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Chapter 1382: Unexpected ability (1)

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Fang Shaoning stared at Huang Yueli with an expression which didnt look quite like a smile.

Anyone could tell what that meant.

They only felt this young ladys mind wasnt clear at all, totally like a joke!

“Miss Bai, what are you doing Could it be that you really want to challenge me”

Huang Yueli replied calmly, “Ive already made things very clear.”

Fang Shaonings gaze shifted as he squinted his eyes, “Celestial Light Sect is really interesting, have all the practitioners in the Sect all died or what Actually allowing a fourth stage realm practitioner to take part in the battle, further….

Shes a fourth stage realm Armament Master! This is simply unheard of! Furthermore, Li Moying really doesnt treat you as a thing, eh Actually allowing a young lass like you on stage to battle on behalf of Celestial Light Sect Ive never thought that the famed South Sky Regions number one genius would actually push his woman out to bear the brunt”

His words were filled with ridicule and at the same time, he was trying to sow discord between them.

Hearing that he actually dared to humiliate their respected Young Sect Master, Celestial Light Sects disciples all turned steely green.

But unfortunately, all of them had no way of rebuttal!

Li Moying actually allowed his fourth stage realm fiancée to go up the stage to battle the sixth stage realm Fang Shaoning.

The only possibility was to let Fang Shaoning to injured Huang Yueli then using that to exaggerate matters.

Otherwise, no one could understand why he had to do this!

But this kind of underhanded matters really didnt suit Li Moyings normally aloof and overbearing character…..

There wasnt much expression on Huang Yuelis face, only her voice turned biting cold.

“You should feel lucky that my fiancé isnt able to join in the tournament today otherwise youd be a corpse by now! I hope that later when you leave this stage, you still dare to speak in this manner to my man!”


Fang Shaoning had not expected that instead of humiliating Huang Yueli, he was slapped on the face by a few mere words from her!

He immediately turned embarrassment into anger, “Alright, its you yourself who came up to the stage to seek death, not me who coerced you! Judge, why arent you announcing the start of the competition”

The judge knew that things were irrevocable as he shook his head.

“The challenger of this round: Bai Ruoli, challenging arena champion Fang Shaoning! The battle will officially start now!”

His words had just fallen then the air on the stage seemed to turn frozen as it was filled with a strong pressure.

Fang Shaoning had, at the first instance, unleashed all the Profound Energy within his body forming an overbearing pressure towards Huang Yueli!

He had not immediately struck vicious moves towards Huang Yueli because the disparity between the two of them was simply too huge!

From Fang Shaonings view, it was as easy as crushing an ant to death for him to kill Huang Yueli in one move.

But in this way, he would be subjected to a suspect who was bullying the weak so even if he won, he would not win any praises.

On the contrary he would be subjected to gossip by others.

So what he must do now was to show his style of his ability!

With the huge disparity in their cultivations, what he needed to do was to use his might and he would be able to make Huang Yueli shake all over, lying limp on the ground.

Only in this way would it make her shocked, forcing her to get off the arena, which was the demeanour of a top expert!

Fang Shaoning was making up beautiful thoughts in his mind as the Profound Energy kept unleashing from his body!

He was now in the state of maniacization as his Profound Energy was abundant.

Not only was the arena enveloped in an invisible huge pressure, even the practitioners who were seated on the first row of the spectators seating were clearly able to feel this pressure!

Those practitioners with lower cultivations had their expressions changed immediately.


so powerful, no wonder hes a sixth stage realm seventh level practitioner!”



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