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Shao Fei looked around stealthily and upon seeing nothing, he muttered to himself, then continued to clean up where who knows how many years of dust and cobwebs had accumulated.

Liu Chen watched with great interest and the other side of the phone exclaimed several times: “What’s the matter with you How can you be distracted when talking on the phone”

Thinking back, this anomaly could simultaneously deal with three things at once, making his peers grit their teeth in envy.

“Saw something interesting.” That ordinary face exhibited several expressions in just a few days.

Does he only know to be afraid now

“What’s interesting Don’t tell me it’s a person.

Do you know what empress Dong said in the group chat She says you are apathetic.

Ordinary people can’t keep your attention.

I can tell that she still has you in her heart.

You really aren’t considering  getting back together”

“Tsk.” Liu Chen didn’t pay attention to what the other was saying.

He watched the little fool diagonally opposite still spinning around in circles.

Shao Fei poked out his head and searched around, but at this time, Liu Chen had hidden behind the curtain.

Shao Fei certainly could detect nothing.

Luo Yufei thought Liu Chen was dismissive of the topic and said to himself, “You really, the well fed do not know the suffering of the starving1.

Can there be any human beings in this world that can attract your attention”

Liu Chen looked at the man who turned back and cleaned and was still mumbling to himself, just like a busy little hamster.

It was a creature completely the opposite of himself, as if he had accidentally fallen into his world.

His eyes locked on the little transparent’s body went unperceived, he hung up with a “See you later”.

In fact, Shao Fei mumbled: “You and I have had no grievances in the past and no resentment in the present.

Don’t come to me… Or how about I burn paper money for you I’m just here for a while.

Before long, Liu Dashen2 or his father will make us leave… The so-called grievance follows cause and effect.

Passer-by A is innocent.

He’s just passing by…”

Shao Fei felt that talking was helpful to exorcise evil spirits, and he felt less afraid.

Also because there were no plot characters in the room, he could break from character in the empty house and release part of his nature.

He didn’t feel how illogical a fear of ghosts was at all.

Everyone has something they fear.

En, he consoled himself.

The novel said that the building was built by the ancestors of the Liu family a long time ago.

Later, there was unrest during the period of the Republic of China.

There were many grievances and regrets.

The Liu family respected tradition and were strictly kept to them.

They just felt that the places left by the ancestors could not be demolished for no reason.

Therefore, the building was rebuilt and still remains today.

The furniture and decoration inside are classical.

After watching for a while, Liu Chen found that passerby A seemed to have slowed down and began to climb up and down to wipe the furniture.

He looked very serious and wiped it carefully.

He found another advantage of the other party.

Shao Fei can do boring things very seriously, as if every aspect was interesting.

He took out his mobile phone and opened an app he installed a few days ago.

It has a function that can block the caller ID and modify the display according to the requirements.

They didn’t exchange phone numbers, but Liu Chen memorised the numbers on the investigation report at a glance and dialed directly.

Shao Fei had diffused the panic in his mind.

When he saw a call without any number, he was still spooked.

No way, these ghosts from the Republic of China are so advanced that they know how to play with mobile phones

The ringing was jarring in the silent night.

Shao Fei chanted a few words of Amitabha.

Seeing that it hung up and called again, he tremblingly picked it up and gave a greeting, but there was no sound.

Shao Fei felt that this couldn’t go on, his fear was spreading.

He knew his place in the Liu house, so he couldn’t ask for help.

Mustering up the courage to say something.

He chanted “Colour is emptiness, emptiness is colour”, the other side hung up.

Shao Fei didn’t expect that the Buddhist sutra was really useful.

What he just read was the Heart Sutra, which was translated by master Xuanzang of the Tang Dynasty.

It remained with him even when his memory was blank.

He recited it many times.

On the other hand, the person who hung up the phone no longer showed any decorum.

He squatted on the ground, hiding his expression.

If you looked carefully, his shoulders were still shaking from laughing silently.

Liu Chen, who hasn’t been so entertained in over ten years, rearranged his expression and reluctantly restrained his smile: “You won, little fool.”

He actually read Buddhist scriptures.

This reaction is so original.

After reading the Sutra, the feeling of a strange gaze disappeared.

Shao Fei breathed a sigh of relief and silently felt the Buddha’s light, but does this mean that the house is really haunted

But now he has no other place to live, so he needs to make money as soon as possible to see if he can move to a safe place where he can still be close to the male and female lead.

Shao Fei decided to leave the light on to sleep today!

Liu Chen went to a famous club in Kunming.

When the manager saw the guest, although he was dressed effortless and casual, he still exuded a sense of luxury.

He didn’t need to wear any luxury goods.

He himself was the most luxurious nobility that couldn’t be suppressed.

“Today, many varieties of flowers in our courtyard have blossomed.

I remarked what a good day it was.

It turns out they bloomed for you, Mr.


The manager greeted Lu Chen and guided him through.

After passing several venues with different styles, they arrived at the racetrack.

When he heard the cheers from the boiling crowd inside, Liu Chen raised his eyebrows: “It’s very lively tonight”

“There are young masters having a good time,” said the manager.

On the second floor of the viewing platform, Luo Yufei had sharp eyes and immediately came over to grasp his shoulder: “I said, it’s so late and you still weren’t here.

Don’t tell me were studying for the midterm exam”

They are seated in front of each other in school.

Even if you wanted to lie, don’t you need to think of a more plausible one

Liu Chen flicked his hand off of his shoulder as he laughed: “Yes, you can read my notes.”

“Come on, do you still need to reread your notes” Luo Yufei rolled his eyes and regarde him again.

“You seem to be in a good mood today.

It’s really rare.”

This fellow has been good at hiding his emotions since he was a child.

It can be seen that he was either too lazy to cover up or in a really good mood.

“I caught a little mouse and let it go again.

I watched him turn around and muddle his way out.” Liu Chen smiled from the bottom of his eyes.

“You still have such bad tastes, was it a hamster or chinchilla” Luo Yufei thought it was the kind of hamster running in a cage, and then questioned slyly, “Did you really break up with empress Dong”

“What did she bribe you with to make you so relentless” He raised his hand and greeted several young masters and ladies who had noticed him..

After playing together for a long time, they all knew that Lu Chen usually only chatted with a few young people, that is, people who didn’t reach that threshold couldn’t enter his circle.

Although he would not tell you straightforwardly, he would let you feel the sense of distance gradually increase.

Eventually everyone gained a tacit understanding.

Where Lu Chen was concerned, others knew when to advance and retreat.

“She is also my goddess.

And she has become so disillusioned now, look at her circle of friends.

She says that she has finally experienced a ruthless man.

No matter how much you cry, he won’t look at you.

She said sooner or later you will meet retribution, a line of regret ascending to the sky4.

What did you do”

“I was dumped for being late,” Liu Chen said casually.

“Why do you always say you were dumped With our many years of brotherhood.

Speak the truth or be damned!”

Everyone else ran down to the racetrack, while Liu Chen sat in place with Luo Yufei.

“Yang Xin is going to transfer to Dijiang soon.” Luo Yufei said when everyone had left.

“What’s he coming for” Lu Chen shook the cocktail brought by the waiter and didn’t drink it.

“You are the first among us to enter the family business.

You should have heard the news long ago.

His family company isn’t doing well this year, losing hundreds of millions, reduced to data on the computer.

His father’s position in the Yang family has been shaken, and several uncles started making trouble.

Currently, it’s most important for them to stand firm.

However, the early investment has been wasted, who is willing to stand on Yang Zhen’s side now I think Yang Zhen wants to make use of the friendship between the younger generation, and take a long shot to catch big fish.

Maybe someone can be pulled, maybe though… Marriage “

There is a popular saying in the circle, strength is not enough to get married.

Lu Chen smiled noncommittally and saw several young masters below booing at a running woman.

In a small playground next to the racecourse, there was a 200 meter runway.

Whistles and cheers came one after another, and more and more spectators gathered.

Noticing the direction he was looking at, Luo Yufei pointed to the other end of the viewing platform.

There were also a group of men and women: “The Xie family suffered a loss due to the Yang family.

That woman is very high-profile, she follows Xie Yun.

She was not in our circle originally, it seems that she is from a small family that has just moved to Kunming city.

Xie Yun lost a bet with the Lou family.

The other party asked his girlfriend to run laps.

If she can’t run, she will follow young master Lou for one night.

You also know the hobbies of second young master Lou.

people who are gifted may not come back, but guess what Xie’s boy said “

“Let his girlfriend choose for herself”

Luo Yufei raised his thumb, indeed there was nothing Liu Chen couldn’t guess: “You really know Xie Yun.

You see, that bastard is still watching a good play in the stands.

While the beauty is desperate and blind.”

Liu Chen looked at the beauty not far away: “So she chose to run laps”

“Yes, twenty laps.

Everyone went down to watch the excitement.

What about the beauty It’s a pity she followed the wrong person, tut tut.”

The girl was unaffected by her surroundings and kept a constant speed.

She just ran with her legs  feeling heavier with every step she took.

Her ponytail swayed in the air, sweat soaked her clothes and her face had turned red.

It can be seen that she was in great pain.

Whenever people thought she would stop, she gritted her teeth and endured it.

This made Liu Chen think of a person, the little fool who chose to walk silently and walked 40 bus stops.

Since he had seen a more profound scene, he became indifferent when he saw a similar scene.

“Send a message to the second young master Lou.

That’s enough.”

“Oh ho, since when did you take pity on the fairer sex.

Eh, you’re leaving so early” he shouted when Liu Chen started down the steps.

Liu Chen glanced back: “I’m still a student.

I’m going to school tomorrow.”

Luo Yufei: “…” You’re obviously just bored.

If Shao Fei were here, he would find that this is the first meeting between the male and female lead.

From this point the male lead will begin to pay attention to the female lead.

Liu Chen is deeply impressed by the tenacity of the female lead, but now Liu Chen left ahead of schedule and is not interested in watching to the end.

The plot has unknowingly turned a fork in the road, and the foundation of the building is falling apart.

Maybe it will collapse completely in time.

The author has something to say:

Pre-installed with glasses function Liu ~

Xiao Feizi: Amitabha, Amitabha, Amitabha

Liu Zi:… Shut up!


A saying that means the privileged do not understand the suffering of others.

As they have not experienced it, they cannot empathize. 

2 Dashen= Lord or great god

3 Roughly means, the colorful three-dimensional material world that our senses can perceive is actually unreal, just an illusion.

The surface that our senses cannot perceive looks empty.

Where there is nothing, it is not nothing but content.”


An idiom emphasizing how much he will regret

5額米豆腐, originally was goose rice tofu, which sounds the same as Amitabha


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