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Chapter 2682: A Real Strong Practitioner (4)

The group no longer had any other choices or misgivings.

They held their breaths and clenched their teeth tightly as they prepared themselves while waiting for Lord Zhan to come closer to them.

Only then would they make their moves and self-explode together!

Lord Zhan had already suffered several consecutive rounds of defeat today.

So under his frustrations, he had already lost his usual composure and the ability to think in detail.

He did not expect them to choose to self-explode.

Seeing that he rushed in with no preparations, everyone felt at ease.

“Even if we die, we must drag him along with us! Everyone prepare…”

Bai Liufeng said softly and was about to announce the start of their actions.

But just at this moment, a loud “boom” was heard!

In the center of the Blood Moon Great Array, the blood pools water suddenly turned into a red water pillar.

It started to spurt from below and gushed into the sky!

This powerful energy seemed to have broken through all the obstructing forces and threw Bai Liufeng and the others by the side of the Great Array out!

Lord Zhan was extremely near the blood pool and the impact he suffered was the strongest.

He was struck on the back by a gush of blood flow.

Losing his balance, he was thrown out!

But Lord Zhan had extraordinary power so even if he fell on the ground, he wasnt badly hurt hence he picked himself up once again.

At this moment, he could not care about Bai Liufeng and the others.

He was fearful and shakingly turned around to look at the blood pool behind him.

The water in the blood pool had all spilled out, but that was only for a short moment.

The water pillar that had gushed up into the sky quickly fell back onto the ground.

The pungent blood splashed all over and turned Snow Phoenix Palace into a murky blood sea.

The blood water in the pool revolved in a stable direction and the speed grew faster and faster.

Not too long later, it formed into a vortex.

This vortex had powerful suction and it started to absorb the blood essence energy that spilled out from the inside.

Very soon, all the energy in the Blood Moon Great Array had been sucked dry but the absorption in the blood pool did not decrease at all.

Instead, it grew stronger and stronger!

Not only so, the Heaven and Earth Profound Qi which enveloped above the Northern Ice Fields sky also started to gush towards the blood pool at an alarming speed!

“This… what on earth is going on! Why is the blood pool absorbing energy instead No way, stop, quickly stop! If this continues, the Blood Moon will drop down immediately! No way, I must do something to stop it!”

Lord Zhan was both alarmed and frightened.

“Right, it must be that the energy in the blood moon isnt enough.

I must quickly throw those few lowly human race into the blood pool!”

He remembered Bai Liufeng and the others and was just about to turn around to capture them.

But just as he took a step, suddenly a bolt of lightning came crashing down!

This bolt of lightning carried a striking purple light and the might was alarming.

It struck into the Blood Moon Great Array, directly into the center of the blood pool!

“What… Whats going on Why… why is there lightning”

Sacred Phoenix Race was known for its fire attributed innate talent.

Snow Phoenix Palaces surrounding arrays were gathered from fire attributed Profound Energy and would repel all the other attributes Profound Energy!

If the electric current wasnt that strong to a certain degree, it was completely impossible to split apart Snow Phoenix Palaces defense, to flow into the palace!

However, this was just the beginning.

Before Lord Zhan had time to think through this carefully, the lightning started to crash down one after another.

Every single bolt accurately landed into the blood pool.

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