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You Successfully Caught My Attention (39)

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It seemed to devour him, which made Shao Fei retreat and unwilling to compete with him.

Liu Chen usually seems to be gentle and polite, but it is difficult to provoke him, because he has a very high tolerance only on the surface.

In general, when he is angry, he will slowly use tricks in the dark.

Shao Fei is vaguely aware of the danger, when he sees a hidden door nearby.

He remembers that Liu Chen’s rooms on this floor are all connected.

Shao Fei turned around and wanted to run to the other side.

Liu Chen grabbed Shao Fei and threw him towards the central big bed.

Everything in front of him became a whirl.

Then his body and head were bounced by the elasticity of the bed.

Shao Fei was a little dizzy.

The next moment, the man was like a cheetah pacing over and looked down at him.

Shao Fei looked at Liu Chen in a panic as if he were a small animal that could not escape.

“Afraid of what I’m going to do to you” Liu Chen’s smile didn’t reach the bottom of his eyes.

He looked at the man who made him use all his strength to take care of.

“You really should be afraid.

I’ve endured some things for so long, but what’s the use of my forbearance…”

Seeing Shao Fei blinking and looking at himself, Liu Chen raised his hand and gently stroked his cheek.

In Shao Fei’s trembling, he lowered his head: “If I pity you, who will pity me Well, you never cared about me.

Just put on an act in front of me.”

At that moment, Shao Fei couldn’t hide a trace of what was said to be a guilty conscience.

Maybe Liu Chen noticed something from his eyes and subtle tells.

Shao Fei always believed that Liu Chen was so strong that no one could hurt him.

He was like an iron wall.

He never thought he would see Liu Chen’s weak side.

“Care… um”, He was covered by Liu Chen before he finished speaking.

Shao Fei hesitated for two times and saw Liu Chen’s red eyes, as he hurriedly leaned over, until his breath filled his ears.

In an almost hushed voice: “I don’t want to hear anything from you now, little liar.

Do you want to cheat me again”

“Have  you always thought of playing games with me In fact, compared to me, you are the best at acting!”

Shao Fei felt a little uncomfortable, and gradually began to lose breath.

He struggled twice, but was quickly pressed down like a fluttering butterfly.

His trembling legs moved twice, and he met Liu Chen’s seemingly elegant but tough legs.

The cloth rubbed between them like a small current, Liu Chen’s eyes were dim and his body sank more.

The hand covering him loosened and Shao Fei gasped heavily, two flushes appeared on his face, looking more genuine than usual.

Liu Chen’s words showed a trace of sarcasm: “have you enjoyed playing with me for so long”

Shao Fei shook his head desperately, and physiological misty tears filled his eyes, making the person in front of him look a little vague.

From the conversation just now, Shao Fei understood something.

“Push me away…” Liu Chen suddenly said.

If you push me away, I will consider letting you go.

It seems that this is the meaning of Liu Chen’s words.

This sentence is so familiar that Shao Fei seems to have remembered something.

It seems to be a long time ago, and it also seems like something that just happened.

The doubts at that time still remain in his heart.

He faintly felt that it might be too late.

But now he had no time to think about it.

He gathered strength to push Liu Chen away.

But similar to the previous time, the man looked weak, but in fact he was like a piece of iron.

Pushing at full strength couldn’t move him at all.

“Look, you didn’t push me away.” Liu Chen said calmly.

It’s like finding the most appropriate excuse for himself.

When Shao Fei was about to speak, the red lips that were about to move were kissed.

This was the place that had been on his mind for countless days and nights.

He wanted to swallow Shao Fei.

Because of the lack of oxygen and pushing, Shao Fei’s lips have been slightly open and gasping for breath, which is just convenient for visitors to invade.

Liu Chen paused a little when he just endured the humidity in Shao Fei’s mouth, making him itchy and excited.

With shaking hands, he held Shao Fei’s.

Immediately, his lips became hot as he attacked like besieging a city.

The man’s tongue became more and more comfortable.

He swallowed the soft and sweet marshmallow in his mouth.

It was soft and wet, making him want to drown in it.

At the moment of kissing Shao Fei, the most important place in his soul was quietly filled in.

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He was like a traveller who had been walking in the desert for an unknown period of time.

His body was dried and his throat was completely parched.

Suddenly, God took pity on him and gave him a drop, even if only one drop, it was enough to make him crazy and desperate.

Shao Fei never knew how important his appearance was to his life.

Every day, he seems to be living a repetitive life, doing everything with ease.

It seems that he was born and repeated it thousands of times, but he has clearly never done them before.

He has been waiting for a long time

The two people’s breathing blended together, and the originally cool air also heated up.

Shao Fei was stunned for a while, and then he struggled fiercely.

He stared at the person in front of him.

Liu Chen also opened his eyes and sucked Shao Fei’s soft tongue, like a provocation.

Shao Fei tried to push the other side’s tongue out, but he didn’t expect it to get more and more entangled.

In the room, the sound of wet sucking, causing Shao Fei to blush.

His lips seemed to get even soft and Liu Chen was absorbed in rubbing against the soft touch.

He heard Shao Fei’s sweet sounds and the breath overflowing from his throat made him want to rub people into his arms completely.

Shao Fei’s struggles grew weaker and weaker.

Before slowly giving up and lying in Liu Chen’s arms, with no more unnecessary resistance.

Liu Chen is a man who applies what he has learned.

When he realised that Shao Fei has no nausea and disgust and only showed shock and resistance in his eyes, along with an unexpected trace of comfort.

He was overjoyed that Shao Fei is not so resistant to himself.

So he was more and more reluctant to let go of the person that was so arduous to get close to.

Repeated patience and repression made his outbreak come out of nowhere and without reason.

Liu Chen is especially good at refining his own shortcomings through practice.

He is slowly looking for a way to make both of them comfortable after the first few kisses.

After an unknown amount of time has passed, Shao Fei just feels that his lips are getting numb, but the man still doesn’t stop.

When he felt that he was moving, he realised that Liu Chen had picked him up and they were passing through the secret door he had previously wanted to open.

Although Shao Fei is much shorter than Liu Chen, he is also a man of about one metre seven, but Liu Chen seems to completely effortlessly carry him.

Like holding a baby, he cradles his hands at Shao Fei’s, ao his legs straddle his waist and also lovingly pecked Shao Fei’s kiss swollen place lingeringly, showing a little pity.

This action made Shao Fei’s heart almost stop.

He wanted to jump down, but Liu Chen pinched him on his hip.

“You… Pervert!” Angry to incoherency, this unsatisfactory body was exhausted from the struggle just now.

Even swearing was done in a soft tone.

He couldn’t believe that this person was Liu Chen, who has amazing self-control and almost impeccable etiquette in his impression.

“I’ve always been, and you just found out today But you have to know that this pervert has been enduring for you.” Liu Chen sneered.

He pinched his waist and rubbed it vaguely.

“Don’t move any more, or I will do something more frightening than kissing you.”

Liu Chen is always used to using one or two sentences to make critical hits.

Shao Fei’s face suddenly turned awful.

Everyone was an adult male and heard a lot of dirty jokes.

Even if Shao Fei didn’t want to hear it, the boys in the class, including Luo Yufei at the front table, often did the same.

ShaoFei just didn’t pay much attention.

Now Liu Chen said this, he could guess what Liu Chen wanted to do.

He immediately froze, afraid that he would really provoke Liu Chen to do something more terrible.

But the more it is like this, the more I can feel the frequency of Lu Chen’s bumps when walking and the small and subtle friction between the two of them in the process.

Shao Fei realised that the current Liu Chen could not be settled in a few words.

Liu Chen has a very good temper at ordinary times.

Otherwise, with so many halos on his body, if Liu Chen threw his weight around, people who offended him would have lined up long ago.

In fact, Liu Chen knew how to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages since he was a child.

He has more friends than enemies.

So after the two got along, Shao Fei gradually let go and didn’t have so many scruples, but the premise was not to offend Liu Chen.

He knew that Liu Chen had been hurt by the belittment he said in a hurry just now.

Liu Chen did not suddenly break out, but had long found and suppressed it so far, while pretending not to know.

There was something accumulated in his anger just now.

Shao Fei lost his voice, and Liu Chen carried him in silence.

Just now Liu Chen opened the secret door of his bedroom and passed through them.

Shao Fei found that it was a biometric fingerprint lock, which means he could not escape even if he wanted to escape.

The rooms here are connected, including Liu Chen’s usual resting room, gym, musical instrument room, etc.

are all on their way.

Most of the rooms on this floor belong to Liu Chen, who didn’t stop until he reached the last room.

They came to the window together.

Shao Fei was still wondering why Liu Chen brought him here.

But he soon solved his confusion.

Liu Chen put the man down and let him look out.

Shao Fei looked at the scenery outside of the Liu family, before he hadn’t found it strange.

Behind him, Liu Chen gently licked the ear that had been bitten by himself.

Now it had a dark red scab.

He gently kneaded it, showing a little lust and tearing the reality through the mask to reveal his ruthlessness: “have you wondered why I have these thoughts about you”

Shao Fei seems to have a realisation, suddenly looking at the room he used to live in, not far from the study.

“Guessed You’re smarter than I thought.” His little fool can always surprise him, far from being as simple as he seems.

“Yes, I stare at you from here every night.

At first, I’m just curious.

Gradually, if I don’t look at you every day, it seems that something is missing…”


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