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Translator’s Note: The editing in this chapter is pretty rushed, sorry about that.

Also, there’s only one more part to chapter 44.

Lu Yuan followed that scent and arrived at a strange rock formation.

Even from afar, he could see a group of ghost spirits hovering around.

They couldn’t look straight at Lu Yuan.

Even glancing over briefly would sting their eyes, making tears drip down in pain.

They tremblingly prostrated on the ground.

He had just barely released his righteous spiritual energy, and these demonic attributed creatures already couldn’t bear it, dispersing away.

But they only moved farther away.

This sinister and cunning demonic race climbed towards the Flame Palace on the top of the mountain, in order to tip them off that a certain handsome immortal cultivator from the righteous path was nearby.

The Flame Palace, which has always sought an opportunity to get rid of him, even preferring to accidentally kill the wrong person than let him go, would definitely not miss this chance.

And they didn’t know about the relationship between Lu Yuan and the Flame Palace’s Master.

Lu Yuan heard broken moans like a cat’s meow within the formation.

The sound was very light, as if repressed. 

Like a feather, it sounded out gently, drifting away with the wind and leaving no traces.

He could feel the demonic energy that had disappeared.

It was located here and being assimilated.

Lu Yuan passed through the strange rock formations, and noticed the demonic shadow ghosts clamoring to hid in Shao Fei’s shadows.

They were most afraid of Yang energy! However, Shao Fei, who had been tortured harshly by desire in the hot spring, basically losing half his life, didn’t have the energy to pay attention to his surroundings.

He just lay by the spring, unable to see their anxious appearance.

In this short period of time, they could only find that small piece of shadow under Shao Fei, just big enough to fit one shadow ghost.


5, with a quick eye, seized the moment and darted into that shadow, proudly looking back at the other regretful and anxious shadow ghosts.


5 is too shameless! It’s only because it was closest to Shao Fei that he got there first!

The other eight shadow ghosts could only aggreivedly hide behind the rock formations.

They wanted to remind Shao Fei, however……

They could feel the formidable power of the approaching person.

Right now, Shao Fei couldn’t tell whether the approacher was a human or a pig.

Shao Fei flushed with a somewhat old face, leaning against the pool tremblingly.

In addition to the white hairs interspersed between his hair, it was vaguely apparent that he was an extremely good-looking person when he was younger.

But, no matter how good-looking he used to be, it’s not attractive at all after reaching old age. 

After crossing the last rock formation, Lu Yuan saw a smooth half-naked body boiling in the hot bath, panting and murmuring like a coquettish cat…… as an old man 

This scene was even more irritating than the previous sleeping posture of Yun Ge.

Lu Yuan shut his eyes.

His thin lips twitched, and his long, dense eyelashes shuttered close.

He didn’t really care about other people’s appearance.

No matter how beautiful they were, they still wouldn’t hold a candle to him. 

But this scene was too strong. 

He really wanted to destroy this scene with a wave of his hand, but he absolutely needed investigate the matter of his demonic energy disappearing.

In the end, he was still an ancestor who had lived for a long time, and his eyes soon cleared up again.

His unmoved appearance was worthy of being the most heartless and ruthless person in the Qixing Sect.

With insipid eyes, he glanced at the No.

5 ghost shrinking in Shao Fei’s shadow.


5 ran to his companions with the fastest speed possible.

Scared this baby to death! This person is so terrifying!

The other shadow ghost companions wanted to gloat at its misfortune, but they didn’t dare to make any movements.

One by one, they looked at their newly discovered Yin energy treasure—Shao Fei.

Lu Yuan brought the old man half way out of the hot spring.

Fortunately, Shao Fei didn’t take off all of his clothes, and left on his underwear.

Otherwise, Lu Yuan might not even want to check out the issue, and would directly throw him back in.

Shao Fei’s whole body was weak.

After being picked up, he could only uncomfortably mumble a few times, with his head hanging down.

He completely didn’t have an elder’s aura, only feeling that his whole body was extremely painful and aching.

Although the cold energy inside his body had retreated, that dense itchy feeling hadn’t wavered one bit.

The breath on Shao Fei’s body was very familiar to Lu Yuan.

He looked over him once.

Sure enough, it’s that broken water spiritual root, the little thief that suddenly appeared in the inn.

There seemed to be something living on the spiritual root, currently slowly repairing it.

Lu Yuan’s energy drilled inside.

The No.

7 shadow ghost that refused to come out, no matter what, was so frightened that his shadow almost disappeared, watching the energy current flow towards itself. 

It was turned around and around, dizzily, and that scorching sun-like Yang energy only swept around it in a circle, and left without attacking.


7 thought that most of his body had been destroyed.

They have a lot of Yin energy, and are most scared of this type of Yang energy.

It tenderely patted its burned tail with pity, and touched the broken water spiritual root that had been swept over by Lu Yuan’s ice spiritual energy current.

Even if Lu Yuan only slightly touched Shao Fei’s spiritual root, he had stayed in the Mahayana stage for a hundred years, so it would still somewhat alleviate Shao Fei’s condition.

Shao Fei unconsciously murmured a bit, seemingly finally more comfortable.

This cat-like sound with his old grandpa-like face, were two opposite extremes.

Lu Yuan almost threw Shao Fei out.

Not only was he unbearable to look at, he was also unbearable to listen to.

But he couldn’t throw him away.

At least for now, he still needed this person.

If he only slightly used some strength, this person, who had already become an ordinary old man, would be shattered into numerous pieces.

Lu Yuan examined Shao Fei’s constitution.

It was Pure Yin constitution, similar to Yun Ge’s Nine Yin constitution.

The most seldom seen was Ten Yin constitution, and he was precisely this Ten Yin constitution which was hardly seen even once in ten thousand years.

So this group of ghosts had quickly forgotten their previous master and abandoned their original owner, Yun Ge, because Shao Fei’s physique was their favorite, even more pure than Yun Ge’s physique.

Demonic energy doesn’t affect people who truly have no evil thoughts, but even then, it only doesn’t affect them.

The reason it dissipated was because Shao Fei had the Ten Yin constitution, which was just right for restraining his Ten Yang constitution.

Both requirements were met in the same person, this was truly bizarre.

But while Lu Yuan examined him, Shao Fei became more and more clingy, really wanting to stick his whole body on the ice block in front of him to reduce his discomfort.

Due to his variant ice spiritual root, Lu Yuan was born with low body temperature, and he was shrouded by cold air year in and year out.

Shao Fei, who was on the verge of erupting like a volcano, upon feeling the ice-cold aura of this person, had no mind to consider the situation, only wanting to jump over and cling tight.

The water spiritual root inside his body was seething with excitement, eager to be nourished by the powerful ice spiritual root of the same origin.

After finishing his examination, Lu Yuan went to push him away, but the other party used all his strength to hug him tightly.

Lu Yuan’s eye twitched.

If he used his strength to push him away, it would definitely hurt this person.

Shao Fei wanted to lie his head on Lu Yuan’s shoulder, treating him like the rocks just now by the hot spring

Lu Yuan’s face chilled as the most beautiful man in the world1, and stretched out a finger against Shao Fei’s forehead.

He couldn’t use strength or else it would poke through his head. 

Lu Yuan, who hadn’t let anyone near him for some hundred years, controlled his power, afraid that he would destroy a rare constitution in a fit of anger.

But he was still furious.

This was the only Ten Yin constitution that could somewhat help his cultivation.

Once destroyed, it will be gone.

The hand that was drawing up spiritual energy was once again put down.

He won’t lower himself to fuss with an old grandpa.

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