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The Liu’s study stores no important information, otherwise Liu Zhengming will not let his son and assistant enter and exit at will.

However, the study is still an important place.

There are often business insider knowledge exchanged.

If there is monitoring, video evidence exists, meaning the possibility of information leaking also exists.

Liu Zhengming will not allow the possibility of such an accident.

Compared to someone breaking in, it may be more taboo for the master of the house to be under surveillance, he will not place recording devices in the study.

Liu Chen had this specially made by his scientific research company.

Liu Zhengming had given the company to his son.

He had casually passed it over, even if it went bankrupt, there was no impact on the Liu family.

He was unaware that he had cultivated a beast prowling the edges of his cage.

Even Wu Lianggang didn’t know that there was monitoring here.

Liu Chen did not expect such a harvest today.

After retrieval, he connected it to the computer.

Speeding through the video feed, he paused when he saw Yao Feifei’s face, surprise flashed from the bottom of his eyes.

His old man almost overturned.

He knew how many of his girlfriends were sent by opponents, but he had excluded Yao Feifei from this list.

Yao Feifei was very cautious.

First, she used a detector to check whether there were monitors around.

When she was sure there were no devices, she began to search.

Obviously, she found nothing.

Still from the smooth actions, she was an old hand.

Liu Chen thinks of her former lover, Yang Zhen, who is now facing a crisis due to poor decision-making.

Tapping his finger, Liu Chen looked unpredictable.

He directly pressed the fast forward button, and a new face appeared in the picture.

He recalled his interaction with Shao Fei just now.

The situation was clear, Liu Chen’s smile didn’t reach the bottom of his eyes: “Good acting.”

The mother and son quarreled.

It’s not difficult to see the anxiety and shock on Shao Fei’s face.

He realized how serious his mother’s actions were.

Unfortunately, Liu Chen couldn’t hear their dialogue.

The micro monitor is still in the research and development stage and still has many defects.

For example, it can’t receive and store sound due to size restrictions.

Even so, Liu Chen could understand from the video alone.

Pressing the pause button, the image froze, his index finger gently circled Shao Fei’s face, and mumbled, “You surprise me.”

Passerby A doesn’t know yet.

He became a twist of fate in Liu Chen’s youth.

Liu Chen sent the video with a text message to Wu Lianggang: investigate her, the more thorough the better.

When Shao Fei came downstairs, housekeeper uncle Yu was shocked.

He wondered whether he was muddleheaded from age.

He didn’t notice when Shao Fei went up.

Although it was a dinner to welcome mother and son, Liu Zhengming went on a business trip and Yao Feifei went who knows where.

Only Liu Chen and Shao Fei were sitting at the table.

Shao Fei saw when Liu Chen changed into casual clothes he looked even more tall and charming.

A single look can entice people.

However, Shao Fei’s main concern is Liu Chen’s expression.

Since nothing looked out of place, he probably hadn’t found Yao Feifei.

At Liu Chen’s signal, the meal relocated from the main hall to a side hall, and the dining table was changed from a long table to a small round table, with a variety of dishes.

They didn’t talk much.

Shao Fei didn’t know what to say.

The disparity was too big and they had no common topics.

This was the second time he had dinner with the male lead.

He secretly peeked up and found that the male lead’s dining etiquette was elegant and pleasing to the eye.

Before he could look away, the other party’s eyes met his.

Passerby A choked, covered his mouth and uncontrollably coughed.

He felt a shadow cast over him and a pair of broad palms gently patted on his back, almost scaring passer-by A half to death.

He hurriedly said, “No, I’m all right.”

His body stiffened and broadcasted how uncomfortable Liu Chen’s proximity made him.

Liu Chen seemed completely unaware, continuing to treat him like an ordinary brother: “Eat slowly, no one will rob you.”

Discovering Shao Fei’s pale earlobes became bright red, his originally melancholy mood eased.

As the housekeeper withdrew the last dish, Shao Fei felt that he could finally escape.

Until he looked up and saw the caramel pudding dessert, coming in.

He looked at it suspiciously.

Liu Chen was amused: “I chose it for you.

Do you like it”

“Yes.” Under his name there was only one possible answer.

He  suddenly understands why the original owner was willing to be a little licking dog.

The male lead simply has the capital.

Shao Fei scooped a mouthful.

The strong fragrance of pudding bloomed on his taste buds, and smoothly melted down into his throat, delicious all the way down to the stomach.

No wonder so many people are foodies.

Under the comfort of delicious food, his whole body couldn’t help relaxing.

When saying goodbye to Liu Chen, Shao Fei couldn’t help saying, “I thought you…”

“Hmm” Letting out a deep voice, he looked down at the boy who was a head shorter than himself.

“You hated me.” In such a peaceful atmosphere he inadvertently asked directly in a mischievous manner.

Liu Chen seems to be looking at a rare animal.

These days, people aren’t so straightforward about their likes and dislikes.

Liu Chen was stunned, someone who is used to curve balls suddenly got pitched a straight ball.

Thinking of the scenes in the monitoring, the interest in his eyes grew and with a light chuckle he said: “If it’s about Aunt Fei, she’s not the first nor will she be the last.

Moreover, what’s wrong with me taking care of you”

Shao Fei: This man’s eyes can be really seductive!

Passerby A on the sidelines, kept celebrating one thing: Fortunately, I am a man.

The male lead’s charm is unparalleled within heaven and earth, he can casually capture the hearts of men and women.

However same sex repel each other, as a straight male at most he is briefly stunned. 

Woken by a gust of evening wind, the strange feeling just now floated up again.

What’s wrong with him Half of the dishes in today are his favorite dishes.

Also, the last dessert, do people normally choose  such sweet snacks for boys

Although he has no memories, the preference for food is human instinct.

He should be one of the few people who are foodies, but the male lead shouldn’t have this knowledge.

Shao Fei remembered that the original owner also had this preference, and his favorite was caramel pudding.

… caramel pudding

His heart seemed to be poured with a basin of ice water.

How could he forget!

Liu Chen is warning him, he has all the information about their mother and son, even subtle personal preferences.

It’s best not to do anything out of line

It shouldn’t be, but it can also be seen from this detail that Liu Chen is terrifying.

He can easily dig out the information from anyone around him.

Normal people will worry, apart from this, what else has been found Human beings are most afraid of the unknown.

It is precisely because he understood the fear in human nature that Liu Chen quietly lets passers-by A get a taste of his methods.

The little favorability that has just risen has almost completely fallen.

Maybe he just thinks too much, but the other party’s harmless smile now only brings Shao Fei more fear.

Back to the side building, Shao Fei still couldn’t find Yao Feifei.

Her room was empty and when he called, her phone was turned off.

Only when he opened Wechat did he see her voice message.

She said she would go out for a few days, he doesn’t have to find her.

Today’s matter is a secret between them.

Such a secret is a hot potato.

Shao Fei felt a headache when he thought of the housekeeper’s words in the novel, of how Yao Feifei got the consequences of her own actions.

He searched for Yao Feifei’s previous boyfriends on his mobile phone, but he had just been picked up by Yao Feifei.

So he wouldn’t know how many ex boyfriends she had.

Thinking of Yang Zhen who was mentioned in Liu Chen’s chat with Wu tezhu, Shao Fei had an idea and immediately acted.

On the online encyclopedia, there are a series of names and introductions.

But there was no recent information, thinking through this also made sense.

Which company will publicize information that will cause their stock to plummet He found the company name and clicked into the official website.

Finally, he found a photo of Yang Zhen.

Unexpectedly, it was the middle-aged man he saw downstairs at the Huamu hotel that day.

Shao Fei felt dizzy.

According to what Liu Chen said, someone leaked Yang’s information.

While it wasn’t confirmed nor do they know who the source is, it’s not difficult to guess Yao Feifei’s goal from her actions today.

If he were the Liu family, it would be impossible to let her go if he found out about her brilliant deeds!

He must find her and solve the matter in advance.

After a few more unsuccessful calls, he gave up.

Shao Fei decadently fell on the only clean wooden chair in the room.

This novel is unfinished.

The Liu family in the plot didn’t take their anger out on Shao Fei, but later in the plot Shao Fei helped the second male lead, so his ending will no doubt be unfortunate.

Judging from the male lead’s attitude today, he shouldn’t know.

This is probably the only good news.

With a heart full of worry, Shao Tei still went to the bathroom at the end of the corridor to draw water and began to clean the house.

Since Yao Feifei’s problem currently can’t be solved, he can only live well now.

On the other hand, Lu Chen just got to his study and received a call from Luo Yufei.

The other end was very lively: “Since breaking up with empress Dong1, how come you are cultivating your morals and maintaining your health2 Last time you didn’t even come to empress Dong’s birthday party, will you come out this time”

Lu Chen: “Did you call me to dig for gossip”

“Your Breakup has been spread far and wide.

Do I still need to ask How many women are ready to swallow you now.” Luo Yufei gloated.

While chatting, Liu Chen walked to the balcony, when his eyes condensed.

He saw the only bright place in the adjacent building, a little fool who was jutting out his butt while wiping the floor.

The main building of the Liu family is facing the gate.

Next to it are two side buildings, one is the servant building and the other is where Shao Fei currently lives.

Shao Fei chose a room on the third floor, and Liu Chen’s study on the fourth floor is placed to look down and into the room.

He can easily glance in from the fourth floor.

Shao Fei felt an oppressive gaze, looking left and right, then peering out into the dark night.

Was he traumatised by the male lead He is alone in this building, how can he feel a gaze.

Wait, this building is rumoured to be haunted!

The author has something to say:

Xiao Feizi: Fortunately, I’m a man

Xiao Luzi: hehe

1His ex-girlfriend’s nickname because of her high and mighty reputation

2His friend is calling him boring for staying home all the time and not going out to drink and party


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