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Chapter 1839: Full of loopholes (4)

Cang Po Jun tried his best to stare at Huang Yueli, attempting to use his gaze to convey the anxiety in his heart to her.

But Huang Yueli seemed as though she didnt feel anything.

Not only had she not bolted away, instead she gave a faint smile.

“Guardian Jun, Im so sorry for offending these few Seniors right here.

But everyone came over to Blue Profound Sect, isnt it because they want to meet my fiancée Hes now in closed door cultivation and isnt convenient to meet guests so surely I need to come out and explain a few words for him right”


Young Miss Bai, you… what are you trying to do! This matter has nothing to do with you at all…..”

Cang Po Jun was so anxious that he almost wanted to cough out blood!

What time was it now and Huang Yueli actually dared to jump out like this!

She was indeed very talented and intelligent but… this wasnt sixteen years ago! Did she really think that she was still at ninth stage realm peak

Cang Po Jun wanted to make her leave quickly but he couldnt say it out clearly.

He hemmed and hawed for half a day, almost choking himself to death!

But before he could finish his words, Leng Weiming had already seen Huang Yuelis looks clearly as he cried out.

“Bai Ruoli! This lady here is Bai Ruoli, Li Moyings fiancée!”

“What Shes Li Moyings fiancée”

“Whats the situation Li Moying is hiding in the Sect now daring to come out but his fiancée came running to the front hall directly”

“Tsk tsk, hes really the legendary number one young and smart talent and he indeed has luck with women.

This young lass is really a young beauty… but too bad her brain isnt working very well.

She still dares to come running out right now, isnt her guts a little too fat”

The few Elders stared at Huang Yueli in shock, as they sized her up from head to toe.

They had all heard that when Li Moying came to Sky Emperor City, he brought along his fiancée but the number of people who recognised Huang Yueli was very limited.

Many of them only focused on Li Moyings fame so who would place their emphasis on the young lady next to him Splendid Violet Heavenly Palaces people knew a little but they had not expected that her actual innate talent was actually on the same level as Li Moying.

Elder Pan slapped his thigh hard as the smile on his face became even more apparent.

“So youre Li Moyings fiancée! Clan Leader Leng, I heard that when Li Moying killed the Elder, his fiancée was just by his side, is that so”

Leng Weiming had already shrunk himself into a ball by now.

The larger the commotion escalated and the more important characters who appeared at the scene, Leng Weiming had already started to regret coming to Blue Profound Sect, simply couldnt wait to make himself disappear completely!

Earlier he was just too shocked hence he shouted out Huang Yeulis identity.

Whoever knew that when Elder Pan asked him a question, everyones attention immediately gathered around him again.

Leng Weiming spoke out in fear and trepidation, “Yes… yes thats the case…..”

“Then good! Lets capture this young lass first! I heard that Li Moying pampers his fiancée dearly and if he doesnt come out, we will… heh heh heh, such a delicate young beauty, shes really not commonly seen…..”

Elder Pans wrinkled face revealed a wretched smile.

Cang Po Juns expression immediately changed as he shot upwards in front of Huang Yueli, blocking her behind him.

“Elder Pan! Please mind your own status! Are the female disciples in Blue Profound Sect someone who you can tease” As he was saying that, he hinted to Huang Yueli to leave immediately, “Bai Ruoli, still not leaving! How dare you defy this Guardians orders!”

Elder Pans words had scared Cang Po Jun badly.


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