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Liu Chen, who had just woken up, was very bewitching.

Especially the meaning in that sentence, a normal person would ponder deeply.

Making their heart start pounding and speeding up a little.

Unconsciously, Liu Chen discharges pheromones indiscriminately like this and both men and women may be affected.

Liu Chen seemed to have woken up from a dream before Shao Fei could react.

He slowly pushed Shao Fei away, his voice still full of confusion: “Sorry, I thought I was dreaming.”

Shao Fei felt like a piece of grass tickled his face, it could be said that the other party seemed to reveal his true feelings unconsciously.

This kind of thing can’t even be refused, as Liu Chen doesn’t need his response.

This kind of indescribable feeling where both sides are clear about their thoughts, but they don’t know what to say, makes people uneasy.

“It’s okay, why are you sleeping here” Shao Fei just woke up and didn’t realise before.

At this time, he recalled his panicked self yesterday and felt extremely embarrassed.

And after the timely consolation yesterday, it was impossible for him to face Liu Chen coldly.

“I couldn’t stop worrying yesterday, so I came to see you.” When he said this, he already sounded a little sober.

These kinds of words hit the softest point in people’s hearts.

Shao Fei had no memory and has never felt anyone’s concern.

Liu Chen was the first to express it so directly.

Although he was a little aware of the reason why Liu Chen came here, when Liu Chen really admitted that it was another matter.

Shao Fei hurriedly said: “I’m really fine, and since you’re here, why don’t you call me directly, I… …” I don’t dare to turn you away, let alone sleeping outside like this.

Shao Fei always thought that Uncle Yu, the housekeeper, gave his address, so he didn’t find it strange that  Liu Chen knew he lived here.

“It was early in the morning when I arrived.

You finally fell asleep.

How could you be woken up again Besides, I was too lazy to go back to Liu’s house.

It was empty, and there was no one to speak to.” Liu Chen’s words contained a bit of loneliness.

Shao Fei felt that although Liu Chen didn’t specifically point to anything, every sentence poked at him.

Even if he refrained from being led into a certain pace by Liu Chen’s words, the guilt the day before yesterday, the emotion from yesterday, plus Liu Chen’s hurt and painful eyes, to him appearing so decadent today.

Under the multiple critical blows, Shao Fei’s Persistence is still there, but it is a little shaky.

He himself feels that it is too much to still struggle with the kiss in the infirmary a few days ago.

Besides, compared with the pervert yesterday, it is nothing at all.

“You… Do you want to come in” Shao Fei asked proactively.

“No, I’ve checked you are fine so I’ll leave.

And,” Liu Chen sighed lightly, “I don’t want you to be uncomfortable.

If you don’t like it, you can say it.

I’m not as unreasonable as you think.”

Shao Fei felt a little uncomfortable and shook his head again and again.

In fact, when Liu Chen wasn’t angry, he had a good temper: “I overreacted before.”

    During these twists and turns, he gradually let go of the kiss, and he couldn’t let it go.

Even if he didn’t want to put it down, Liu Chen kept brushing his sense of existence, leaving him no time to think at all.

In fact, what he cares about is not the kiss itself, but the impact.

What he cares about is the meaning expressed by Liu Chen at that time.

Shao Fei carefully grabbed the corner of Liu Chen’s clothes and then brought the person into the room.

The other carefully walked into the house.

Although this is the second time he had entered the house, the meaning of the two times is completely different.

After entering, Shao Fei asked Liu Chen about the injury on his face.

Liu Chen briefly explained it, only then did he know belatedly that Liu Chen was fighting with the people from class 12 last night.

Which is why he came to this community in the early morning.

Shao Fei suddenly thought that the reason why the male protagonist was taken revenge on by the class twelve was because of the fight on the basketball court.

Now that he knew Liu Chen’s intentions, he seemed to be a little confused about why he entered the fight.

Shao Fei restrained his thoughts in time.

This kind of idea is too narcissistic. 

The bruises and bumps on that fair face were too obvious.

Shao Fei, a face con, wanted to clean up Liu Chen’s wounds.

However, he had just moved into this house, so he didn’t have time to prepare a medical kit.

Liu Chen didn’t care about this, and even thought that Shao Fei was making a big deal out of it.

In the past he had left more serious injuries untreated.

Shao Fei didn’t insist, but he felt that the boys in class twelve were not all bluffs.

To be able to beat Liu Chen like this was considered a real strength.

He had no idea how many people were against one person.

The two seem to have returned to daily life in the Liu family, running together and having breakfast together, the difference is breakfast is brought from a small shop by the roadside.

Young Master Liu was told by Shao Fei to wait a bit.

Then he saw Shao Fei holding a tissue and repeatedly wiping the oil on the seat where he was going to sit, as well as the oil on the table.

Liu Chen stood aside with eyes as gentle as water: “You don’t need to do this.

How can I be as delicate as you think, did you forget that I told you that I even drank mouse blood”

This is a reflexive action, maybe subconsciously, he felt that Liu Chen doesn’t fit well with this kind of small shop.

“Chen ge, sit down.” Shao Fei looked at him with bright eyes, as if asking for credit.

Shao Fei always feels that he owes Liu Chen these days.

In addition to the moving incident, there was the consolation phone call, and squatting outside in the middle of the night.

So Shao Fei wants to repay Liu Chen, small details have to be as thorough as possible.

Liu Chen sat down in a dignified way, then saw Shao Fei bright expression.

He touched his head and Shao Fei’s body froze, before he finally stopped hiding.

Liu Chen: “You’ve worked hard.”

The atmosphere between the two seemed to be back to before Liu Chen pierced the window paper, but there was a subtle difference.

Shao Fei is an introvert, usually if the other party doesn’t speak, he will also stay silent.

At this time, before the wontons and noodles they ordered arrived, Liu Chen took the lead: “I didn’t think things through and scared you.

I’ve been thinking about this issue these days, and I don’t know when I suddenly took a fork in the road.

I wasn’t like this before.”

Liu Chen’s words were somewhat incoherent.

He covered his face with one hand and looked very annoyed.

His words matched what Shao Fei thought too, the male protagonist has always dated girls.

He also felt that it was just a moment of confusion, and the male protagonist would be fine as long as he figured it out.

“If you leave, my fork in the road may go further and further and the situation may be worse Since it has already happened, it is better for us to solve it properly.

I want to try it again.

Just let me take care of you as a younger brother, okay I really hope to have a younger brother like you and the mistake should be corrected.

Are you still willing to stay by my side” This question is particularly sincere, because the last sentence is his true thoughts.

This is one of the few moments when Liu Chen doesn’t hide himself and his reason is not online now.

No matter how many traps he made to tie the person down, he also knew that Shao Fei would not agree so easily without sincerity.

He had discovered long ago that this little animal was more sensitive than anyone at detecting such subtle changes.

Of course, the traps are still unavoidable, as without them he can’t even touch him now.

As for the try in his words, of course, it is just trying and inevitable failure— that is still trying.

When listening to a whole sentence, it is difficult for anyone to pay attention to the specific word choice.

Except for biting Shao Fei uncontrollably yesterday, Liu Chen was still sober..

Although he drank a lot of wine, it did not mean that he was drunk, only that his train of thought deviated.

In fact, he almost kissed him last night, but he managed to control it at the last moment.

If he did kiss, it would become too much for Shao Fei.  If there was an accident in the future, he might never be able to recover.Using feelings as a cover to commit such behaviour is to dig his own grave.

So although he still lost control in the end, he managed to minimise the losses.

And now their situation has begun to become clear.

In the past two days, their relationship has been constantly changing as you retreat and I advance.

It seems that the progress is not as good as expected, but it is actually a big leap.

The relationship has fermented a little more.

The most important thing is that Shao Fei’s concept has also changed.

It is impossible for Shao Fei to steadfastly leave him again, due to his accumulated amount of guilt.

No matter what kind of feelings, there has been a qualitative change.

Under such a premise, he said these words again, in order to slowly peel off Shao Fei’s defence and start to return to the previous ambiguity.

Of course, this time Shao Fei’s mentality must be different.

Shao Fei didn’t expect such twists and turns and there was an inexplicable taste in his heart, which he ignored.

In fact, he also tends to stay with the male protagonist.

One is to see it through to the ending and the other reason is that the plot is messed up now.

There can only be one maintainer in a world at a time.

He still has the task of maintaining the plot and has to stay beside the male and female protagonists.


That’s why he didn’t plan to leave the school and just moved out.

He also couldn’t grasp the balance between him and the male protagonist.

Now the male protagonist intends to be only a brother and nothing else.

It is already the best result he envisioned.

Moreover, from a passerby to a brother, he feels that he has suddenly jumped grades from a rookie to someone whose whole body is plated with gold by the male protagonist.

Shao Fei fell silent again, as if thinking.

Liu Chen didn’t rush and slowly waited for the little animal to express his own wishes.

In fact, Shao Fei had no choice and nodded slightly.

At the moment of agreeing, Shao Fei felt as if he had lost something.

Looking at Liu Chen’s breathtaking smile, he reminded himself that as long as he stayed by Liu Chen’s side, he would constantly face this kind of temptation.

He is also an ordinary person and it is difficult to be completely immune.

While it is inevitable to be tempted, as long as he keeps the bottom line, no matter if there is a million volts, he will not conduct electricity.

Although Shao Fei’s heart was beating slightly faster, his eyes were clear.

Liu Chen was indeed very happy.

Even if he was 90% sure that Shao Fei’s agreement did not mean that the final result was guaranteed.

If he cares too much, then he will lose control completely.

Now that he finally got approval, the result he wanted was within reach.

The person has entered the circle by themselves, how can they still leave

On the way to school there were also many students from Dijiang High School who came to have breakfast.

They had already noticed the school grass.

They didn’t come up to say hello because their relationship was not close.

Instead they whispered in private.

When they saw Liu Chen’s smile, it was completely different from the formulaic smiling face seen in the school.

It was only when there was a contrast that it seemed to be particularly blinding.

Shao Fei, who was facing Liu Chen alone, didn’t seem to feel the charm at all and his eyes were dull.

A girl covered her heart and whispered to her companion, “Why is Liu Chen injured”

“I heard from my little sister in class twelve that the boys in her class went to trouble Liu Chen last night.”

“Those trash, how could they hit him in the face!” It was inhumane!

    The corner of Shao Fei’s mouth twitched, the girls at Dijiang High School are really realistic.

“But even so, it doesn’t affect me.

I don’t think I need to mention anything else, just relying on his face, if the Liu family goes bankrupt in the future, I want to take him in even if my family goes bankrupt.”

“Waiting for the Liu family to go bankrupt, you might as well expect that we no longer have the college entrance examination first.” That’s impossible.

“That man is naturally seductive.

After seeing his smile, how can I face those crooked melons and cracked dates in my class.”

The male gods are all from other classes.

They are in the situation of lacking resources, but they can’t get into the first class, so they can only rely on illusions to quench their thirst.

Speaking of which, isn’t today the monthly test

In fact, they were whispering, but this small shop was not that spacious, so their words still penetrated into Shao Fei’s ears.

As long as he is with Liu Chen, he will attract attention, but he has become accustomed to this situation.

Liu Chen, who never depends on his looks to eat, just looked at him with a smile, as if he didn’t hear anything at all.

As if others couldn’t enter his eyes.

After making eye contact, Shao Fei didn’t dare to look into the eyes that seemed to contain deep meaning and lowered his head again.

At this time, the wonton noodles they ordered arrived and Liu Chen took Shao Fei’s bowl directly.

Shao Fei’s fingers twitched, but still didn’t do anything.

He is not a picky person either.

If Liu Chen likes it, let him have it and he obediently followed.

Liu Chen took the chopsticks.

After dipping the chopsticks into a plate of vinegar to disinfect it.

He used the chopsticks to slowly pick the chopped green onions on the noodles.

The brown-black chopsticks picked up the green onion slices one by one.

The chopsticks are held in a slender and powerful hand, forming a beautiful picture.

Shao Fei was startled.

Shao Fei usually eats whatever is given and is not picky.

But as long as they are human, even if they have a good temper, they will have their own preferences.

For example, when he was chatting with the uncle in the kitchen, the uncle said that if you don’t like onions, I won’t put any in.

Shao Fei said in embarrassment that I like the smell of onions, but I don’t like eating them.


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