shao Fei has a sense of danger of getting too deep into the play.

He knows that they are playing a fake brother game.

As long as the young master is not bored, he will accompany him.

However the system didn’t tell him the consequences if he is accidentally tempted.

When the little guy took the initiative to inquire about what had happened, Liu Chen omitted the important part of what happened just now and casually gave a reason: “Just as I wanted to cover you with my jacket, there was an emergency brake…”

Shao Fei saw that he was really covered with Liu Chen’s school jacket.

He thought of something and quickly opened it to see some sticky cotton candy had touched his jacket.

As he was about to say thank you, the scene of Liu Chen telling him to say thank you less popped up.

So he showed his appreciation in other ways: “The jacket is dirty.

How about I wash it for you before giving it back”

Then he remembered that the young master’s clothes seemed to be sent to specialists to handle.

Why did he ask that

“Good.” The end of the eye rises and is enchanting.

Even 100,000 volts of electricity is useless in the face of a walking hormone dispenser.

After Liu Chen returned to his seat, he turned to the apologizing Lao Zhang.

Where his face changed like a flipped page and silently looked at him indifferently.

A man interrupted becomes irrational.

Liu Chen was very upset.

Right in front of him was a great opportunity to get close, but it was completely destroyed.

Originally, he might be able to curb his delusions, but now it has intensified because he can’t get it.

How can he not feel spiteful

The opportunity has come and gone.

For the sake of safety, Lao Zhang stopped the car at the roadside, but he was really shocked just now.

At his age, he has only heard of this kind of thing.

He didn’t expect to see it in reality and it was still the eldest young master he had been serving.

This shock is the same as hearing that the Liu family had a sudden disaster.

And because he was too shocked, he seemed to interrupt the young master just now.

Everyone is a man and can emphasise.

A man whose good thing is interrupted is like a mad dog.

The dissatisfied young master smiled coldly.

In the middle of Lao Zhang’s constant apology, he said, “Thirty years of driving experience”

Lao Zhang’s cold sweat came out and his back was cold.

He was afraid that Liu Chen would fire him the next moment.

You should know that working in the Liu family is not only easy, but the salary is higher than most in the same occupation.

In addition, Liu Shao is sensible and has a regular schedule most of the time.

He won’t put forward any messy requirements and is easy to get along with.

Seeing Liu Chen’s eyes looking at him in the rearview mirror, he was surprised.

After being a driver for so long, he still understood Liu Chen a little.

This was to remind him that he should know what to say and what not to say.

Working for the Liu family, everyone knew that both factions are not kind people.

Shao Fei looked at Lao Zhang, who was old and kept apologizing.

Looking as if he was terrified of something.

He tightened his lips.

Liu Chen has constantly been paying attention to him: “Do you have something to say”

Shao Fei shook his head and stayed silent.

“Or do you want me to let him off” Liu Chen knew how soft the little guy was.

Shao Fei shook his head and lowered his head again.

Liu Chen lowered his voice to tempt: “Tell me.

Maybe I’ll consider what you said.”

Shao Fei hesitated and said seriously, “It’s not good to randomly speak.”

“It’s not speaking out of turn.

I asked you and you just need to answer” Little cautious guy.

Shao Fei spoke sincerely: “Every job is occupied by capable people and jobs cannot be kept with sympathy and pity.”

Lao Zhang took on an embarrassed expression.

This young man normally seems so tender and kind.

How can he speak so sharply and kill people invisibly Was his nature corrupted with proximity to other bad natured people 1

This answer surprised Liu Chen a little, but not by too much.

As if Shao Fei should be like this: “It doesn’t matter if I fire him”

“Whether you fire him or not, you have your reasons and driving is a job that takes risks with other lives.

It’s natural for you to be angry.” Shao Fei thought from the point that as an employer, they should find employees who don’t meet their standards.

Besides, Liu Chen has his own ideas, which can’t be changed by his words alone.

Liu Chen didn’t expect to hear such a passage.

People who have no principles when giving their sympathy are stupid.

Seeing clearly but having principles is the way to survive.

He wanted to rub the little guy into his arms and hold him tight.

Unexpectedly, someone who fits perfectly in his heart will appear.

Every detail and every inch is to his preferences.

He knew this little was extraordinary, everyone else only saw his surface.

No one else explored, only he swept away the thick layers of dust outside and explored the real person underneath.

This treasure belongs only to him.

Originally, Liu Chenplanned to go to the mall.

He didn’t like that Shao Fei was stuck with cotton candy belonging to Shen Banqing.

However, after such a interruption today and the rain outside, he was not in the mood anymore and decided to go home first.

Just now Liu Chen didn’t restrain himself, although he didn’t wake up, Liu Chen was still worried.

He monitored Shao Fei’s expression the entire journey and didn’t notice any abnormalities.

He should have not realised anything.

A pity, if only he was just a little closer.

When the two returned to Liu’s house, the rain was getting heavier and heavier.

When Liu Chen opened the door, he directly used his jacket as cover: “The car just underwent repairs and hasn’t had time to put the umbrella back in.

Come out, the water pipe in your house burst today.

So come back to my room to freshen up for now.”

“The water pipe burst” It was fine when he left in the morning.

Liu Chen, who had stepped out, stretched back a thin arm to cover Shao Fei and the rain drops bounced off him.

Shao Fei had no time to think about it, he was pulled into the rain and they headed for the light source together.

Liu Chen held him by his shoulder and raindrops kept falling on them, cold and hot.

Only Shen Banqing and Yang Xin, who were suddenly quiet, were left in the park.

Shen Banqing knew that this person had been with her all night.

She walked towards him slowly.

Yang Xin was a little nervous.

He had not seen her take the initiative before.

A simple action could move his heart.

Shen Banqing: “You’ve accompanied me for so long, and you’re tired.

Go back and have a rest.

Alos, thank you very much.

If you need help in the future, I’ll do everything in my power.”

This is completely business-like.

As if everything he did for her can be paid back with interest.

Yang Xin felt this hurt his heart more: “I just want to accompany you, not for any benefits.

Don’t you know why I did this”

Having just experienced Xie Yun, she is not in the mood to talk about feelings.

She must help her family raise enough money to fill the big hole as soon as possible.

And really has no energy to entangle with Yang Xin here.

But Yang Xin held out his hand: “What if I said I could help your family”

Shen Banqing refused: “No, I appreciate your concern, but it’s my Shen family’s business.”

Being completely despised made astonishment rise up: “Do you not believe me at all If I say I can then I can!”

He clasped her wrist and didn’t want to let her go.

Maybe it was only attraction at first sight, but gradually, he couldn’t let her go.

Shen Banqing was angered by the pain from her wrist: “Let go!”

“Won’t let go!”

“I said let go!”

“I just won’t let go!”

The two people quarreled like children.

Shen Banqing suddenly stepped on Yang Xin’s foot.

“Ah!” He still held on and refused to let it go.

She became even more angry: “Who do you think you are You’re just the young master of the Yang family.

Can you participate in the decision-making Or do you have the right to speak in the Liu family like Liu Chen and can decide these things Young master, you have a golden spoon and don’t know anything.

However your father understands and won’t let you fool around or let you fill the hole of the Shen family Basket! ” Although she was also annoyed by Liu Chen’s eyes that condescened towards everything, she had to say that the man did have the capital to be arrogant.

Hearing that Shen Banqing appreciated Liu Chen so much, Yang Xin’s eyes turned crimson.

In this regard he really can’t compare, but how many younger generations in their circles can compare with Liu Chen Even his father said it would be good if he could have one tenth of others.

He knew that he couldn’t catch up with his level of talent.

Yang Xin is used to hearing his father praise Liu Chen often.

So much so that when he met Liu Chen in person, there was no feeling of inferiority.

He was also used to women being more emotional and men generally like when they showed vulnerability.

Now, all he feels is uncomfortable.

He didn’t want to let her go: “I can, I can convince my father.”

“Is it because I’m beautiful” Misty tears floated in Shen Banqing’s eyes.

“Besides this face, do you know what kind of person I am I may not be who you think I am.”

Yang Xin was stunned.

He didn’t deny that most men are visual animals, but it’s more than that.

“You can tell me or let me accompany you, and I will try to understand you!”

He is like a child deprived of candy, so naive, but he is the first person to show sincerity to her.

His eyes staring at her don’t make her feel disgusted.

Shen Banqing revealed her true face and said, “I can plot against the person I used to like without hesitation, lure him out and beat him violently, or I can do everything in my power to kill him! Even if I destroy myself and use everything I can! Do you still like me, young master Yang”

Her tone suddenly changed.

Although she was still soft and beautiful, the resentment in her eyes pierced straight into Yang Xin’s eyes.

“He is not worth destroying yourself.

If you want to use someone, use me.

Now such a good opportunity is in front of you.

Why don’t you take it Just believe in me once!” He found that the reason why she refused was not that she didn’t want to, but that she didn’t think he could help her.

Despised, ignored and looked down on.

This may be the moment Yang Xin was hit hardest.

She doesn’t trust anyone, especially this group of aristocratic young men.

In their eyes, women are clothes.

They can change one everyday, and won’t see the same one twice.

Even those who seem clean have their own ghosts.

Just as she later saw through Liu Chen as a hypocrite, maybe he will also be disgusted when he saw through her essence.

People who are too similar repel.

Thick purple clouds piled up, and the calm night suddenly turned into a rainstorm.

The original lively park is now empty.

Yang Xin stands in the park.

The whole person looks like a discarded big dog.

With rain flowing down his face like a stream, covering his sight.

She walked farther and farther and never looked back.

In her eyes, you are nothing.


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