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The Silent Beasts all roared.

Their massive bodies emitted a destructive power.

It was pure destruction, causing even space to collapse.

Wherever the destructive power spread, everything was reduced to dust.

Although Grand Emperor Cursed Blade seemed eager for a fight, he was actually very cautious when facing a Silent Beast.

Even with a combat body close to two light-years in size, he did not gain any advantage.

The two parties exchanged blows, and were basically evenly matched.

Of course, the Silent Beasts chosen by Grand Emperor Cursed Blade were also outstanding and relatively powerful Grand Emperor-level beasts.

“Slash of the Cursed Blade!”

Suddenly, Grand Emperor Cursed Blade drew his saber.

In the cosmos, a dazzling light tore through the void.

the saber intent was cold and sharp, making everyone feel as if they had been sliced by a blade.

This was the cursed blade, the strongest combat power of Grand Emperor Cursed Blade!

Grand Emperor Cursed Blade was only at his strongest state when he used the cursed blade.

This strike gave even Lin Feng a vague sense of solemnity.

If he faced this strike, even a combat body comparable to three light-years would probably be injured.

What a terrifying strike!

In reality, forget about Grand Emperors, even elementary planetary lifeforms, Venerables, and Quasi-emperors basically all used combat bodies to fight after mastering their combat bodies.

As for sabers, swords, and weapons, they were all just support.

Even Origin Weapons were actually auxiliary to combat bodies.

However, Grand Emperor Cursed Blade was different.

Most of his strength was focused on that cursed blade.

It was not that the cursed blade was purely powerful, but that it had to be used in conjunction with Grand Emperor Cursed Blade to be powerful.

This strike seemed to make even the Silent Beasts on the other side feel threatened.

They roared wildly, and their massive bodies were slashed through by the cursed blade.

There was a ripping noise.

The body of the Silent Beast was actually severed into two at once.

It had to be known that the other party was a Grand Emperor-level monster of extinction, comparable to a Grand Emperor.

No matter how strong it was, how could it be sliced into two at once

However, the Silent Beast that had been sliced into two actually closed slightly, and its massive body returned to its original state.

However, it looked even angrier than before.

It attacked Grand Emperor Cursed Blade in a frenzy, and with reckless disregard for dying.


Lin Feng was a little surprised.

This was the first time he had encountered a beast with the undying characteristic in the universe.

Although there were also Screwworms with the undying characteristic on his home planet, in the universe, being undying was simply a false proposition.

It was simply laughable.

But now, Lin Feng saw a beast with the undying characteristic again.

Moreover, this was an undying beast that even a Grand Emperor would find difficult to kill!


There was also a Silent Beast in front of Lin Feng.

His 28 billion-kilometer combat body erupted at full force, enhanced by a thousandfold, equivalent to a combat body three light-years in size.

He slammed his palm hard onto the Silent Beast.

The terrifying power collided directly.

The giant claws of the Silent Beast were instantly shattered.

The remaining power also acted on the Silent Beast.

In particular, the annihilative power was mighty and destructive.


Accompanied by the annihilative power, Lin Feng pressed his palm on the Silent Beast.

A large amount of annihilative power surged in.

With the thousandfold enhancement of the Law of Annihilation in particular, it was terrifying to the extreme.

Even Grand Emperor Cursed Blade could not withstand it back then, and dozens of his combat body was destroyed at once.

The Silent Beast roared angrily.

Its massive body actually began to shrink and collapse rapidly.

However, the extent was clearly much less than Grand Emperor Cursed Blade back then, and it only lost 10% of its body.

“Only lost 10%”

Lin Fengs expression darkened.

Could this Silent Beast be even stronger than Grand Emperor Cursed Blade Or was defense its forte

Lin Feng studied it carefully.

There seemed to be a power resisting Lin Fengs annihilative power in the body of this Silent Beast.

It was also a destructive power.

Lin Fengs annihilative power, on the other hand, was not of much use.

“Then lets try the Tidal Combat Body!”

Lin Feng switched to the Tidal Combat Body and slammed down forcefully with a palm again.

In terms of strength, Lin Feng could be considered one of the best among the many Grand Emperors, even stronger than Grand Emperor Cursed Blade.

With a palm strike from the Tidal Combat Body, a portion of the Silent Beasts body was directly shattered, but it was only about 10%, less than 20%.

Lin Feng frowned.

The Greater Annihilative Combat Body and the Tidal Combat Body did not seem to be of much use.

He simply switched to the Void Traversal Combat Body again.

“Spatial Sunder!”

Lin Feng used the spatial power directly.

Coupled with the Void Traversal Combat Body, he quickly sliced through the body of the Silent Beast.

Using the Void Traversal Combat Body to fight could not be easier.

Lin Feng could integrate into space at any time and warp through it.

The Silent Beast could not even see Lin Fengs figure.

Instead, they were constantly sliced apart by Lin Fengs spatial power.

The spatial power sliced through a certain part of the Silent Beast.

Then, Lin Feng used the annihilative power of the Greater Annihilative Combat Body to annihilate it directly.

Back then, Lin Feng had used this method time and time again.

He had even killed Grand Emperor Guxi this way.

The Silent Beast could do nothing.

It could only roar loudly and in a frenzy, but it could not even touch Lin Feng.

“Huh Its still useless.

Its really undying!”

Lin Feng frowned.

These Silent Beasts were really undying.

This was actually unexpected.

However, Lin Feng had never believed that anything was truly undying.

There must be some secret that he had not discovered.

“Your Highness Lin Feng, the life force of these Silent Beasts is very strong, especially in the Silent Galaxy.

They are almost undying.

If we want to kill them, we can only exhaust their strength, and do so time and time again, until we kill them eventually via attrition.”

Grand Emperor Long Yuans voice sounded in Lin Fengs ear.

Lin Feng took a closer look.

These Silent Beasts were really at the edge of the Silent Galaxy.

Even after leaving the Silent Galaxy, their life force was still rather powerful.

However, they were not undying.

At most, their regenerative ability was astonishing.

After Lin Feng used the spatial power to constantly slash at the Silent Beast in front of him, he indeed realized that its aura seemed to have weakened a little.

Even its massive body had shrunk a little.

Although it was not very obvious, it meant that Grand Emperor Long Yuan was right.

They could only slowly exhaust the power of the Silent Beasts through attrition.

“Hmph, since it takes attrition, lets try the Starfell Pearl!”

The efficiency of fighting the Silent Beasts with just the combat body was simply too low.

The many Grand Emperors all used their Origin Weapons, especially Grand Emperor Cursed Blade.

He was really efficient, and could sever the Silent Beasts into two with every strike.

Lin Feng also took out the Starfell Pearl.

The ordinary-looking Starfell Pearl caught the attention of many Grand Emperors.


Lin Feng removed the spatial divine runes on the Starfell Pearl.

Immediately, the Starfell Pearl quickly expanded to the size of a star, and floated quietly in the cosmos.


Lin Feng extended his hand and pointed.

The massive Starfell Pearl quickly transformed into a stream of light that smashed towards the Silent Beast in front of him.

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