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Shao Fei was too shocked to speak, and his body trembled: “….”

He felt a real fear for the feelings hidden in Liu Chen’s heart that seemed to drown him.

These kinds of feelings that were almost destructive had an unprecedented impact on people.

It turned out that the truth he knew was far more than what he could see.

“I’m really glad that I didn’t install curtains for that building, otherwise I would have missed…” the last words disappeared in the kiss.

Liu Chen hugged Shao Fei from behind.

Shao Fei was between a French window in front of him, and a hot body stuck behind him.

The man gently sucked the small mole on the swan-like neck, and the tip of his tongue gently swept over it.

Causing Shao Fei to shake from the ambiguity.

Turning the person over, he kissed those swollen lips again.

Maybe he was too shocked, maybe he had already tried his best, or maybe he knew that even struggling was useless.

Shao Fei didn’t push Liu Chen away, but just stood there like a wooden board.

Liu Chen used strength to press him down.

Different from the previous anger and inexperienced astringency, he began to really taste it now.

The lingering voice is especially clear in this silent place.

Uncle Yu just saw Shao Fei’s appeal for help.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt something was wrong.

His young master should not be bullying others…

And the atmosphere of those two people just now was also strange.

He hadn’t seen the young master’s eyes like that before.

Uncle Yu always felt guilty about rushing Shao Fei to leave.

After hesitating downstairs for a long time, he decided to ask the master.

As a housekeeper, it is not easy for him to interfere in such matters of the master’s family.

Liu Zhengming is in his study, he has just finished a video conference.

He left for a while, so the work at headquarters had piled up a lot for him to deal with.

At this time, the housekeeper came in and said that Liu Chen had come back, but he brought Shao Fei with him.

Liu Zhengming raised his eyebrows and said, “I have nothing to do with Yao FeiFei now.

Why does he keep Shao Fei with him Didn’t we arrange a new residence for Shao Fei before”

Uncle Yu could not mention too much, but said in a more formal way: “the young master and young mast Fei have always had a good relationship.

They have many common topics.”

“Well, it’s so unexpected.

It’s rare for that little bastard to take a fancy to someone.

He doesn’t pay attention to anyone except the Luo family and the Liu family these years.

He is becoming more and more arrogant and difficult to teach.” If the son is poor in ability, the father would be disappointed, but if the son is too strong, the father will get a headache.

Liu Zhengming felt that what he did at the beginning was quite useful.

He warned his son, made his lover happy, and made his son willing accept the existence of a “younger brother”.

Since he can accept people who are not related by blood, it must be easier to accept people who are related by blood.

“Where is he now”

“In his room.” It’s been a while now, Uncle Yu doesn’t know how Shao Fei is doing now.

Looking at the way the young master was repressing his anger just now, it was definitely not a simple fight.

Since he hasn’t seen his son for a long time, after thinking about it, Liu Zhengming decided to go and have a look.

Uncle Yu followed him silently, and they soon arrived on the fourth floor.

There was nothing unusual in the bedroom except that the beds were in a mess.

Seeing that the hidden door was still open, Liu Zhengming walked all the way in.

When he came to the last room, he suddenly heard ambiguous voices.

It was very faint, but Liu Zhengming, an old driver in this area, could tell what it was.

Of course, he didn’t mind his son tasting meat.

At Liu Chen’s age, he had many girlfriends to take home for a night of carnival.

Although his son has made a lot of girlfriends in recent years, there is no in-depth development as far as he knows.

If it goes on like this, he will have to look for someone for his son.

Although he did not want to disturb his son’s rare good deed, Liu Zhengming was also curious about who could make Liu Chen lose control for the first time in years.

So he still raised his legs and walked in.

Unexpectedly, what he saw was his son kissing a familiar looking teenager.

He hasn’t met the boy many times, but Liu Zhengming remembered it quickly.

Liu Chen hugged Shao Fei with one hand and touched the other’s soft earlobes with the other hand.

He was still tasting, after only peeping for a long time.

It seemed that he wanted to make up for his previous patience.

In fact, when Liu Zhengming entered, Liu Chen already felt it, but he was not willing to let go.

Liu Zhengming was so angry that green veins appeared on his temples and as he roared, “Liu Chen!!”

Liu Chen sucked again, ignoring the unexpected guests.

He always felt that the world wouldn’t allow him to touch Shao Fei a little.

Every time he wanted to kiss, it seemed that he would be blocked somehow.

Even Shao Fei didn’t know it but this is also part of the plot inertia.

The female lead’s role is gone.

So in order to balance the world, part of the plot has been transferred to Shao Fei.

In the original book, Liu Chen didn’t even kiss when he graduated.

There will also be a barrier arranged for Shao Fei.

Liu Chen has now forcibly broken this barrier, and their intangible destiny will also change dramatically.

Liu Chen kissed Shao Fei’s face, which was scared white again.

While arranging his hair, he patted his back and comforted: “Don’t be afraid.”

Liu Zhengming looked at this rebellious son and wanted to slap him back to be reborn.

Liu Chen, who knew that he had come over, could continue to kiss without scruples.

Afterwards, he continued to appease the person in his arms.

Not only was he not worried, but he also had a kind of resentment of being interrupted.

His son was so rampant that he had to be taught a lesson.

It was too indulgent before, so this kind of disloyal, unfilial piety, discourtesy, no integrity, that this relationship violating nature appeared!

No matter how mischievous he is, he has never reached this level!

“Come with me at once, if you still want to be a Liu!” Liu Zhengming released these words.

Obviously, he had plans to kick Liu Chen out of the Liu family.

Liu Chen put Shaofei, who was exhausted and bowed his head in silence, on a chair beside him.

Squatted down and said, “stay at home until I come back.

You know my methods.

Even if you want to escape, you can’t escape.

If you leave, I don’t know what I will do to hurt you.

You don’t want to see me go crazy again, do you”

Liu Chen’s tone seemed to have recovered the gentleness before his anger, but there were some differences.

He added a sweet date to the stick, so that he would not escape once he was out of sight.

With the last lesson, Liu Chen had to take precautions.

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He needs to solve his family’s problems before he can go to find Shao Fei.

“Do you hear me Give me a response.”

Liu Chen wants to reach out and touch Shao Fei, but Shao Fei suddenly shrank away.

With dark eyes, Liu Chen felt a sting of pain in his heart: “if I don’t touch you, will you give me a response”

Shao Fei nodded slightly.

Liu Chen stood up and said to Uncle Yu, “let Uncle Zhang send him home and don’t leave until he enters the apartment building.”

Uncle Yu was still shocked by the scene just now.

His shock was no less than that of Liu Zhengming.

More so, because he spent more time with Liu Chen, he couldn’t imagine that one of the protagonists in the scene just now was his young master.

Of course, Liu Chen also guessed why Liu Zhengming suddenly appeared, but now is not the time to worry about these trivial things.

Before leaving, Liu Chen sent a message to bodyguard ah Dang and sent everyone to protect Shao Fei.

These bodyguards were originally Liu Zhengming’s people, but they were converted by him one by one over the years.

Of course, on the one hand, it is to prevent Shao Fei from escaping, but more importantly, it is to prevent Liu Zhengming from attacking Shao Fei.

This showdown will take place sooner or later, since the time point has been moved, everything can be solved together.

After doing all this, he finally looked at Shao Fei, who was silent, and left to find Liu Zhengming.

Shao Fei didn’t know how he journeyed home.

His thoughts were blank, and he seemed to be stunned by everything just now.

Just as he was about to get off the car, Lao Zhang learned from the housekeeper that the Liu family was in a mess.

When he saw Shao Fei, who was out of his mind, he thought of the scene he had seen.

He felt sorry for the young man and wanted to persuade him.

“Young master Fei, in fact, for so many years, I have never seen the young master like someone so much, and want to… please the other person to this extent.” It’s not too much to be called pleasing.

Sometimes when he coaxes people, he as a middle-aged man is embarrassed, but the young master’s tone is too ordinary, so it is not obvious.

Shao Fei’s eyes moved and he remained silent.

“Later, I found that when you and the young master were together, you also seemed happy and laughed a lot.”

This kind of thing is always easily seen from the outside.

Shao Fei’s fist trembled and he slowly loosened it.

Because Liu Chen was the first person who was kind to him after he lost his memory, and the first person who appeared when he was helpless.

He knew in his heart that he had crossed the line, he couldn’t help being attracted, but his reason still stopped him.

When entering the community, the guard uncle seemed to want to say something, but looking at Shao Fei’s appearance, he swallowed it back.

Shao Fei returned to the apartment and went into the bathroom.

He turned on the shower, curled up and sat down with his arms wrapped around himself.

His shoulders were shaking.

Who knows how much time passed, but an unclear sentence came out: “what should I do…”

What he feared more was that he didn’t seem to reject Liu Chen’s kiss very much.

Confused and lonely.

He is a soul floating here just to complete the task.

He has nothing to rely on, nothing to believe, and is not qualified to desire.

When Shao Fei came out of the bathroom, his appearance recovered a little, except that his expression was still ugly.

He has no appetite today, but life will go on.

He did not escape.

He came to complete the task.

It was impossible for him to escape from the male and female lead.

Just as he was leaving the community to buy some food and go back to  cook, the guard uncle stopped him again.

“Wait, that…”

Shao Fei looked at him dully.

“This is the parking fee given by the handsome young man you were with last time.

It’s too much.

I don’t think his car has come these days.

I’m uneasy with this money.

You’d better take it back.”

“Parking fees”

The uncle explained, “Yeah, he drove over on the first day and the second night when you moved in.”

Because he was so good-looking, the uncle was left with a deep impression.

This kind of person could not be forgotten after a glance.

In addition, Liu Chen often went in and out of the community later, and he also remembered this inconspicuous child beside Liu Chen.

This time, if his wife hadn’t found out that his private money had increased, he wouldn’t want to pay it back.

Shao Fei’s dull expression recovered a little, his mind turned, and asked, “do you remember the time of those two days”

The uncle really remembered that he had just looked at the clock on the wall and reported two approximate times.

Shao Fei’s mobile phone fell to the ground.

The author has something to say: Xiao Luzi, with a hundred secrets, there are bound to be careless moments.

He he he he he he he he. 

TN: HAHAHA busted LC.

Sorry if the editing isn’t as good as before, the more I try the edit the less it seems to flow well so… 


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