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Shao Fei was in pain and his legs were weak.

Ever since he came to this world, he’d lost the previous comfort and ease.

In just one day, his nerves had been stretched taught, and now such an inexplicable thing just happened. 

Originally, he wanted to provide aid to the female lead, but now the situation has flipped.

Shao Fei, with the body of an ordinary person, had swallowed up a shadow ghost with a high level of cultivation.

This was as inexplicable as a watermelon insisting on stuffing itself up a nostril.

While suffering from the chill and burning heat, Shao Fei needed to quickly digest this shadow ghost or else he would explode and die.

Moreover, the shadow demon also had some demonic effects.

Afterall, Yun Ge and Luo Qinghong were martial sisters, and the shadow ghost had a slight effect of inducing arousal.

Shao Fei glanced at the still drooling while flipped over, without taking any precautions, Yun Ge, and resolutely ran away.

He didn’t want to do anything terrible with a beastly outburst, even if Yun Ge could kill him with one palm.

The other nine shadow ghosts, tremblingly followed Shao Fei, looking even more scared than him.

They considered whether they should rescue their companion, yet, that companion seemed to be … quite comfortable

Shao Fei asked a certain ghost living on his spiritual root, while staggering away and enduring the pain.

He started negotiating: “You… can you change to another host I don’t suit you.”

Shadow ghost no.

7 continued to sentimentally rub against the spiritual root, refusing to leave.

The other shadow ghosts that could understand no.

7 became interpreters.

Originally, Shao Fei couldn’t understand them, but now that a shadow ghost accidentally entered his body, he could understand their language.


5 translated: He said, I definitely won’t.

Moreover, after hearing how incredibly satisfied no.

7 was, the other shadow ghosts wanted to try it out too.


7 seems so comfortable.

“Your master is Yun Ge, not me.

I don’t have anything to raise you with,” Shao Fei persuaded intermittently.

Only a rich second-generation1 demonic cultivator like Yun Ge could afford to raise shadow demons.

It requires enormous capital and a great deal of rare materials and demonic souls.

He was completely destitute, even his clothes were borrowed.

Oh, it was he himself that considers it borrowed.

He was already impressed that he could still maintain his reason up to now.

His body was so uncomfortable that he felt like it could burst apart at any moment.

He felt the little shadow ghost inside flipp over and fall asleep.

Even if you can’t raise me I can just sleep, this was the approximate meaning translated across.

It even turned over a few times on Shao Fei’s spiritual root.

Although it was slow, as before, there was still a bit of repairing effect.

Seems like it wants to “rent” like this, and show that it’s not a waste of time to bring it along.

Shao Fei: “……” It had even figured out how to pay rent.

Under the guidance of the shadow ghosts, Shao Fei moved his old legs and arms to a natural hot spring at the foot of the Flame Palace mountains, between a strange and towering rock formation.

The spring water has been nourished by the flower and grass of Flame Palace Mountain, and has beautifying and anti-aging effects.

But of course, for an old man like Shao Fei, the effect would only go as far as to make his originally unsightly wrinkles into smooth and white wrinkles.

Oh, he somehow doesn’t seem that wrinkly now. 

This was a very hidden location.

Yun Ge usually came here to bathe.

As long as you set up an enchantment boundary, normally no one could bother you.

Shao Fei looked at the steaming spring and groaned painfully to the shadow spirits: “I wanted cold water….”

Do they want to make him burn with desire

The shadow ghosts expressed that there weren’t any cold water springs in the vicinity, the only water source was right here.

Shao Fei thought about the chill and heat in his body, as long as one is extinguished, he’d only need to deal with the other.

Shao Fei really couldn’t bear the sensation anymore, it felt like a million ants were crawling inside his body.

Even if the system blocked part of his sense of pain before coming to this world, this non-painful type of feeling couldn’t be blocked.

He took off his clothes, and shivered like a fried shrimp in the hot spring.

The nine shadow ghosts circled around the spring, guarding his safety.

He felt that sensation starting up again.

He could only rub against the edge of the spring’s wall, but the rough stone surface just brought him more pain.

He finally understood why the demonic path was so hated, this type of misery was completely outside of his control.

On the other side, Lu Yuan was sitting on the bed and meditating.

Today, he killed two evil demonic cultivators and once again investigated the vicinity of the Litian array, the formation that prevents the underground creatures from breaking out of the seal and escaping to the surface.

There are indeed signs of unstable activity, and these activities were quite frequent.

Those things won’t be suppressed much longer.

If they failed to reinforce the seal this time, those monsters would once again appear in the human world.

After Lu Yuan returned, he heard Rong Yan say that the person was an extremely old man, and that he even wore the Venerable Immortal’s clothes to escape.

They didn’t act rashly and startle the snake in the grass.

In the end, they saw him get rescued by Yun Ge, the daughter of the Flame Palace Lord, and returned to report.

Lu Yuan then inquired about Yun Ge’s circumstances.

Rong Yan didn’t know why the Venerable Ancestor would pay such close attention to Yun Ge, but she was one of the three renowned beauties of the demonic sect.

He secretly thought to himself, did their Venerable Ancestor have his heart moved by her It’s just that the gap in hierarchy was too great, and she was from the enemy side……

Lu Yuan had already acheived Mahayana stage a hundred years ago.

At the critical moment, right before stepping into the immortal stage, he suddenly went crazy while cultivating.

At this time, a brand new soul entered his body.

The most amazing thing was that this soul was very compatible with him.

During this period, they merged together, as if they were one person originally and had just found another piece of the same soul.

However, after that incident, Lu Yuan could only preserve his Mahayana stage cultivation in the next hundred years, any further advancement was excruciatingly slow.

And he, who had a pure yang constitution, after suffering damage to his Nascent Soul, had started to produce some demonic spiritual energy.

After a hundred years, his demonic energy had already accumulated to the point of exploding out, it’s just that he’s been suppressing it in his body.

He regularly discharges a small amount of demonic energy to maintain the balance of spiritual power in his body.

Demonic spiritual energy was the favorite food of shadow ghosts, which could only be cultivated by female demonic cultivators with a pure yin constitution.

In the past thousand years, only one has appeared in the Demonic Sect, Yun Ge.

This is why Lu Yuan had payed attention to Yun Ge ever since she was born.

Yun Ge has the legendary nine yin constitution2.

This type of constitution is naturally attractive to men, and they’re born to be charming.

It’s just not obvious right now because of her young age.

Since the ghost and corpse incident from thousands of years ago, there have been fewer and fewer spiritual energy on the continent.

Now, there are less than five great cultivators in the Mahayana stage.

Lu Yuan is one of them.

Of course, his demonic energy is also very rare and delicious.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes while in the middle of cultivating.


The demonic energy he released this time had disappeared without a trace.

The negative emotions in the demonic energy will affect the shadow ghosts, making them parasitize people who already have evil thoughts, arousing their deepest desire.

Ordinary people cannot withstand this temptation.

Once they taste the joy in killing, they will never be able to stop. 

Lu Yuan followed the trail of his demonic energy to where it disappeared.

In an instant he traveled a thousand li to that deserted ruin, upon which he saw Yun Ge sprawled on the ground sleeping.

Her drool had already dripped down to the rock she was laying on.

For the immaculate and revered Venerable Immortal Lu, this scene was too difficult to look at.

He really didn’t know how the Sect Master of the Demonic Sect taught such a… unique woman.

There wasn’t a single shadow demon in the area.

They had all left, and recently too.

Standing at the origin of his demonic energy’s disappearance, Lu Yuan picked up a fresh green plant from between the cracks in the ground.

Probing the aura on it, he actually sensed his own spiritual aura, like the aura usually on his clothes.

Translator’s Note: Hi guys, these chapters are super long, so I’ll actually be splitting them up into parts, depending on the raw chapter’s length.

Chapter 43 was different lol (i could’ve made this longer but I’m gonna watch jjk0 now  )

Footnotesparents earned wealth with hardwork and let their children (second-generation) live free from financial restraint, aka could spend lavishly and willfully.

I think he’s referring to how Yun Ge has backing in Luo Qinghong .this is actually not the pure yin constitution, it’s 9/10.-

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