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Unfortunately, no matter how much energy the Crown Prince exerted, his forehead was filled with sweat and in the end, he was still unable to move so he could only clench his teeth while hissing, Bai Ruoli, what do you mean! How dare you slander me like this!

Huang Yueli replied, I don\'t mean anything, just telling the truth only!

Crown Prince retorted, This is pure slander! I was obviously captured by your guar...

Cough Cough!

Crown Prince was infuriated by Huang Yueli and in a moment of fury, he almost spilled out the truth so Imperial Tutor pretended to cough to stop him from continuing!

Crown Prince abruptly regained his senses and hastily shut his mouth.

Huang Yueli silent signed a sense of regret but she only raised her brows and asked, Your Highness, why did you stop What did my bodyguard do to you

Imperial Tutor sneered, Bai Ruoli, don\'t try to quibble! Crown Prince is the heir apparent to the throne so what would he see in that miserly shop of yours And to snatch in broad daylight Moreover, he moved the things to the Royal Treasury For what reason would be do that for

That\'s right, I was bewildered as well! In the normal course of events, Crown Prince wouldn\'t do such things, unless….

Unless he had some schemes in mind! For example….

He may have felt that His Majesty had been sitting on the throne for too long a time, and he cannot wait to ascend the throne so he treated the Royal Treasury as his own!


that\'s venomous slander! Crown Prince didn\'t expect her to say that as he furiously jumped up from the stretched and fell heavily back on it!

Bai Ruoli, how dare you speak at will I will never let you off!

Saying that he struggled to get up, Imperial Father, I am innocent! Please don\'t listen to Bai Ruoli\'s nonsense! I had never had this thinking at all! She knew that she was unable to get off the hook so she thought of this malicious way to change the subject! Please investigate properly!

Crown Prince stared at Huang Yueli and that vision of sight seemed to be spewing out flames!

Since ancient times, what Emperors had been afraid of was someone coveting their title.

As the Crown Prince, he was also afraid that other people would say that he cannot wait to ascent the throne, that he wished his Imperial Father to quickly die!

Once this crime had been validated, dethronement of Crown Prince title was just a small matter.

If things didn\'t go well, he might be locked up or even sentenced to death!

Even if it was just a rumor without sufficient evidence, the consequences would be severe.

After all, Emperors were all suspicious and once they suspect their own sons would conspire against them, then naturally the longer they see, the more unfavorable he would become and could easily pin various crimes onto his head!

Crown Prince had never expected Huang Yueli to be so vicious.

The minute she came, she gave him such a big hat to wear!

This time, he was filled with anxiety until he almost threw up blood.

Imperial Tutor also knew about the severity of this matter so he immediately stood up and pointed against Huang Yueli\'s nose while admonishing her, What a sinister little lass you are, what nonsense are you sprouting Crown Prince had always been loyal to His Majesty so why would he do such a thing Do you think that by saying that you would be able to drive a wedge between His Majesty and Crown Prince\'s relationship

He turned towards the Emperor and kneeled down, Your Majesty, please capture this audacious woman who dared to deceive you and offend the superiors.

She\'s planning to slander Crown Prince!

Comparing Crown Prince and Imperial Tutor\'s tension and anxiety, Huang Yueli was not pressured at all as she smiled steadily.

Imperial Tutor Sir, Your Highness, what are you getting nervous over I haven\'t finished my sentence! If you had never done such a thing, why would you be afraid of me talking about it-

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