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The few of them ran out of the tent and saw Murong Ni being attacked by a fourth tier magical beast.

Their expressions changed instantly.

"Why is there a magical beast here Hadn't the Beast Diversion Array been set up already"

"Stop talking, let's save Junior Sister first!"

While they were discussing, they were prepared to take action.

Huang Yueli hurriedly stopped them, "Wait! This is MY magical beast, who dares to touch it!"



In front of everyone's dazzled looked, Huang Yueli snapped her finger and ordered, "Zhao Cai, come back here now!"

Upon hearing these words, the little phoenix who had been hiding in the Huang Yueli's collarband almost spat out a mouthful of blood, feeling as though there were ten thousand heads of long necked creatures came running over.

"Oh my gawd, this lord's little brother is called Zhao Cai Had this female devil gone crazy thinking about money Aw, but still, his name is as unpleasant as mine, no.

It's worse than mine, that's right.

If it was better sounding than mine, where should this lord place my face…."

Having living with this black bellied master, Huang Yueli, for over a month, Little Phoenix had learnt what was psychological success method…..

Little vulture did not have as many ideas as Little Phoenix.

After all, it was just an infant which was just born not too long ago, so it could not differentiate the good and bad of a name.

So when it heard it's master's calling, it diligently ran back towards her resting with its head on Huang Yueli's neck and quietly knelt beside her feet.

How many times had the dazed expression hung on everyone's face today.

Luo Jiyun finally found his eyeballs that had fallen onto the ground and giving a dry laugh, "That….

Sister-in-law, may I ask, what…..

is that"

"My spiritual pet." Huang Yueli replied.

"Hehe, it's so obedient, of course it's a spiritual pet… may I ask what species is this spiritual pet"

Huang Yueli rolled her eyes at him, "You don't even recognise it The White Wing Golden Crested Vulture should be that rare of a magical beast right There are plenty of illustrated handbooks which introduce this magical beast."

"Hehe, so it's the White Wing Golden Crested Vulture….

Right, I was thinking the outlook is so special, it must be the White Wing Golden Crested Vulture…."

Luo Jiyun gave a few more dry coughs.

His heart, however, was in a frenzy.

Seeing how Huang Yueli spoke in a casual manner as if it was just a normal first tier magical beast.

In actual fact It was the offspring of a seventh tier magical beast! Huang Yueli actually adopted the infant of a seventh tier magical beast as her spiritual pet!

Heavens knew, even in such a reputable Sect like theirs, the disciples were not able to get such a high level magical beast's offspring as their spiritual pet! Huang Yueli was just in the first degree realm, she… she….how did she possibly get such a high quality spiritual pet How did she manage to make that pact successfully

But this was the truth, and Huang Yueli made it sound very normal that there was nothing amazing about the offspring of a seventh tier magical beast!

What he didn't knew was, Huang Yueli had indeed feel that the Little vulture was indeed very ordinary.

With Little Phoenix around, little vulture was not even considered as an underling.

To be more precise, she had just conveniently adopted a spiritual beast only…..

Mo Yi and the rest had no strength at all to be surprised at anything when it came to Huang Yueli.

In actual fact, everyone were slightly numb to the fact that whatever extraordinary matters that fell upon Huang Yueli, were actually all very normal.


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