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Translator’s Note: Sorry for the long unplanned hiatus.

This is finally the last part of Chapter 44.

I think I’ll update again this week.

Happy Holidays!

Shao Fei was still moving around improperly, especially dissatisfied with the obstruction of this ice block.

He opened his eyes, wanting to see clearly, but everything was still blurry and indistinct. 

Lu Yuan gazed at this person’s old face.

He had cloudy eyes that seemed a little pitiful, as if he was very confused and didn’t know what he was doing.

His ‘Mmh” sounds were like a small child’s, foolishly determined to get close to him (LY).

He wasn’t conscious, this Lu Yuan could see.

This elderly man was currently being controlled by the demonic energy within.

Since the beginning of time, no one could carelessly absorb a shadow ghost into their body, much less raising one within the body.

As such, the side effects related to shadow ghosts have doubled.

Based on the remaining aura on this person’s body, he must have been someone from the righteous path that was suddenly tainted by the demonic energy.

Of course he wouldn’t be able to withstand it right then, and would be stimulated by this unprecedented lust. 

However, at present, the elderly man’s life was not in danger.

He had sorted out the old man’s spiritual energy just now, so his (MC) spiritual energy won’t blow up. 

Lu Yuan could use his ice spiritual energy to extinguish this type of desire, but the person’s body was too fragile, and unable to withstand this type of stimulus.

Lu Yuan didn’t notice the oddity in his actions.

Even though the other party was an old grandpa hanging on to him, he still hadn’t moved against him. 

Normally, Lu Yuan wouldn’t be able to bear any touch from another person.

Even his own living quarters at Wuliang Garden1had as few irrelevant people as possible.

Although this person had the Ten Yin constitution, under normal circumstances, he still wouldn’t have been able to control himself and would’ve crushed them to pieces.

That horrible sensation came upon the old man again, and he once again stuck over on Lu Yuan.

Lu Yuan also once again sent over spiritual energy, relieving Shao Fei’s water spiritual root.

It was kind of like drinking posion to alleviate thirst.

Shao Fei, feeling even more comfortable now, practically hung his two legs on Lu Yuan, like a koala bear.

The two leaned against the rock, with Shao Fei acting like he was coercing a respectable family’s married person.

Lu Yuan hung his head, not wanting to see this scene of an old grandpa coercing himself.

With one hand he restrained the old Shao Fei that had been writhing without a break, with the other he subtly passed over his ice spiritual energy.

If he was too rough, the old man wouldn’t be able to bear it. 

Of course, he could use medicine to temporarily revert Shao Fei into his younger version, that would at least make the scene less awful, but Shao Fei’s body was very fragile.

Using such potent medicine pills again would only advance his death.

Secondly, Lu Yuan doesn’t consider himself to be someone that cares that much about appearances.

Encountering a Ten Yin consitution was already extremely coincidental.

He just genuinely thought that an old grandpa making this mewing sound was truly unbearable.

Lu Yuan repeatedly sorted out the chaotic and turbulent demonic energy inside Shao Fei, shifting it into water spiritual energy to continue repairing the broken and messy spiritual roots.

The writhing old man finally stopped his forcing and coy behavior.

Lu Yuan looked at Shao Fei’s lower area where he was still wearing pants.

There was a small protrusion with several red stains.

It was quite eye piercing.

It seems that he was hurt back when he couldn’t hold it back and rubbed against the spring’s rocky edge.

Normally, on other men, this type of thing would be disgusting. 

But, today’s Lu Yuan, that had had demonic energy siphoned away, seemed to have become more gentle.

He even raised his hand and used a treatment technique to cure that seriously damaged area.

This slight turbulence in his heart quietly went unnoticed. 

He supported the unconscious man up and embraced him.

He felt the presence of an old friend and quelled his slightly disgusted expression, restoring his ice-cold look.

After the distance between them closed, he transmitted over a message: “What are you doing”

Every single word sounded like hitting an ice cube, with absolute composure and rationality.

Upon hearing the familiar voice, Luo Qinghong was slightly startled: “Eldest Senior Brother”

Lu Yuan acknowledged her with a nuetral sound.

It didn’t seem like there was that reputed ‘fundamental conflict between the righteous and demonic’.

Luo Qinghong realized that she got played by the immortal demonic sect! What beautiful righteous cultivator This was obviously the righteous path’s leader, here at the demonic sect as a guest to renew the ancient array seal!

Before Lu Yuan left, he supported and covered the little thief with the stolen clothes from earlier2.

Shao Fei snuggled up to Lu Yuan, probably from recognizing the familiar ice spiritual energy that alleviated his condition.

Seeing the old grandpa acting like this, Lu Yuan restrained the corner of his mouth from twitching and covered Shao Fei’s face with the clothes – out of sight out of mind.

Afterwards, Luo Qinghong then saw Lu Yuan walk out from the strange rock formation, someone that she hadn’t seen for some decades.

She and the demonic sect henchmen stopped in their tracks.

Lu Yuan was actually hugging a person, covering them with clothes that fell to the spring edge.

The gender was indistinguishable, and also, how could Lu Yuan hug anyone

Seeing that Luo Qinghong brought so many people here, Lu Yuan said indifferently: “You came to ambush me”

He abruptly let loose a bit of his Mahayana stage spiritual energy.

Several demonic cultivators couldn’t withstand the pressure and kneeled, spitting blood.

Shao Fei was startled by this pressure, and murmured a bit.

Very softly. 

Lu Yuan muffled him with the clothing before bringing a tightly covered Shao Fei out,.

He said: “Shut up.”

Luo Qinghong was shocked.

Lu Yuan was actually being this familiar with someone

(End of Chapter 44 finally)

FootnotesWuliang Yuan = Immeasurable/Boundless Garden.clothes MC “borrowed” from Lu Yuan back when he escaped from the Flame Palace.-

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