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“I’ll do it myself.” Shao Fei said that he was about to grab the bowl and Liu Chen also put his hand back on the bowl.

Their fingers touched at the edge of the bowl gently, as if there was a small current.

Shao Fei suddenly retracted his hands.

If it was before anything happened, Shao Fei wouldn’t think too much about it, nor would he be so sensitive to touch, he would only consider it a touch between ordinary boys.

But after everything, his mindset imperceptibly  changed.

Liu Chen didn’t seem to notice the hand contact just now and said in a low voice, “I just agreed to take care of you like before, but now you take back your words”

Shao Fei thought of the ginger tea in the rainy night that day, and felt the following words were a bit embarrassing.

Shao Fei bent his head close to Liu Chen and said in a low voice, “I’m not taking back my words, it’s just that I’m an adult.

You and I are the same age, I can take care of myself.”

“That’s very good.” Liu Chen continued to pick onions.

Shao Fei didn’t know how to react to those words.

If someone treated their younger brother like this, others will probably call them a bro con.

Although the two were sitting opposite each other, they were quite close as they spoke in low voices.

 Liu Chen was helping pick onions again and he didn’t seem to care about his appearance at all.

Shao Fei saw something out of the corner of his eye, and when he looked up, he saw that some girls were taking pictures.

The girls who were just about to say they were so cute and loving were suddenly dying of embarrassment.


Seeing that Liu Chen didn’t say anything, Shao Fei assumed that he didn’t know.

A few girls breathed a sigh of relief and chatted softly with enthusiasm.

After the two finished eating, they quickly walked back to the community.

When they reached the small garden, Shao Fei’s eyes paused.

Suddenly, a hand was put on his shoulder, maybe Liu Chen had no deeper meaning, but Shao Fei really felt very warm at this time and those chills were slowly dispelled.

Liu Chen took a shower in Shao Fei’s bathroom.

He didn’t change his clothes after the fight yesterday, and the spare uniform was at Liu’s house.

So he could only use Shao Fei’s first, even if it was too small, he could still move.

Except from the fit being a little tight.

When Liu Chen was taking a shower, Shao Fei pulled off his T-shirt and checked the wound on his shoulder.

It was really nasty and there were blood marks.

He had already washed it with water yesterday, and applied a disinfectant patch that Liu Chen had bought on the road.

After smearing it, it should be fine in a few days.

In fact, it was smaller than the wound he got when cutting vegetables.

Last night, he had a somewhat inexplicably familiar feeling, but he couldn’t put his finger on it.

Shao Fei shivered slightly at the thought of that person’s last lick.

He glanced at the bathroom again and heard a very light pattering sound, his heart gradually calmed down.

Liu Chen appeared too timely and at such a critical moment.

Liu Chen’s actions had entered Shao Fei’ heart.

Sometimes it’s neither too soon nor too late, it’s just right.

When Liu Chen came out, he happened to meet Shao Fei’s gaze at the bathroom door.

Feeling an overwhelming embarrassment, Shao Fei is like a hamster with fried fur, he wants to hide but has nowhere to hide.

Liu Chen liked to come out covered with only a bath towel, and Shao Fei basically had a panoramic view of the other person’s figure.

Originally, there was nothing to be awkward about among boys, but now Shao Fei’s heat burst a small flame due to Liu Chen’s surprised sight.

I wish I was blind.

Liu Chen didn’t ask him why he was staring at him.

He closed the bedroom door very gentlemanly and went inside to change his clothes.

It seems that, as he said, the relationship between the two is back on track.

In fact, they have long been unable to go back.

When the two of them appeared in the class, a girl who wanted to ask Liu Chen why he didn’t come yesterday, saw the figure faintly outlined under the shirt, and suddenly stopped talking.

Liu Chen casually sent the boys and girls who came to inquire away, only saying that he had something to do at home yesterday.

As for the injury on his face, Liu Chen was even more calm as he pulled hatred to the boys in class twelve: “It’s nothing, I exchanged feelings with people after class.

Seeing the two appear together again, Luo Yufei’s eyes were about to pop out.

Can Liu Chen turn something rotten into magic What happened between yesterday and today

How long has it been and there’s such a good result

Although he knew that such things like unrequited love would not happen to Liu Chen, this person’s psychological quality is too strong.

Even if he fails temporarily, he can quickly cheer up and when he fails, he will probably continue to analyse the situation for the pros and cons, and will look for opportunities to reverse the disadvantage.

But isn’t this too fast, Shao Fei, can’t you hold on for a while

Reject him, sternly!

This guy has never been rejected, you have to let him taste this taste and eliminate harm for the people!

Shao Fei felt Luo Yufei looking at him with the kind and disappointed eyes of an old father.

Because Liu Chen took a shower they were delayed for a while.

The two came in just before the bell, so soon the Friday morning meeting began.

The vice president at the back door, who was a beautiful lady, was already waiting for Liu Chen outside.

After the two of them went to the playground to raise the national flag together, they waited for each class to gather for the morning meeting.

Before Liu Chen left, he bent over Luo Yufei in the front row, took out a can of milk from the drawer and put it on Shao Fei’s table.

“Liu Chen, you’re shameless!” Luo Yufei exploded.

Who took you home before You must have forgotten your dead dog appearance.

Oh, even a drunk Liu Chen is actually quite normal, so angry, he has never seen this guy lose his temper.

Their friendship has come to an end!

Your glutinous rice needs calcium supplement, don’t I need it!

“I’ll buy you ten cans at noon.” Liu Chen continued calmly.

Luo Yufei was so angry at this shameless operation that he was speechless.

Before leaving, he instructed Shao Fei, who was rummaging in his school bag, “You didn’t sleep well yesterday.

If you’re not feeling well, I will ask for leave from the teacher and you rest in the classroom.”

Shao Fei indicated that he was fine and after Liu Chen left, he pushed the milk in front of him back to Luo Yufei.

Luo Yufei stopped: “Don’t, I don’t lack a box of milk.”

After a while, Luo Yufei was still looking at Shao Fei.

Now that the two of them are familiar with each other, Shao Fei asked, “Why do you look at me like that”

Luo Yufei sighed: “Son, Dad is very disappointed in you.”

Shao Fei looked at the continuously sighing natural black1  in front of him, and thought of Liu Chen’s evaluation of Luo Yufei: a fool.

Well, he doesn’t comment.

“How could you accept him so easily” He hates iron for not becoming steel.

Shao Fei was confused: “Accept what”

Seeing that Shao Fei didn’t look like he was lying, Luo Yufei breathed a sigh of relief.

However, being able to recover so quickly was a feat.

His gaze was like looking at glutinous rice that will fall into the bowl sooner or later, full of strange pity and disapproval.

“Maintain this state, and absolutely cannot be shaken by sugar-coated cannonballs.” Let that guy step away from the wrong path and move back towards the normal road.

Moreover, he can imagine how crazy uncle Lu would be if he found out.

This is the proper heir of the Liu family, and it’s disastrous if he goes down the wrong path.

Seeing Luo Yufei’s relieved look, Shao Fei silently added the word “dramatic” in his heart.

However, Luo Yufei soon burst into swear words.

He saw that the hottest topic on the school forum today was Liu Chen with the beaten face and the chopped green onions in the bowl.

The background was an everyday breakfast shop.

Liu Chen was eating chopped green onion.

The explanation of the girls below said she met Liu Chen with his table mate this morning.

At first, they thought it was Liu Chen who didn’t want to eat chopped green onion, but they watched him hand the bowel to his table mate after picking out the green onions.

The comments below are full of “cuteness that bursts the sky”, “It’s so warm, Lu Chen is showing love to his classmate”, “the tenderness shown from his bowed head”, “usually cold, the contrast is so big, I really want to be the chopsticks in his hand”, “let go of the chopsticks and let me come!!” and so on.

Luo Yufei turned back and shouted in a low voice, “Shao Fei, Shao Fei.”


Currently everyone was standing up as it was time for assembly.

Luo Yufei took advantage of the interval when he stood up, showed him the secretly uploaded photo and carefully observed Shao Fei’s expression.

Shao Fei saw Liu Chen’s gentle bowed appearance, as if he belonged in a painting and there was a trace of discomfort on his face.

He used to be upright, but now it has become extremely twisted.

Shao Fei kept reminding himself that this time the male protagonist should really want to take care of him, they are pure classmates.

He could feel the sincerity just now.

Luo Yufei noticed Shao Fei’s expression and snorted, is the glutinous rice enlightened

During the morning assembly, classes arrived one after another.

At the end of the first class, Shao Fei followed along and glanced at the position of the third class as if looking for someone.

The one he was looking for was also the focus of the crowd.

He saw her immediately and it happened to meet her gaze.

Shen Banqing smiled at Shao Fei, waved her hand slightly, and said hello.

Shao Fei mouthed: Are you back

Shen Banqing understood and nodded.

She was really exhausted these days and the Shen family’s company could no longer operate.

Now it has put up a sign of bankruptcy and part of the family’s properties have been mortgaged to the bank for auction.

But even if they declare bankruptcy, they still have a huge amount of money to pay back.

The good thing is that the family is together and can get through the difficulties together.

After the family stabilised a little, her parents rushed her to go to school and she was just in time for today’s monthly exam.

Yang Xin, as expected, could not persuade his father, what Liu Chen said before has been confirmed.

But these days, Yang Xin has been silently accompanying her.

This kind of silly man seems to have matured a little in the past few days.

Shao Fei found that Shen Banqing’s face was a little pale and she was a little thinner, making him feel a little distressed.

Shen Banqing felt the pity in his eyes and she felt the warmth of being cared about.

He mouthed: Don’t worry

More classes arrived and the two of them happened to have students from other classes sandwiched between them.

Naturally, they withdrew their gazes and stopped talking silently.

However, the silent exchange between the two was seen by Liu Chen from the stage.

It’s still the same unreasonable principle.

If Liu Chen is the focus of the crowd, Shao Fei is the most easily overlooked in the crowd.

The two extremes are the easiest to attract each other.

After the teacher reminded a few times, Liu Chen returned to his senses and went onstage.

After speaking for a while, he began to report an expedited version of criticism.

Of course, he was reporting on the characters from the class twelve.

Usually, it’s not the students’ turn to talk about this kind of thing, but Liu Chen can say it, which shows how much the teachers love him.

Several students in class twelve glared at Liu Chen.

when they remembered their gratitude last night, their hearts wanted to vomit blood.

The morning meeting is over and the next topic is the monthly exam.

They were still in their original positions, but the same tables had to be pulled apart.

Making the aisle narrowed to the point of only allowing single file walking.

This test room is simple and the teacher is too lazy to let the students toss back and forth.

After all, it is a monthly test, not a twice a year important test.

This time, the invigilator is teacher Bao, who teaches physics.

She is preparing students for the test and asking everyone to put their mobile phones on the table in front of them.

Shao Fei is not doing any last minute cramming.

While he usually works very hard, in fact he has too much to catch up on in a short time.

His table mate popped his face over again.

“Don’t be nervous.” Liu Chen held back his laugh and his hands were itchy again.

This little cabbage was always trying to tempt him.

“Yeah.” Don’t be nervous, at most he has to say goodbye to class one.

As soon as the bell rang, the exam began, and the exam papers were passed down one by one.

In the morning test, English is the first subject, and it is also his lowest scoring subject, which is the most troublesome subject for him.

With other subjects he can make do, but maths and English are a big headache.

Shao Fei suddenly thought of a sentence, the reason why my English is so bad is because I love my motherland so much.

About forty minutes later, suddenly, a group of people rushed into the classroom.

Teacher Bao immediately stood up: “Ding Lin, what are you doing! Why aren’t you taking the test in your own class!”

The students who are the most troublesome for teachers are those that are lawless.

The exam is nothing to them.

Anyway, they will still be in class twelve.

When they came in, all the students looked over, seeing the posture of Ding Lin and others, some boys stood up.

When the front row was chaotic, Shao Fei felt a light bump on his feet.

Looking down, it seemed to be Liu Chen’s eraser.

At this moment, he saw Liu Chen walking in a very coquettish manner to bend over and pick up the eraser, when he raised his head, the moment when the boys in the front row stood up, he swapped the test paper and a different test paper with the answers filled in, at the speed of light.

Shao Fei was dumbfounded, staring blankly at the exam paper on his desk that had the word Shao Fei written on it.

The author has something to say: Xiao Luzi: How could you leave class one Impossible, hehe.

Chen ge’s first seductive move was just to cheat for his table mate… This is youth~~~

1 天然黑= natural black.

A little different from black belly Now black belly is no longer a derogatory term.

It usually refers to people who usually look innocent, handsome, normal and sunny, but are actually very intelligent and scheming.

The so-called natural black is a person who has both natural and belly black attributes.

That is, it seems that he is naive like a silly and cute, but he is actually black in his bones


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