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Chapter 2535: Its an illness, must treat! (4)

Li Moying hurriedly added on, “What my dear wife said is reasonable, later Ill call him over and give him a good talking!”

Li Moying casted all his guilt behind.

In order to pacify his wife, this black pot could only be carried by Cang Po Jun!

When Huang Yueli heard him say that, she momentarily couldnt say anything to berate him at all.

She sized Li Moying up from head to toe and asked thoughtfully, “So tell me, are you really alright yesterday Everything is just a coincidence”

Li Moying stared at her for a moment and suddenly locked onto her slender waist, as he cornered her to the edge of the wall.

His suave and perfect face pressed near as his breath puffed out lightly, “Lier, I really cant tell that youre actually so interested in my body.

Have you been coveting me for a very long time and long wanting to do all the naughty things to me”

“Wh… What” Sensing the familiar mans imposing manner, Huang Yuelis face couldnt help but flushed red once again, “Stop sprouting rubbish! How can I possibly…..”

“Why not En” Li Moying gave off a mellow and magnetic laughter, “Otherwise why would you be so angry, and so regretful Because I made you stay in the empty room alone yesterday”

“Whos… regretful Im just purely angry, angry!” Huang Yueli emphasized strongly.

Li Moying rubbed her fair little face as he gave a low ambiguous chuckle, “Still say that youre not regretful Then why is your face so red Dont worry, tonight I will definitely think of ways to make it up to you, and let you…..” He leaned close to Huang Yuelis ear and his voice turned even mellower, as he made out some words which could be unclear.

Huang Yuelis eyes widened like full moons as she pushed him aside at one go.

“Keep wishing, quickly scram! Im going to wash up and have breakfast!”

She turned around and left while Li Moying hastily chased up to her from behind, “Wait, Ill accompany you!”

Li Moying managed to coax his little fox with a few mere sentences.

The two of them changed and washed up and later on, took their breakfast together.

The first day after their wedding, they were still rather busy.

The first thing on their list was to greet both parties parents.

Li Moyings father in this lifetime was South Yue Kingdoms Emperor and he had not left at this point of time.

But after Li Moyings true identity was exposed yesterday, he was already scared stiff and Bai Liufengs current ability also made him so convinced that he could prostrate himself in admiration.

So the Emperor didnt dare to put on an Elders air, as he got up early, dressed up and waited for this pair of newlyweds.

By the time the two appeared, he acted as a yes-man, putting on a look as though he could not wait to kneel down and kowtow so whatever Li Moying said, he agreed to it all.

So it only took ten minutes, which was just enough to brew a pot of tea, Huang Yueli and Li Moying had already settled the mans family.

But when it was their turn to visit the ladys family, things got a little troublesome.

Even though Huang Yueli insisted that Li Moying did not bully her, but Bai Liufeng didnt quite believe in this and he picked on everything about Li Moying incessantly.

After he finally lectured him for a long time, he finally let him off.

Although Bai Liufeng slighted this son-in-law of his verbally, but he was very generous in gifts as he contributed all the God grade cultivation methods that he found in the cave dwelling.

“I have only one daughter Lass Li and in future I am too lazy to take in a disciple so I can only pass you two these cultivation methods and manuscripts.

You must cultivate well and raise your ability so even if Father is no longer around, you have nothing to worry about…..”

As he said that, he looked deeply at him and sighed.

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