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506 If you wish to die, just tell me straight!

Although his movements are fast, Li Moying was even faster!

Although Li Moying's eyes were half-closed, his arm abruptly tightened and pulled Huang Yueli behind his back.

At the same time, his sleeve waved slightly towards Li Lingchuan's direction.

The rigid spear was sent flying away!

Li Lingchuan grasped his chest and moved backwards several steps, until his back banged heavily against the railing and came to a stop.

Blood slowly dripped out from one corner of his mouth.

That stream of blood looked especially contrasting against his pale white complexion.

Li Lingchuan coughed and felt a dull pain from his chest!

He knew several ribs had already been broken and he had also suffered a considerable amount of internal injury!

His eyes were wide open as he couldn't believe and couldn't understand how his deduction could be wrong!

Not only Li Moying awoke ahead of time, he had also regained eighty percent of his power.

At this current state, he was completed unrivalled!

Li Moying held Huang Yueli's slender waist and his arm stroked her back lightly to comfort her.

At the same time, cold words spat out from his mouth.

"Li Lingchuan, if you wish to die, just tell me straight! Looks like my mercifulness towards you made you think…..

I'm weak and can be taken advantage of Since that's the case….."

He squinted his eyes and beneath that look…..

his murderous intent appeared!

Li Lingchuan instantly shivered because that gaze of Li Moying's….

he was more than familiar! Every time he looked at someone like this, within three breaths, that person would definitely shed blood within five steps!

Li Lingchuan was so scared that without thinking, he immediately shot to the ship's railing and leapt off from there!

Sixth degree realm practitioners had not attained the ability to fly, so when he jumped down from such a height, although he won't die, there was a ninety percent chance of incurring a serious injury.

Even so, it was much better than losing his lift by the murderous gaze behind his back!

On seeing that their master had fled the scene, Li Lingchuan's subordinates lost all their morale to continue the battle.

Some of them followed and jumped down the ship while the rest who didn't dare to were all quickly subdued by Mo Yi.

Hanging on Huang Yueli's face was a smiling expression as she turned and gently patted Li Moying's chest.

"You're still the powerful one! You've just awoke and managed to settle that weirdo! Speaking of this, what's his backing Isn't he your Junior Brother Why is it that he seems more like your enemy"

"He….." Li Moying had just said one word before he suddenly stopped.

Huang Yueli raised her eyebrows, "What Hemming and hawing like that, just speak directly!"

Li Moying continued to be silent.

Huang Yueli curiously turned her head to take a look.

She saw his face had turned pale white and sweat started trickling down his forehead.

She turned pale with fright and shouted, "Li Moying, what's wrong with you Where are you feeling uncomfortable"

But Li Moying still didn't reply her.

His tall figure leaned against her and slowly dropped down.

Both his eyes were shut tight and he slipped into unconsciousness once again.

Huang Yueli used all her energy to support his body but she didn't dare to shake him so she could only softly call out his name.


How are you"

"Senior Brother, wake up!"

The others anxiously rushed over and surrounded Li Moying.

His fainting spell this time scared everyone out of their wits.

Everyone brought him into the main cabin in a flurry and let him lie down.

Luckily the living conditions in this flying ship was a lot better than the crude and simple tent in the Dark Moon Forest.

Li Moying would be much more comfortable lying down on the big and soft bed.


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