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You Successfully Caught My Attention (38)

Shao Fei presses on step by step.

He knows that Dongling is the leader of this group of girls.

It’s only effective if she lets go.

He was a little nervous.

If the time dragged on, Liu Chen would find out.

In fact, he didn’t want Lu Chen to know that he was here to help Shen Banqing.

So he subconsciously panicked and planned to hurry back to the car when Yang Xin arrived and pretend nothing happened, His attitude was also a little more forceful than usual: “Yes, you were right before, but at least Liu Chen is not tired of me now.

Even if I am a dog kept by Liu Chen, I belong to the Liu family.

If you want to fight against me, it depends on who the owner is.

As long as you let her out, I guarantee that she and I will forget today…” Shao Fei deliberately belittled himself in order to win time for a quick decision.

Dongling also wants to persuade Shaofei to leave but she suddenly sees the man behind Shao Fei, soaked by the rain, like a devil.

She suddenly backed away, as if she saw something she shouldn’t have seen, and other girls’ expressions also changed.

Shao Fei felt something and looked back slowly like he was stiff.

When he saw the person who shouldn’t be here, his eyes were filled with complex and heavy feelings.

The man’s deep voice still contained a smile: “Dog Is that how you see yourself”

Shao Fei’s face turned pale.

This time, Liu Chen was no longer distressed.

He was hurt by the little guy.

He even felt that he was a fool for treating him so carefully before.

Shao Fei: “Chen… Chen ge.”

The hair sticks to the side of his face.

The black pupils and black hair make Liu Chen look like a vampire.

Every one of his footsteps seems to be stepping on Shao Fei’s heart.

Liu Chen walks step by step to Shao Fei who is trembling with fear.

It seems that the person who argued with several girls just now was just an illusion.

Liu Chen’s lips are deep, red and charming.

When he is happy, people around him can be infected with that joy.

Once he puts down his smiling face, it makes people shudder.

Liu Chen grinned and leaned slightly.

Shao Fei was stiff and dared not move.

He kept reminding himself of uncle Yu’s words, follow him, follow him.

Liu Chen also ignored the presence of others.

In a sweet voice, he said something that made Shao Fei’s heart break: “I like your name very much.

It would be better if I could change it.

Sometimes I think your sensitivity is too accurate.

Even if I pretend to be very well, you can still feel it.

Yes, I never treat you as a brother.

That’s just an excuse to let down your guard.

I just want you.

I want to kiss you all the time, lick every part of your body, and make you cry under me…”

At the beginning, Shao Fei wanted to misinterpret the meaning of the words.

However, the following words were simply unsightly, his pupils slowly dilated.

He could not even tell the meaning of Liu Chen’s words and almost instinctively wanted to escape.

But he was tightly bound by Liu Chen, who bit Shao Fei’s ear.

Shao Fei felt pain and started shivering.

“What are you running for Aren’t you here to save her So you don’t hesitate to lie.

Don’t you want to see her now” Liu Chen whispered softly, and then gave orders to the girls who had been scared silly nearby, “open the door and let her out.”

Liu Chen bit a little blood bead out of Shao Fei’s ear and licked it clean.

Shao Fei was like a helpless little animal, which could only be contained in his arms.

He gently pressed on the shoulder wound he had bitten before, lingering back and forth.

That sense of familiarity made Shao Fei confused for a while.

“You just watch here.

If you don’t run, I won’t be provoked.

What do you say”

Shao Fei was trembling, and stopped like a dragonfly with its wings pinched under the deterrence of Liu Chen’s soft and hard words.

The girls seemed to be in awe.

They seemed to have heard something incredible just now, and Liu Chen seemed to have no scruples in letting them hear it.

Their minds are now full of: how could it be, how could it be, this is a dream and so on.

Compared with Shao Fei, they could not even speak clearly in the face of such a Liu Chen.

A girl went to the lounge to get the key and quickly opened the door.

Looking for Shen Banqing, who has been silent for a while, the girl was shocked when she found her.

Shen Banqing vaguely felt someone coming in.

She barely opened her eyes, but her eyes were a little blurry.

The girl pressed her hand to Shen Banqing’s forehead and exclaimed, “she has a fever.

The temperature is very high!”

At the beginning, they didn’t notice Shen Banqing had a fever at all, as she behaved normally.

How could they know that this woman was so tolerant No wonder she didn’t make a sound.

Dongling was just trying to frighten Shen Banqing.

She didn’t expect things to become serious.

She was also in a panic: “take her to the hospital!”

At this time, Yang Xin arrived and was surprised to see Shao Fei, who was held by Liu Chen outside.

This was beyond his imagination of the contact between boys.

, And he also wisely didn’t shout out a ‘Liu ge’.

The two men seemed to be surrounded by an atmosphere that excluded everyone else.

At this time, hearing the words coming from inside, Yang Xin also ignored the strange atmosphere of Liu Chen and Shao Fei.

When he went in, he saw Shen Banqing, who was in a mess, trying to stand up by herself.

Shen Banqing had been running around for her family a few days ago.

She didn’t eat well or sleep well while struggling everyday.

Later, the family affairs were temporarily solved, but the debt of the family was always a huge stone on her head .

She had to constantly urge herself to work harder than before.

She hadn’t realised that she had a fever and it wasn’t until this group of people came in that her head felt heavy.

She saw a familiar and anxious face in her blurry vision.

This fool, she refused him so harshly.

Why did he still come to her

At the time of class assignment, she had already rejected Yang Xin with the most vicious language she had ever used.

She really doesn’t want to get involved with these rich children any more and has no spare time for them.

There are so many things for her to deal with at home.

How can she have time to accompany Yang Xin, an immature boy.

Sure enough, as she expected, the thick-skinned Yang Xin was also scared away, and she finally had a quiet life.

Only when she saw him again at this moment did she realise that she missed him so much.

She is not as strong as she thought.

Yang Xin picked up Shen Banqing, who was about to fall.

Shen Banqing was still reluctant in her confused state: “put me down…”

Shen Banqing has always been the one who has the the final say, but this time he is unyielding: “It doesn’t matter what you want to do to me when you get better, but now, you must listen to me.”

Shen Banqing curled up painfully, misty tears welled up.

Stupid… Stupid

When they passed by Liu Chen, Shen Banqing saw Shao Fei who was being held in Liu Chen’s arms helplessly.

She sighed.

She guessed right, that guy had long been eyeing glutinous rice.

Only glutinous rice was so naive.

“Shen Banqing,” Liu Chen said first, “I remember your father’s management ability is good.

Go back and ask him if he has any intention to come to me.”

Liu Chen knows very well that if he doesn’t help, Shen Banqing will still be able to make trouble in the future.

Rather than let that happen, it is better to cut off the way back.

Shen Banqing didn’t expect Liu Chen to say this.

She has her own backbone and hates the arrogant and insidious Liu Chen, but she can’t raise her arrogant head in front of reality.

She knows what Liu Chen’s words mean to their Shen family .

Temporary bending does not mean forever bending down.

Yang Xin sent Liu Chen grateful eyes.

Shen Banqing closed her tired eyes and said in a low voice, “thank you…”

Liu Chen took action only because of Shao Fei.

If it were not for Shao Fei, Liu Chen, who had been standing idly by, would not have come forward.

Thinking of the look in Liu Chen’s eyes just now, Shen Banqing trembled, which increased the haste of Yang Xin’s nervous footsteps.

Sometimes she and Liu Chen have strange moments.

As if they can understand each other’s ideas, maybe it is because they share similarities.

The look in Liu Chen’s eyes was terrifying.

Does Shao Fei know what kind of monster he got involved with

While Shen Banqing was sent to hospital, Shao Fei was also brought into the rain by Liu Chen.

The rain had decreased.

The boundless drizzle gently brushed his cheek with a hint of coolness.

Shao Fei was dragged by hand by Liu Chen.

He looked at Liu Chen’s cold side face and dared not take another look.

Liu Chen shoved him into the back seat of the car and ordered Lao Zhang in front to drive.

Shao Fei just sat down in the car, when a fist blew across his face and slammed into the seat next to Shao Fei.

Shao Fei was stunned.

His jaw was clasped, and he felt some pain, but Shao Fei didn’t dare to show it.

In Liu Chen’s eyes, anger and sadness were intertwined, but the pain was chilling.

The first time, he suppressed it, but the more he suppressed, the more it rebounded.

The second time, he was out of control.

The cat’s paw was continuously scratching his heart.

Shao Fei still provoked him.

“Are you serious, Shao Fei Ask your conscience what I did for you! I can’t wait to give you the best in the world.

You say you’re just my… Dog I can’t wait to strangle you!” Liu Chen gnashed his teeth.

His eyes were red, and no one doubts his current hatred.

All his sincerity was trampled by the boy in front of him.

Shao Fei didn’t care whether he was sincere or not, because in Shao Fei’s eyes, he was a scum with a bad character.

Shao Fei was just acting with him.

“Chen, Chen ge…” Shao Fei wanted to apologise, but when he saw those complicated eyes, the heavy breath that seemed to suffocate, he swallowed everything back.

At present, Liu Chen could not hear anything he said.

Liu Chen is mad.

Liu Chen lowered his head sharply, wanting to claim the lips that he longed for and his heart was trembling.

Shao Fei looked at the extremely angry handsome face leaning down towards him and turned his head with all his strength.

The crazy kiss fell on Shao Fei’s cheek.

Shao Fei felt that each breath was full of the atmosphere of Liu Chen’s turmoil, and his heart was beating so fast it almost climbed to his throat: “would you please let me go first… What happened just now, I…”

Maybe it’s a guilty heart, maybe it’s because he can’t bear to see such a decadent Liu Chen

“Ha ha ha…” Liu Chen’s head fell on Shao Fei’s shoulder, and he laughed with a strange smile.

Is it true that this person will only see his shortcomings forever He just had a bad attitude in the first few meetings.

Can they define who he is

He held Shao Fei tightly and whispered, “Shao Fei, you are unfair…”

“You are so unfair to me…”

You are so kind to everyone.

Why aren’t you willing to trust me once

Liu Chen finally tasted his biggest regret since he was born.

He did not regret that he had a character that always played with people.

He regretted that Shao Fei found out about it.

Up to now, the person in front of him can’t trust him at all.

Shao Fei never believed him.

But he knows himself and like he does others.

He can’t become the kind of perfect man Shao Fei wants.

Maybe in the future, Shao Fei still won’t be able to believe him.

Did he deserve it

Liu Chen himself did not have the answer.

Liu Chen leaned against Shao Fei’s arms, gasping for breath.

While Shao Fei froze and let him lean against him.

After leaving Shao Fei slowly, Liu Chen seemed to move away calmly, sitting aside, no longer talking or touching Shao Fei.

Shao Fei was unsure, but he approached the door carefully and tried the door quietly.

The door was locked.

Lao Zhang must have been ordered by Liu Chen.

Shao Fei’s heart sank a little.

When they returned to Liu’s house, uncle Yu saw Liu Chen and Shao Fei, who hadn’t returned for several days.

As soon as he wanted to say hello, he halted.

Liu Chen pulled the terrified Shao Fei with a heavy expression, and Shao Fei stumbled along.

Uncle Yu just wanted to say that the master had returned, but when he saw Liu Chen’s face, he felt something was wrong.

At the moment when the elevator door closed, he seemed to see the young master grabbing Shao Fei violently.

Shao Fei seemed to move his mouth to convey something to him.

Did he say save me

Uncle Yu’s eyelids jumped slightly.

Shao Fei was half carried to Liu Chen’s room on the fourth floor, before Liu Chen let go.

Shao Fei, who was trying to explain what had just happened to Liu Chen, looked back and saw Liu Chen’s eyes.

There was an aura of plunder.

The author has something to say: xiao Luzi: jealousy warps me beyond recognition

Enmmmmmm, it’s hard for anyone to believe in Chen ge.


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