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Chapter 1726: Skills shocking the whole world (6)

Huang Yueli nodded her head as she gave a smile.

Her looks were originally tender and sweet looking and when she smiled like this, it felt like a summer flower blossoming causing the many men who were standing close by to go into a daze.

“Many thanks, I understand what you mean but Id better still choose this scroll.”

“Wh… Why” Examiner didnt understand her intention.

Huang Yueli smiled and replied, “Because this scroll looks the newest and the wear and tear of it is the least, so probably not many people have chosen it!”

Examiner went into a blank, “Youve even noticed this, but….”

This Young Miss Bai had extraordinary observation but was her brain playing tricks on her The number of people who chose this was the least so it naturally meant that the question in this scroll was the hardest! Shouldnt she be choosing the one which looked the most worn out

However, Huang Yueli didnt wait for him to say anything more as she directly picked up the scroll which she had already chosen and walked straight to the armament furnace.

It was until now that she slowly opened up the scroll.

The crowd were following her tightly as they all crowded near to the armament furnace.

The few who stood the nearest to her, upon seeing the contents in the scroll all started to cry out in surprise.

“Silence Seal! Its actually the silence seal!”

“Heavens, how could there possibly be such a thing for the question There probably arent many who could refine this Profound Armament out right”

“Thats right, the requirement of the deduction process and refining methods are just too complicated for the Silence Seal, and its something which ordinary Armament Masters arent able to grasp, not to mention a newbie who is here to take part in certification!”

“This Young Miss Bai is really very unlucky.

She just casually chose one and actually chose this difficult topic.

She should have taken a careful look at it earlier! Her false façade was pretty decent earlier but now she should be dazed right I wonder if its too late for her to regret and change the question”

Amid everyones astonished discussions, Huang Yuelis expression hadnt changed at all, merely just her brows raising slightly.

There were different tiers from third to ninth tiers of Silent Seals and the difference in the tiers made a huge difference in the might but the common point was that the complexity in the refinement process.

Because Silence Seal was a special kind of Profound Weapon and although it looked just like an ordinary little emblem kind of thing, but as long as one injected Profound Energy into it, it would change into the different kind of tool such as knife, sword, or even whip and such, whichever the user required.

Different tiered Silence Seals could change into forms of shapes and amount.

Third tier had three shapes while fourth tier were four kinds, all the way until ninth tier where it broke through the limit and could change into various different shapes.

Whereas to merge all the different Profound Weapon shapes into one single seal, the refinement process required different refinement methods and through a vast amount of deduction and adjustment, deriving at a balancing point which was just right, then would the seals shape be stabilised.

Otherwise, if the structure of the Profound Armament was not stable enough, the minute Profound Energy was injected, it would lead to an instant explosion.

Such a complex thing, to a sixth tier mid and lower Armament Masters was almost unimaginable.

No wonder the surrounding crowd were so stunned!

The examiner was surprised too because in the three scrolls which he had casually picked from the large pile of scrolls, he had never seen anyone pick the Silence Seal before.

Whoever would have expected Huang Yueli to be solucky to have chosen the top prize.

Seeing Huang Yueli remaining silent, he thought for a moment and walked up as he said, “Young Miss Bai, Ive already asked you to take a careful look before you make a decision isnt it But now since the assessment hasnt started yet, if you want to reselect another scroll…”


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