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Chapter 1695: Too hard on himself (7)

Luo Jiyun spoke in a light tone as his heart already had a conclusion, feeling that his own mission was already completed and all they had to do was to wait till Lil Sister-in-law and Eldest Senior Brother perform some hot scene then they could officially end their job.

Cang Po Jun and the others had no choice but to admit that Luo Jiyun knew the situation clearer than them so they all believed his words and followed his vision as their eyes grew wide, putting all their concentration into the thunder regions centre.

But whoever knew that the few of them kept staring at Huang Yueli and Li Moying for half a day but they didnt see the predicted scene where the electric currents stopped.

On the contrary, when Huang Yueli hugged Li Moyings waist and said a few words, Li Moyings expression suddenly underwent a change!

Immediately following that, Huang Yueli was thrown aside by him.

The thunder in the sky kept on landing down and this time, it was even more intense than before!

Every single palace in Levitation Sword Palace were built with extremely solid ninth tier material and was impenetrable but under this kind of rampaging electricity shocks repeated torture, minute cracks started to appear.

Cang Po Jun and the others were too near to them and as they were caught unaware, they were suddenly struck by a fluctuating strong gush of energy in their faces and every single one of them without any exception were all sent flying, as they suffered blue black all over once again.

Cang Po Jun climbed up from the ground and rubbed his bruised back and immediately started clamouring.

“Master Luo, are you telling a lie to humour us Didnt you say that when Grandmaster Huang is here, everything will be resolved I think instead of resolving it, the situation took a turn for the worse instead!”

Luo Jiyuns cultivation was the weakest and so he suffered the worst when he fell.

Not only did he break three rubs, his internal injury was also very serious as he spat out several mouthfuls of blood in mid-air when he was flying out.

He forcibly propped up his body as he sat up a little and looked towards the thunder region.

Under blinding bluish purple electric currents, Huang Yuelis lucid and elegant little face was filled with a shocked and speechless expression, apparently unable to accept this truth as well.

But she merely hesitated for a moment and immediately got up as she tried her best to go near to Li Moying once again.

However, Li Moying totally didnt give her any chance to go near him.

In that pair of cold and stern profound pupils, no feelings could be detected as only soul stirring electric currents kept flickering.

Huang Yueli merely got nearer by a few steps and was quaked away by him.

Moreover, every single time he avoided her, the intensity of the electric currents would increase by another fold, as its destructive power became even more shocking!

The ringing of thunder and sword clashing sounds penetrated each other mutually and resounded together as the sky above Levitation Sword Palace became louder and louder, the vibration from the ground became more and more intense!

As though the entire sword array would explode any time!

Luo Jiyun was completely dazed by this scene as well, so much that he had even forgotten about the pain caused by the heavy injuries on his body as his eyes popped out wide while staring straight ahead, at the same time shaking his head as he kept muttering to himself.


It shouldnt be….

How did it turn out to be in this way This had never happened before”

Cang Po Hun cried out in exasperation, “Now youre saying that its impossible and shouldnt be! What should we do now! Just look at Sovereigns current state, his expression has already turned green.

This Profound Energy exhaustion simply means hes over drafting his life! He originally already couldnt live for much longer…..”

“Shut your mouth!” Cang Po Jun suddenly opened his mouth and stopped him in a harsh tone.

Cang Po Hun abruptly realised that he had said the wrong thing and immediately shut his mouth.





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