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Chapter 2261: Seventy percent certainty (3)

“Valley Master Mengs considerations, I understand it very well.

After all it is one of the miracles left behind from the early historical times and thinking of that, you wouldnt wish for me to casually try in case I cause it to become a permanent damage then the losses would outweigh the gains!”

When Meng Hongye heard that, she hurriedly nodded her head, “Thats exactly so! Young Miss Bai, its best that you understand it all…”

“But, what if I saw I indeed have some certainty” Huang Yueli beamed as she interrupted her words.

Meng Hongye simply couldnt believe her ears.

She had said and persuaded and even explained the reason so clearly but this young lass still insisted that she could restore the ancient mechanism!

Could it be that she had some ace up her sleeve

Honestly speaking, restoring the ancient historical array had always been something that Ice Serpent Valleys successive Valley Masters had wanted to do and if, there really was such a chance, Meng Hongye absolutely didnt want to miss it.

Huang Yueli observed her expression and knew that Meng Hongye was already inclined to believe her hence she slowly added, “Valley Master Meng, actually it isnt me who is certain but rather its Palace Lord Huang who had! Her notebook indicated back then that after she left the Northern Ice Fields, she kept thinking about the ancient mechanism that she saw in Ice Serpent Valley and after that, she researched for a very long time before she found a solution.

She originally wanted to find a chance to come over and help you restore the mechanism but before she could find any time, she…”

What she said was basically all true.

In her past life, after she saw Ice Serpent Valleys ancient mechanism, it had always been in her mind and she just didnt believe that she would be baffled by a mechanism!

Restoring mechanism was after all simpler than refining mechanisms.

If she wasnt even able to restore an ancient mechanism, then wouldnt that mean that the standard between her and God Realms Armament Masters was the difference between heaven and earth

Hence, after that, she exhausted a relatively long period of time to think of several proposals.

Moreover, this ancient mechanism was engraved with many ancient arrays and that was what made her most awkward about.

Because of this, she had even consulted Cang Po Yu several times and in the end, she finally managed to draft out a rough proposal with around ninety percent chance to restore this mechanism completely.

Naturally, that was under the situation with Cang Po Yus assistance.

This time round, she and Li Moying headed to Northern Ice Fields, leaving Cang Po Yu to handle Blue Profound Sects affairs and lacking this Continents Number One Array Masters assistance, Huang Yueli actually only had around seventy percent chance of certainty.

But she was an expert in negotiation so naturally she knew clearly that at this moment in time, she absolutely could not show any signs of uncertainty!

Even if she had, she absolutely could not show it out to the other party.

So the expression on her face had always been extremely firm, totally as though she had a card up her sleeve.

When Meng Hongye heard her explanation, the stone in her heart fell by a large half, “So….

its Palace Lord Huangs proposal which was left behind that year, in this case, I totally understand….

Theres naturally no need to discuss about Palace Lord Huangs armament refining skills, and its really nice for her to still remember Ice Serpent Valleys matters after she left the Northern Ice Fields.”

Huang Yueli nodded her head and said, “Since thats the case, then Valley Master Mengs means….

how are you preparing to make a decision on this”

Meng Hongye thought about it and said, “Young Miss Bai, please dont blame me for being too naggy, I still have one last question.”

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