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Chapter 3036 Its My Military Merit (5)

The demon tribes small team had searched their way to where they were hiding, and they were just a hundred over steps away from the big tree.

Huang Yueli moved and was completely exposed in front of the seven devils.

Never in Xia Yunxis imagination would she ever think that Huang Yueli, who had been calm and composed, was that impulsive!

The two of them hadnt even finished their discussion, and she just dashed out like that

Xia Yunxi subconsciously wanted to jump out and help her.

But just at this moment, she suddenly realized that Huang Yueli had put her hand behind her back, shaking her finger at her.

The intent was very obvious.

Huang Yueli was telling her not to come out.

Xia Yunxis footsteps halted as she peeked through the leaves.

Then she suddenly realized that the scenario was totally different from what she had imagined…

The seven devils formed into one team and they were talking loudly while searching, hoping to find the place where the miserable cries came from.

As for Huang Yueli, she had been following them from a short distance away.

But every single devil ignored her, as though they didnt notice that an alien had smuggled among them!

Xia Yunxis eyeballs almost dropped out of her sockets as she was extremely shocked!

The devils senses were sharper than the God clans.

So logically speaking, they wouldnt usually miss out on detecting the enemy getting so close to them.

The only possibility was that Huang Yueli had used some kind of special skill or Spirit Armament to conceal her aura…

Recalling the ring that she took out from her pocket earlier, a legendary high grade Treasure Armament surfaced in Xia Yunxis mind

“The Sky Devil Blood Ring that was refined by top-notch Sky Gem Grandmaster, Grandmaster Xiao!”

“Could that ring on Huang Yuelis finger be the Sky Devil Blood Ring”

“But arent there only three Treasure Armaments in the entire God Realm Other than the one which Grandmaster Xiao was personally safeguarding, the other two rings were in the hands of Life Profound Realm top exponents!”

“Where did Huang Yueli obtain that ring then”

Xia Yunxi couldnt find an answer and her eyes opened wide, staring at Huang Yuelis actions without blinking.

When Huang Yueli walked out, she was originally thinking of testing the situation.

After Grandmaster Xiao had given her this ring, she had to keep keeping it inside her realm ring and had almost forgotten about it!

Now that she tried it out, she realized that it was indeed very useful.

These few devils seemed as though they were blind.

They couldnt detect her presence at all.

Huang Yueli remembered Grandmaster Xiaos instruction back then.

When she was using the Sky Devil Blood Ring, she should not use any Profound Energy.

Once her Profound Energy caused any fluctuations, the invisibility would fail.

So if she attacked them, she would appear right before them.

But not using any Profound Energy would not affect her from setting up any mechanisms.

Huang Yueli followed this team of devils and while they werent paying any attention, she secretly set up several mechanisms.

After the setup was more or less done, she gestured to Xia Yunxi and indicated for her to be prepared to coordinate with her attack.

The small devil team had already walked to the place where the former devil team of four had fallen.

Looking around, they couldnt find any abnormality at all.

The fluid that was left from the effects of the Dematerialize Powder had not yet dried.

But the forests surface was originally damp with a murky stench.

Low-class devils were not as smart, so they naturally could not tell that something was amiss.

Only the two Earth Devils leading the team felt that something was not quite right.

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