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You Successfully Caught My Attention (37)

The rooms here, whether it’s the bathroom or a bedroom, are really small compared to the Liu house.

However one person has modest material requirements, and the other has experienced more difficult times and is accepting of everything, so neither of them felt uncomfortable at all after moving here from the Liu house.

When Liu Chen came out, Shao Fei was tidying up the messy pillows on the sofa in front of him.

Liu Chen circled around the place where Shao Fei was bent before withdrawing his gaze.

Seeing a hole in the sofa cushion, Shao Fei was about to go to the bedroom to find a sewing box.

Then he saw Liu Chen exuding a fresh aroma, wearing a white T-shirt and black slacks similar to his, looking more handsome than usual.

More mature.

Shao Fei turned his eyes away.

Liu Chen looked a little shyly at Shao Fei and his heart seemed to be filled with honey.

But he had to hide it.

Now the little guy’s defence against him has become lower and lower, developing in the direction he needs.

He passed by Shao Fei with the laundry he had washed in the bathroom.

Shao Fei was a little surprised that this young master who seemed to be spoiled was able to adapt so well that he could even wash clothes.

Subsequently he remembered that Liu Chen seemed to be able to cook too…

Actually he is much better at self-care than most boys of his age.

He was about to let Liu Chen pass first, but when he caught a glimpse of what was in the washbasin.

Then his heart skipped a beat, and he immediately stopped Liu Chen.

His whole face seemed to boil as he took out the familiar clothes and saw his underwear.

Shao Fei didn’t know what to say to Liu Chen, who had a normal expression in front of him.

“These are my underwear… You, how can you!” He wanted to argue with Liu Chen, but he didn’t know how to reason.

Usually, he was a soft-tempered person, so he didn’t have much deterrence when he became angry.

When facing Liu Chen’s seemingly placid face, he was at a loss for words, “these are my personal clothes, you can’t wash it casually!”

Liu Chen looked at Shao Fei, who was about to emit smoke, and eyes flickering as he wanted to find the words to reason with him.

This visage made his heart itchy.

He was so cute that he wanted to kiss him, outwardly however his face was innocent: “I’m sorry, I look at you.

It just happened to be placed there and while I was at it…”


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