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Shao Fei was pulled into a familiar soul space, inside the system.

Before entering this world, he became conscious in this space, but only for a moment before he was bounced back to the bed in his room.

Although his body is still in its original state, the soul seems to have intermittent signal.

This should be what the system meant when it said they are being repelled from this world.

The turmoil of the soul made Shao Fei groan uncomfortably.

This voice was captured by Lu Chen behind him, Liu Chen caught it, and he thought it was Shao Fei’s response.

“Xiao Fei” Liu Chen’s deep voice was like the sound of a cello in the moonlight.

Shao Fei still didn’t move, with his back away from Liu Chen, and didn’t speak, as if he didn’t exist at all.

“I knew from when you put me on the blacklist that this time we might be over.

I lost my Shao Fei.” Liu Chen gently leaned against Shao Fei’s back, and Shao Fei trembled again.

Liu Chen’s eyes darkened.

Sure enough, the little guy just didn’t want to see him, and the hands around his waist tightened slightly, “If you don’t want to talk, just listen to me.”

In fact, Shao Fei’s attitude is tens of thousands of times better than he thought.

You are so hard-hearted that you make me constantly test the bottom line.

How can I not be tempted

Shao Fei stared at the moonlight pouring into the room, with hesitation, contradiction, and conflict in his eyes, and a little bit of reluctance to give up.

In the end, he suppressed the negative emotions in his heart, gradually disappearing amidst Liu Chen’s gentle whispers.

This man who will become a proud king in the future, should not be hurt by him.

He should always keep his head held high and continue to gallop in the world, instead of being caught up in a wrong and short-lived youthful impulse.

Because of the ending, the system finally had the opportunity to accompany Shao Fei for a short time, but it still remained silent.

Watching Shao Fei’s silence, its maintainer clearly rejected Liu Chen, especially after being deceived and played like that.

Especially after being cheated and teased so hard, it was impossible for Shaofei to forgive the man so soon.

Moreover, Shao Fei was soft but not easy to fool.

He feels that he and the male lead are not suitable, so he will no longer consider the possibility of the relationship between the two, and that little part that was moved will be stranded.

But still because he was about to leave, there was no need for a showdown.

He knew the character of the male protagonist, so he had nothing to ask.

What is left to the male protagonist is the last tenderness he can give.

 “I can explain away a lot of what happened that day, but you are so smart, if you find out that I lied to you again, wouldn’t you get farther and farther away from me.

At that time, I was blinded by jealousy, and I didn’t dare to show my true face.

You are already afraid of me that you might have moved away because of this, I can’t bear to make the situation worse.

When I comforted you, it was not only to make you like me more, but also I was worried that you are really scared by me.

If so, then we really won’t have the possibility to turn around…”

Liu Chen coaxed the person in his arms in his own way, using the most patient appearance in his life.

His voice was low, like a lullaby, the two of them leaning against each other.

This was the first time they slept in the same bed.

But he didn’t have any further ideas.

It was even unexpected for Lui Chen to be allowed to gently lie next to Shao Fei without being pushed away.

An indeterminate amount of time later, Shao Fei felt that he would be completely pulled away this time.

During the seperation, the complicated mood in his eyes finally broke through.

He leaned gently towards the person behind him, his back and Liu Chen’s front touched lightly.

It was only a slight response, but it is the limit of Shao Fei’s expression.

He is saying that he no longer blames Liu Chen.

Of course, Liu Chen didn’t know.

This was also his decision to let go of his feelings.

Liu Chen was ecstatic and said in disbelief, “Xiao Fei”

He stood up and found that Shao Fei closed his eyes and breathed evenly, still pretending to be asleep, and once again embraced the limp body in his arms: “If you don’t resist, I will hold you all the time”

After a while, there was still no response, but the corner of Liu Chen’s mouth raised slightly, you little fool.

After Shao Fei finished that action, he was bounced back into the system space.

This is a place similar to a starry sky, and he is deep in the vast galaxy.

He can stay here until he goes to the next world.

After Shao Fei got used to the dizziness of his soul being pulled away, he asked, “System, continue what you just said”

After the system has gone through ninety-nine failures in the world, it has finally got a favourable statement: “Just now we discussed that the focus was on the male lead, his soul force is already strong enough to affect the world.

According to my analysis , the reason for the sudden ending is entirely up to him… Didn’t he kiss you”

When it comes to kissing, Shao Fei will think of everything he has experienced and dare not think about it again.

Even if his heart is still beating, he is no longer confused: “But it’s just a kiss.”

“He seems to have… become too excited because he kissed you just now.

His soul power is so overwhelmingly  strong, within so many worlds, in terms of the number of times of deleting files and restarting, no pervert can surpass him.

So his soul power may be unpredictable from the power, and it can even affect the entire world.” The system paused, holding back its urge to burst into laughter.

This is the funniest way to end it in so many worlds it has experienced, “It means that he has gone through ninety-nine times of life and has never kissed or been in close contact with anyone.

You also know that it is not good for a man to hold back for too long.

He is like a landslide or tsunami.

You understand Now he finally kisses you, while he doesn’t have the memory of the past lives, but his soul fluctuated too much, in order for the will of the world to not collapse, it just… concluded the ending like this.”

Shao Fei understood, the expression on his face changed several times, somewhat wanting to laugh, but also a little sad.

“So, as long as you don’t want the ending to be too fast, don’t irritate him too much.

Once he is stimulated, you will probably…, um, Xiao Fei, wait a little…” No, I can’t hold back, it’s so funny.

They spent so much effort to find the right maintainer before, in fact, they should have just used the easiest way.

Shao Fei could only see a series of data streams shaking on the screen of the system.

This pervert is so innocent.

But on the other hand, that monster may have really sensed Shao Fei’s true identity.

The reason why the previous ninety-nine times failed was not because they were not good enough, but because they were not what the male protagonist wanted.

“Before you go to the next world, we still need to do some things.

The first thing is to delete most of your memories and feelings that belong between you and him or move them to the recycle bin.

But other memories can be kept and the skills you’ve learned won’t be taken away.”

“Does it have to be deleted”

“This is a rule, and I can’t do anything about it.

Some administrators, because they hadn’t adjusted their feelings from the previous world, when they move to the next world, the overload of feelings caused insanity.

So later there is this rule, as long as you complete the tasks in the next world, when you return to the real world you can choose whether or not to get these memories and feelings back.

And they will be transferred to you without harming your mind.”

Shao Fei thought about every part of getting along with Liu Chen, played it back in his mind for the last time, and made a decision: “Okay.”

Well, they shouldn’t be involved anymore.

“Xiao Fei, don’t be sad.” He seemed to hear at the end.

Shao Fei smiled slightly: “I’m fine.”

After his memory was taken out, the complex emotions in Shao Fei’s eyes disappeared, but he still had a memory of the last scene before he left.

“After you completed Liu Chen’s world, the channel to the second world has finally opened.

The content of the mission remains unchanged, and I will teleport you there.

The time point is transmitted freely according to the will of the world.

As long as the original plot is not over, you can give assists.

Do you have any requirements for the body of the passers-by you transmigrate into, such as appearance, status…”


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