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At the beginning, Qilin was still a little dazed, apparently not understanding why the Qilin tablet had already returned back underground and it would still suddenly be awoken.

 But immediately following that, the intermittent moans from the corner made it suddenly awoken.

 Qilins pair of bronze bell eyes opened as it swept towards the corner and only one look and it was completely shocked.

 Although it was absolute darkness, but spiritual beasts vision far surpassed humans hence it could clearly see the figure was kept on twitching on the ground.

 “Whats going on Hadnt this little fellow already died completely How did he suddenly start to move again”

 Qilin raised its front paw and rubbed its eyes, thinking that it had developed a hallucination.

 However, the truth was placed right in front of it.

 Thedead corpse in the corner actually rose from the dead!

 “This isnt possible eh Earlier I obviously witnessed it with my own eyes that his Profound Energy was totally exhausted and under this kind of situation, he would breathe his last within two hours! How is it possible that he actually came back to life Somethings wrong, this is not right!”

 Qilin muttered to itself as it stood up from the ground and walked towards the corner.

 The minute it got nearer, it could see even clearly.

 Li Moying kept rolling around as he cramped up, apparently suffering a huge amount of pain.

Qilin had even sensed that there was an extremely powerful energy in his body, which would explode out at any point of time!

 Li Moyings condition was extremely bad but no matter how bad it was, he… was still alive!

 Moreover, from the way that his eyelids trembled, it seemed as though it wouldnt take long for him to open his eyes to regain consciousness.

 “This… what should I do He actually came back to live in such a manner!”

 This time round, Qilin was really dazed.

 It had never committed such a serious mistake, to cut off the refinement while the person in the Qilin tablet was still alive, and even bringing that live person underground!

 This was a complete violation to the Qilin tablets operating procedure!

 Moreover, since Li Moying wasnt dead, this refinement shouldnt have ended.

Could it be that….

he should go up ahead to deal with Li Moying a fatal blow before he regain consciousness completely

 To tell the truth, spiritual beast Qilin could not bear to do so.

 It was experienced and knowledgeable so how would it not know that a peerless expert like Li Moying was extremely rare in the entire God Realm, enough to become Cloudy Qilin Clans future leader.

 Earlier even after experiencing that fatal refinement, he was lucky enough to have survived.

That meant that he had soaring luck and was genuinely unmatched in his generation!

 If it had to kill him, it would defy heavens will and perhaps it might even affect the entire Cloudy Qilin Clans luck!

 While spiritual beast Qilin was hesitating, it suddenly sensed roars of thunder coming from the sky, as a powerful suppression surfaced on its heart.

 It immediately realised that this was the beginning of the operating procedure of the Qilin tablet!

 If any live person entered the Qilin tablet, then it must attack that person until that person gave up or if any one of them were killed!

 This was the natural regulation which spiritual beast Qilin, which had been sealed as the spirit artefact, could not defy!

 Under the drive of this kind of oppression, the colour of Qilins eyes turned darker and darker as the rationality in its mind started to turn weaker and its beast nature was completely unleashed!


 Spiritual beast Qilin raised its neck upwards and gave a raging howl, totally unable to control itself as it pounced towards Li Moyings body!



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