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When the attendant took Lu Chen’s words to the second young master Lou, he smashed the railing in anger with a bang.

After kicking several times, he said irritably, “Tell them to stop, disperse, disperse.”

Several attendants around him also heard and were immediately surprised.

Liu Chen was still a teenager.

Although his family background was deep, everyone was of the same generation.

Liu Chen was seven years younger than the second young master Lou.

If they really stopped from his few words, where would they place their pride

Second young master Lou didn’t notice their disdain.

He threw his cigarette on the ground and crushed it with one foot: “It’s better not to offend him.

This is a cannibal flower, he’s  completely poisonous.”

He and Liu Chen did have a prior incident.

When he first returned to China, he thought Liu Chen was young and easy to bully.

He thought lightly of the consequences, at most being taught a lesson by his family.

As long as the younger generation’s relationship does not harm their interests, they are on their own and the elder generations will not interfere.

This is an unwritten rule.

He happened to meet several illegitimate children of the Liu family, so he stopped by the clubhouse to deliberately find fault and mess with Liu Chen.

Liu Chen, a little devil, didn’t seem to understand their meaning and even smiled when saying goodbye to them.

However later he realised the retaliation came back tenfold.

Those illegitimate children haven’t been seen again since.

The extremely well covered bribery case that the Lou family took part in was dug out, and the relatives involved were detained and could only wait for sanctions.

At that time, he had his hands full protecting himself.

Reports of how he and his friends forced girls and beat people leaked.

Grandpa was so angry, he had to be sent to the hospital.

As soon as Grandpa had an accident, all kinds of pests jumped out to make troube.

The originally harmonious family members fought for the inheritance.

At that time, the Lou family suffered serious losses.

He thought it was the Lou family’s bad luck.

Until later,investigations found that the youngest brother-in-law with the weakest will in the family was suspected to have a close relationship with Liu Chen.

The second aunt had a long talk with Liu Chen alone at a party.

Reduced into a mess and trembling in front of Liu Chen…

Even till now, he was not sure how much Liu Chen had contributed to these events, but he was sure there was Liu Chen’s handwriting in it.

Whether there was an expert behind him or not, it was eerie for him to have that patience and ingenuity at his age.

It’s not terrible to meet a sinister enemy.

The terrible thing is that the enemy is more tolerant and unscrupulous than you.

Afterwards, he specially found an opportunity to make amends to Liu Chen.

Liu Chen still looked like he was unaware of the situation, and even asked why he needed to apologise.

However, second young master Lou dared not underestimate him again.

The boy was an expert in playing a pig to eat the tiger.

He felt that with Liu Chen in the Liu family, they would be able to prosper for at least a hundred years..

Xie Yun, who was watching the play, didn’t expect that second young master Lou, who was not afraid of heaven and earth, would give up directly.

When he passed by, the second young master Lou said, “Young master Liu is rarely interested.

Of course I have to give him face.

Today’s bet is over.

Xie Shao, be gentle with your own women and don’t let others take advantage of her”

Xie Yun murmured Liu Chen’s name.

His Xie family had not been in Kunming for many years.

He just recognised the name and knew that the Liu family had deep roots.

Liu Chen himself was very low-key.

He seems to focus on his studies and rarely participates in these gatherings.

When the girl’s lungs were almost out of oxygen, she was abruptly stopped.

Any later and she would probably have fallen to the ground from lack of strength.

She heard it was a man named Liu Chen who helped her.

She felt grateful.

Laying paralyzed on the ground, she looked up to see Xie Yun’s figure ready to leave.

At that moment, her original persistence turned into sorrow.

When she was in such pain just now, she didn’t shed a tear, but the ruthlessness of her secret crush made her collapse.

She listened to the voices of jeering and ridicule around and wiped her tears.

What’s there to cry about The result is her own making.

She hated herself more than Xie Yun.

Wiping her tears, she stumbled to her feet and left the crowd.

It was very late when Liu Chen got home.

He was getting ready to wash when he caught sight of the lights from the side building still on.

After some thought, he realised that the little fool was probably scared by the rumor of the building being haunted.

When he went to the study at the end of the corridor, he found passer-by A sleeping soundly under the bright light.

Shao Fei efficiently made his thoughts into action and slept with all the light on, especially when living in this building.

He lay on his side in bed with only a thin blanket on his body.

He looked even more childish asleep.

With his white legs curled up, all the way to his calves and jade feet.

After taking his glasses off, his hair slid down smoothly with each quiet breath.

Liu Chen looked at the slightly beautiful face, a little bulge was squeezed out against the pillow and was as red as an apple.

His eyes gradually drifted and focused on the legs.

Clearly they weren’t in a charming posture and yet he found them extremely beautiful, forming a strong contrast with the face.

Shao Fei suddenly frowned and felt suppressed by something.

But he was too tired from today, even that sight could not wake him up.

He turned over and turned his back to Lu Chen, only a faint outline appeared under the thin blanket.

Looking at the part that is obviously very thin, but still curved in the right places, the tail of Liu Chen’s eyes slightly raised.

Shao Fei’s action reminded Liu Chen that he seemed to have watched him for too long.

It was like keeping a little pet.

When he first got his hand on it, he loved it very much now, but the interest should fade soon.

He didn’t realize that in one day, the number of times he was in a good mood increased sharply, and this is an imperceptible process.

If his interest is slowly layered bit by bit, he will change.

Taking back his sight, Liu Chen called Wu Lianggang again.

His tone suddenly cooled: “How’s the investigation”

Liu Chen gave Wu Lianggang the video in his study for a reason.

Wu Lianggang was his assistant, but he was also Liu Zhengming’s person.

If he released such a big “weakness”, he wanted to see whether Wu Lianggang would inform his father.

This was a test.

Depending on Wu Lianggang’s choice, Liu Chen would choose the next step.

“Her previous information is really clean.

Now I’m investigating deeper and it will take some time.” After receiving the video from Liu Chen, Wu Lianggang realized that Liu Chen’s purpose was to remind him to stand in line and the video was a deterrent.

He understood that Liu Chen is able to reach further without Liu Zhengming noticing.

Liu Chen has just thrown an olive branch and given him a deadline.

Liu Chen knows the principle of giving space and not overlooking each detail.

The more he urges, the more an old hand like Wu Lianggang can see through his intentions at a glance.

It’s better to take his time.

And top assistants like Wu Lianggang don’t change sides simply for little temptations.

Wu Lianggang did not mention Liu Chen’s deeper purpose.

He just acted like a conscientious secretary and informed him of the news he had received.

“If it’s not clean, how can she still be active now Most of the evidence should be erased.

There is a person behind her, on her own she doesn’t have such impressive abilities.” It’s not that Liu Chen disdains Yao Feifei, this is based on his observations.

Wu Lianggang has the same idea.

Yao Feifei can’t do it alone without showing flaws.

“Since I let you investigate, of course I want you to find out what others can’t.

Don’t let me down.” Liu Chen said indifferently.

He looked at the passer-by A who was sleeping even more contently opposite.

His eyes slightly warmed up before he turned away from the balcony.

Hearing “don’t let me down”, the hand tapping the keyboard stopped, and the light of the computer was refracted on the lens.

A young wolf prince who has strengthened his wings may covet a broader land.

The chairman attached great importance to this son, and Liu Chen never let Liu Zhengming down.

Nevertheless, with the growth of the little wolf prince, the rift between the father and son will only grow bigger and bigger.

“I understand.” After hanging up the phone, Wu Lianggang didn’t continue work immediately.

He recognized the meaning of Liu Chen’s words.

He didn’t tell the chairman about the young master’s monitoring.

Maybe from that moment on, the balance in his heart has tilted.

The young wolf prince is about to become the wolf king, and the pace of conquest is steady.

The moonlight was scattered indoors, and the intense activity between men and women was endless in the calm night.

A hand painted with purple nail polish slowly lifted the thin quilt, revealing a lithe body like a snake demon.

Liu Zhengming doesn’t know what kind of spell he was under.

Now he can sleep well only when he is with her, which is one of the reasons why Yao Feifei is particularly favored.

She picked up the silk gown on one side, put it on, tied the belt casually and walked downstairs.

After she was almost found in her study, Yao Feifei decided to immediately go to Liu Zhengming.

She wanted to make Lu Zhengming fall in love with her and collect information directly.

At the same time, she can observe whether he doubted her.

She has always been an active woman, so she flew directly to Lu Zhengming’s place without informing Shao Fei.

Glancing over, she noticed that the man working on the sofa in the living room was still wearing a three piece suit from the day.

It seemed that his style did not change all year round.

In such hot weather, he didn’t even undo a button, yet he also didn’t look sweaty.

He looked up in her direction and instantly switched the computer screen, but his expression remained unchanged.

Only one floor lamp was turned on, and the warm yellow tones added a layer of humanity to a man who was as cold as a machine.

His stiff facial features no longer looked so cold.

Wu Lianggang looked very elegant with a pair of silver rimmed glasses on his face.

Yao Feifei walked to the sofa.

Even her sitting posture showed an attractive allure.

She stared at him for a few minutes, still the man was unmoved.

Yao Feifei remembered that several previous overt and covert appeasing actions have been rejected by Wu Lianggang.

Now Yang Zhen’s troubles have gotten worse.

Wu Lianggang saw her and Yang Zhen together that day, he’s a time bomb that can explode at any time.

She couldn’t resist speaking up, “You work so hard, why doesn’t he give you a raise”

They both know ‘he’ refers to their common boss Liu Zhengming.

Instead of looking away from the computer, he pressed the mouse to scroll: “Thank you for your concern.

The remuneration given to me by the chairman is high enough.”

“But it can be higher.”

Wu Lianggang finally looked up, still polite: “I’m very satisfied with the current situation.”

“You don’t look like someone who is willing to remain in this position for long.

I’m on your…” who knows when she moved to sit next to him and leaned over slowly.

A sweet fragrance spread over “I can smell the ambition.”


For a long time after Shao Fei woke up, his mind was still chaotic.

He had a nightmare that he was being chased by a dark shadow all night.

No matter where he ran, he couldn’t escape.

He shivered when remembering the scene in his dream.

Because he got up early, he helped uncle Yu prepare breakfast and ate breakfast with them in the servant building.

Although Liu Chen was very kind yesterday, passer-by A knew his place.

He might not even be considered a guest.

How can he go to the main building to eat again

After dinner, he washed the dishes with the other servants.

Although he didn’t talk much, this obedient and diligent boy’s presence is as comfortable as the air.

Liu Chen got up at a fixed time every day.

When he went downstairs, he saw Uncle Yu holding mops and brooms while hesitating.

Seeing both automatic and manual types, Liu Chen asked what he was doing.

Uncle Yu said good morning to the young master and explained, “When I left yesterday, I forgot that the side building had not been occupied for many years.

He must have been embarrassed to mention not having any cleaning tools.

I was thinking about finding some to give to him.”

Lu Chen took an elegant sip of black tea, opened his butterfly like long eyelashes and laughed: “Withdraw, you should respect his self-reliance.”

Uncle Yu swallowed his saliva.

Although he knew that Yao Feifei’s mother and son would not be welcomed by the young master, the young master really wanted to toss Shao Fei slowly, the poor child.

“Is he up”

“He got up around four o’clock.”

“Call him over, bring breakfast and a warm glass of milk.”

Uncle Yu didn’t understand his young master’s intention again.

Do you want to fatten him up before you kill

Yao Feifei has gone through the school procedures for Shao Fei, but the new school needs exams and can’t transfer immediately, so Shao Fei is still tackling practice questions these days.

Hearing the summons, he walked slowly over and saw that Liu Chen had finished his breakfast and was wearing a standard school uniform, looking out the window at the flowers.

The scenery that can be compared to a painting is not as striking as the young man’s figure.

He is like a dynamic oil painting, no matter how many words are used, they would be unable to describe him.

“Are you a snail You do everything slowly.”

Shao Fei hung his head like a prisoner waiting for sentencing.

He complained silently.

He doesn’t have class now, so there’s no need to hurry.

“What are you doing standing there Breakfast is cold.”

“But…” but I’ve eaten.

Who knew you would think of me on a whim.

Liu Chen looked over, his voice was meaningful: “Hmm”

Shao Fei trembled and immediately changed his words: “I, I’m hungry…”

What the hell am I saying!


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