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Yun Ge, this world’s female lead, was full of disappointment, having been cheated like this.

“Where is the beauty you mentioned, are you playing tricks with me”

Although these shadow spirits usually liked to make trouble, she was still quite surprised and angry.

She decided to ignore them for a while.

Shadow spirit no.

5 curled up in a corner aggrievedly.

It really did see a beauty just now.

Yun Ge didn’t want to pay attention to a stranger, but she suddenly noticed something.

Her keen gaze saw the lush and green vegetation in the surroundings and the tails following the stranger’s footsteps.

There were strange tails behind at least five trees.

They belonged to one of the largest ghost immortal sects in the area, and were famous for hunting down and killing immortal cultivators.

They were short and slight, hunching their backs year in and year out, with brown colored skin and basically no hair.

They had an abnormal and deformed appearance.

They had extremely sensitive noses to immortal cultivators, but the man that fainted here was clearly an ordinary person.

Yet she was unable to detect anything unusual about this man.

Yun Ge signaled for shadow spirits one through five to scare away these ghostly monsters.

And while she was distracted, a few white shadows followed and disappeared without a trace.

She squatted down, turned over the old grandpa’s face.

Oh-ho, it’s a handsome old man.

I’ll rescue him then!

Although his identity was a bit unclear, right now he didn’t have the least bit of firepower.

How could she be afraid of an old man lacking even the strength to truss a chicken

Because it was an old man, she didn’t bother guarding against him, and directly carried the old man to her secret hideout on her back, walking and prattling on with her venomous tongue: “Old man, you should lose weight.

Do you usually eat iron blocks…”

The Yun Ge who loves to pretend to be frail woman carried the old man home on her back and fed him a few bowls of demon grass.

At night, she worried about him being attacked by the shadow spirits, and watched the still unconscious old man: “If you end up dying, you can’t blame me.”

She held up for half the night before falling asleep.

With the healing effects of the demon grass, Shao Fei’s health gradually became better.

From this point, Shao Fei’s decision to find Yun Ge was correct.

She was one of the few people in the demon realm that could refine demon grass into medicine.

In the middle of the night, Shao Fei sensed danger, and abruptly opened his eyes.

A shadow spirit was attacking him with its claws.

He grabbed and pinched the spirit. 

“A……ngngngng!” The shadow spirit let out an inhuman moan of pain, begging the person in front of him to let it go.

This was the first time the shadow spirit had run into someone who could catch him bare-handedly, even including other immortal cultivators.

They didn’t have any substance, so even if others wanted to catch them, usually they could only grab at empty air.

This was the greatest advantage of the shadow spirits.

Shao Fei was also given a fright.

His previous dazedness had also disappeared, the life and death crisis had already sobered him up.

The palm of his hand felt ice-cold, piercing his bones.

This was the reaction from coming into contact with ghosts, and this chill would even persist and worsen over time.

The two simultaneously suffered a scare from the other and stood facing each other.

The other shadow spirits that were about to attack were also frightened off, as if losing their soul.

When Shao Fei was about to reach his hand out again, they retreated ten meters back to Yun Ge’s side and shivered.

Shao Fei was also baffled.

That gust of cold air just now had entered his body, making him get colder and colder.

He also noticed the young lady sleeping on a piece stone in this overgrown ruin.

She looked sound asleep, with some suspicious liquid at the corner of her mouth1, and her sleeping posture didn’t have the slightest bit of aura that a righteous female immortal cultivator should have.

She had personally developed the ability to manipulate shadows, calling it Shadow Control.

It consumed her mental power, making her sleep very deeply every night.


Shao Fei stood up and looked around himself.

Surprisingly, his hands now had age spots, and the lines on his skin were actually quite deep.

Although they weren’t very wrinkled, he now knew that his spiritual power was thoroughly exhausted.

The medicine’s effects had passed, and he had become an ancient old grandpa.

After suddenly changing from an 18 year old youth to an old man losing his hair, Shao Fei was quite surprised, despite already knowing about it.

Now he pretty much understood what the system meant by saying that his passerby identity this time was definitely qualified.

Those shadow spirits were extremely afraid of Shao Fei.

They all wanted to fly away to avoid his touch.

While they were all huddled together in fear, one shadow among them seemed to have suddenly swallowed something midair.

The outline of it’s body distorted, sometimes dispersing and sometimes gathering together.

It’s body reddened, and roared with rage at the depression of its fellow shadow spirits.

This shadow ghost glared at the nearby human and abruptly drilled into his body.

Shao Fei immediately felt full of ice and fire.

The icy cold and raging fire pierced his bones.

All sorts of sensations churned in his body, agonizing him to the point of rolling on the ground.

After about a quarter of an hour, the agony slowly faded.

Shao Fei had a peaceful and gentle personality, so he was very sensitive to these foreign negative emotions, like fire on a dry grassy plain.

These emotions gradually dwindled away in his body.

After the raging fire receded, the shadow spirit had returned to its previous appearance.

It suddenly burrowed down to repair Shao Fei’s spiritual root.

Although the effect wasn’t very significant, it seemed very happy and willing to stay in Shao Fei’s body.

It rubbed its soft body against his spiritual root, and plopped its butt down on it for a long stay.

When Shao Fei was rolling in agony, he actually thought it was somewhat cute: “……” I’ve definitely gone insane.

These shadow spirits were all refined with very precious materials by the demon sect’s demon lord for Yun Ge.

Among these materials, some had the rare ability to repair and heal spiritual roots.

This was an unexpected boon for Shao Fei.

He withstood the dwindling ice and fire sensation in his body and counted the shadow ghosts by the female lead’s side. 

No matter how he counted, there were only nine left.

That’s right, the suddenly irascible shadow spirit had really settled inside himself.

He and the other demon ghosts stared blankly at each other.

They shivered even more, fearing that Shao Fei would be so mad he’d swallow them all. 

He seemed to have accidentally done something really bad.

This…… was a bit awkward.

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