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You Successfully Caught My Attention (end)

TN: It says the end but there’s still another related chapter

Shao Fei still clearly remembered the time that Liu Chen arrived.

The first day was close to the time when Liu Chen knocked on the door.

But the next day, he clearly remembered that Liu Chen said he arrived in the middle of the night.

Before that, he was stopped by the boys of class twelve, and the girls of the school came to comfort him at that time.

Shao Fei felt the bite on his shoulder, now only a faint mark remained.

It seemed that there was no connection between the two things.

But thinking of a possibility, he couldn’t help feeling a thrill.

More than once, there was a sense of similarity.

Shao Fei asks the uncle to give back to Liu Chen himself, then he returns to walking.

He thinks of what Luo Yufei said about bringing Liu Chen back to his home that day.

Although he was missing when they went to find Liu Chen later, Shao Fei called Luo Yufei.

Luo Yufei was especially surprised when he saw Shao Fei calling.

Except that last time Shao Fei warned them on wechat not to make a joke about gambling with others, even if he pulled glutinous rice into the group chat, he was indifferent.

It’s not that he didn’t want to contact him these two days, but recently, they had monthly exams, and everyone was under great pressure.

“The day you and I went to see Liu Chen Of course, I can’t forget.

How long ago was it” At that time, Luo Yufei was gloating over Liu Chen’s heartbreak and he took a lot of effort to get the details out.

“Did he drink” Shao Fei thought of the smell of alcohol that day.


Luo Yufei tried to remember the details.

It was so long ago, yet Shao Fei suddenly mentioned it, there must be a reason.

He wate help Liu Chen, so he replied casually with a safer answer: “In fact, I forgot.

He shouldn’t have drank.

Why are you asking this” From beginning to end, Luo Yufei did not mention Liu Chen’s drinking.

Although he seems careless, he instinctively avoids some sensitive information.

“Just asking casually.” Shao Fei said nonchalantly and hung up the phone.

He went back to his room in silence, looking no different from usual.

At the moment when Luo Yufei answered, he knew that Liu Chen had drunk a lot.

According to Shao Fei’s understanding of this natural black, the answer just now has to be reversibly analysed  to get the real answer.

How can someone who has been a close friend of Liu Chen for more than ten years easily give him the answer.

It’s all a trick… A trap.

He should have known long ago.

How grateful and moved he was at that time, is how disgusted and afraid he is now.

Shao Fei covered his face, unwilling to show his uncomfortable expression.

At that time, the fear was real.

Even now, when he saw the completely dark environment, he would have instant discomfort.

How could Liu Chen have done such a thing!

No, this is the real Liu Chen.

There may be other illusions when getting along, but is it still important

This man changes his face like flipping a book.

He can call you brother with a smile one moment and send you to hell the next.

He also has the ability to make you grateful to him.

Liu Chen, hiding under his gentle appearance, made the best use of all the openings he could use.

What a terrible man.

Flippantly playing with everyone, with everyone none the wiser.

If he had not stumbled upon it, he might have been kept in the dark forever.

Thinking about it, Shao Fei shuddered.

That gentleness is just like a mirror.

Is it a daydream for him, a man with no special characteristics, to believe that possibility

Liu Chen arrived at the study on the fifth floor, where Liu Zhengming was waiting for him.

“Dad.” Liu Chen knocked on the door and closed it behind him.

It seemed that even if he was found, he was not nervous at all.

“You still recognize me as a dad! Do you know what you were doing just now Do you know that’s a boy I don’t care how many women you play with, but that’s a man!” losing the face of our Liu family !

“Since I have done it, I have never intended to deny it.”

At this time, his son was still calm and relaxed.

Liu Zhengming had raised his son for so many years, and the rebellious period came later than he thought.

He wanted to reason with his son first.

Since it didn’t work, he became tough: “I don’t care if you want to play with something new, or if you are really confused and like this… this…”

Liu Zhengming couldn’t think of an appropriate adjective after thinking for a long time.

In his opinion, Shao Fei was too ordinary.

For the first time, he doubted whether his son’s eyes were dysfunctional, but he found that Liu Chen’s cold eyes seemed to be saying that he should be respectful to Shao Fei.

Crazy, he’s crazy.

Before the person had entered their Liu family’s door, Liu Chen had already begun to protect them.

Maybe it’s not a brain problem, it’s just his vision is different from ordinary people.

Every vegetable and radish has its own preferences.

If Liu Chen was not his son, he wouldn’t have so much free time to manage him!

But Liu Chen is not only his son, but also the most outstanding successor of the Liu family!

Liu Zhengming was a little depressed: “as long as you don’t commit any more crimes, I will treat you as the only heir of the Liu family.

No one can shake your position.”

“When I was six years old, when you were with your lover, my mother was stimulated into having a heart attack.

I lost my mother.” Liu Chen said flatly.

Speaking of this, Liu Zhengming can’t face his son.

“The women around you haven’t stopped since then.

Have I stopped you” Liu Chen asked rhetorically.

“I am your father! Do you still want to control me”

“Yes, if you weren’t my father, I wouldn’t stay here to get your consent.” Liu Chen walks up to Liu Zhengming at his desk.

Liu Chen’s meaning is very obvious: since I have never controlled you, it’s the same now.

You can’t interfere with who I like.

I stay here because I respect you.

Liu Zhengming could hear t5he meaning.

His son didn’t care about anything from childhood to adulthood.

Once he did, nothing could stop him.

It was not the first time that their father and son had contradicted each other in so many years.

He knew his son was like a wolf.

Liu Chen began to say something that seemed irrelevant to the conflict: “The Xie family attacked the Yang family last time, and then tried to extract some secrets from our family.

According to my investigation, more than a dozen large and small enterprises have been attacked before.

The causes are not all commercial leaks, but also attacks on competitors through other channels.

Of course, tracing back to the source has something to do with leaks.

Most of the losses are not serious, but they just happened to let Xie Jiaping rise to the sky.

Because the loss was not big, it didn’t attract attention, and if it wasn’t for me and Wu Lianggang, we might have ignored it.”

“So you know” The Xie family is really sharp, and there is even a sign of robbing the Liu family for business.

If it hadn’t been for the Yang family, no one would have cared about it, and it would become an issue in the future.

“A woman that everyone despises.

I think my father should be very familiar with her.” It was because he underestimated her that he was so careless.

Of course, it was also related to Yao FeiFei’s did not do anything out of line before, the Yang’s matter was the biggest thing she did.

Liu Zhengming guessed who it was by process of elimination.

Before that, they broke up peacefully.

This seemingly coincidental thing is really rarely checked.

Besides, their important documents will not be seen by lovers.

Moreover, a woman with too much beauty will only be defined as a vase.

However, if all these blind spots, together with the help of the Xie family, after erasing all traces afterwards, it is really difficult to be suspected.

Liu Zhengming once again looks at Liu Chen with deep meaning.

These are profound means to deal with others, but how old is Liu Chen

Liu Chen continued his sophistry: “I now basically control her weakness.

As long as she is willing to cooperate, I believe father doesn’t mind expanding the territory of the Liu family.

It’s enough as a dowry.”

The extended meaning of this sentence is that Liu Chen wants to completely overthrow the Xie family through Yao FeiFei, or at least make the Xie family yield for them to use, to act as Shao Fei’s dowry.

Liu Chen seems to think that this is not enough: “the network company you gave me to practice with has recently been talking about cooperation with the government.

If it succeeds, it will have the capital to go public.

In the circle, our Liu family will become the bellwether. 1 

When the company was first given to Liu Chen, Liu Zhengming still remembered that there were only a few dozen employees.

He let his son control it himself and didn’t interfere in the matter at all.

He just sent Wu Lianggang and his own assistants to help.

It doesn’t matter if his son ruined the company.

Failure is the mother of success.

But he imagined a variety of possibilities and never thought that his son could achieve this level in a short time.

This is not simply excellent.

“Secondly, there are 12 large and small shareholders of Liu, who have decision-making power.

Eight of them have clearly expressed their support for me and are interested in investing in my company.” Liu Chen made a straight attack to the heart and directly forced Liu Zhengming to stop and change his mind.

“If you really love those ‘blood descendents of the Liu family’, you should think for them.

Not everyone can replace me, nor can everyone bear my revenge.”

Liu Chen’s unbridled arrogance was all displayed at this moment.

But he was also rational, step by step, his momentum made it impossible to doubt the truth of his words.

He used all his cards to pave the way for the future of him and Shao Fei.


“I’m your son.

We shouldn’t have internal conflict because of some trivial problems.

We have to be united against external competitors.” He began to play the card of family affection again.

Liu Chen, who was usually very strong, suddenly softened, and really touched Liu Zhengming.

“If you are worried about the future heir, I remember that I have several ‘younger brothers’ who have many girlfriends.

Then you will have many grandchildren.

What do you think of me choosing the most successful one And now that the test tube baby technology is so developed, it will not be too difficult for me to create my own heir…” Of course, the following words are just excuses said casually.

Liu Chen’s argument was well organised and gave out his chips one by one.

Attempting to persuade Liu Zhengming from all aspects and make him speechless.

Moreover, because he knows Liu Zhengming’s means, he knows he can’t fully protect Shao Fei.

So it’s better to reconcile and let Liu Zhengming give up confronting Shao Fei.

After Liu Chen’s analysis, it seems that this sexual orientation problem is not a problem at all.

Liu Zhengming looked deeply at this young man who was already as tall as him.

It was clear that he was still in his prime, but he suddenly felt aged.

All his anger had scattered, and he waved his hand wearily: “you go first, let me think.”

After Liu Chen left, he closed the door again and leaned slowly against the door.

Looking at his sweaty hands, he clenched his fist and heaved a heavy breath.

He is far less relaxed than he looks, but he has the experience of years of camouflage.

If he doesn’t behave in this way, his father will certainly perceive the flaws.

Their father and son belong to the type of concentrating attack to aim at any flaws.

Once there are psychological flaws, it will be even more difficult to persuade him.

He can’t have flaws.

He must be confident enough to the point of arrogance.

Finally, when his father said that sentence, he completely relaxed.

“I almost lost you…” Liu Chen seemed to have fought a war, showing fatigue and the joy of the hopeful future.

At this time, Shao Fei was the only one he wanted to share his life with.

However, after a few calls, he couldn’t get through.

Before he could think carefully, Wu Lianggang came over and said that Yao Feifei had figured it out and decided to talk with him.

1 Bellwether = a financial term.

When it comes to the stock market, a “bellwether stock” is a company that is seen to be the leader of an industry or sector.

As a bellwether stock goes, so goes the rest of the industry or sector.

That’s the idea, anyways.

When it comes to the stock market, a “bellwether stock” is a company that is seen to be the leader of an industry or sector.

As a bellwether stock goes, so goes the rest of the industry or sector.

That’s the idea, anyways.

If the bellwether stock company is struggling, then there’s a chance that the whole industry or sector is struggling. 


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