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Situ Keqin\'s body flew high up into the sky, over everyone\'s heads for quite a distance before landing right behind the crowd.

The moment he fell, he had passed way even before he managed to groan.

His chest….

bore the burnt mark of the fire dragon!

The crowd went into an uproar.

No one had expected that the Young Master from the Situ family\'s branch division would be defeated and incurred a serious injury by a lass who had no fame or reputation who came from a small country!

Even the examiner was stunned for quite a while.

Huang Yueli raised her brows as she reminded him, Mister Examiner, may I check if the results of the battle can be announced

Oh, right, right. The examined regained his senses, The winner of this battle is Bai Ruoli from South Yue Kingdom! Based on their bets, Bai Ruoli will not obtain the official qualification to take part in the enrolment assessment whereas Situ Keqin has been disqualified.

Men, bring Mister Situ out!

Situ Keqin had just barely regained his conscious when he heard the examiner announced the result.

Recalling that he had waited for a long time for today, with the intention to put his expertise to good use in Celestial Light Academy, but in the end not only did he lost his entrance qualification but he was also thrown out

This lass from the countryside, how was it possible… how was it possible that she was so powerful Wasn\'t this abnormal

The more Situ Keqin thought, the more melancholy he became as he couldn\'t help but spat out a mouthful of blood, as he fainted again.

But Huang Yueli didn\'t bother about him again.

Situ Keqin was just a Young Master from a powerhouse who grew up in a protected environment and this was the first time he encountered the law of the jungle elimination process so being melancholy was a definite thing but as this was a bet which he had accepted willingly, he had to accept the price of defeat and had no one to blame.

Huang Yueli swept a glance at the crowd and from their eyes, she saw expressions showing astonishment and restraining fear.

The corners of her lips curled up slightly as she spoke in a composed tone, Who else has objections to my examination qualification You can raise it all and I\'ll accept it right here!

No one answered her question.

Everyone had been shocked by that one strike performance which defeated Situ Keqin!

Those present who were able to join in the second round of the examinations were mostly disciples from branch divisions of Sky Cloud City\'s major powerhouses and many of them knew Situ Keqin and his power.

In this round of enrolment examinations, Situ Keqin had shone outstandingly over a large number of people and had the chance to obtain the top ten ranking.

But even if he was like that, he was still unable to withstand one strike from Huang Yueli!

How about those whose potentials did not even match Situ Keqin, if they dared to provoke Huang Yueli, then won\'t they be waiting for her to serve them their last dish

Everyone suddenly had the same thought in their minds.

Even Situ Keqin who was thought to obtain the top ten ranking could not go up against her, then just how strong…..

was Huang Yueli\'s potential and could it be that she would be able to get the first place in the enrolment examinations this time

Bai Ruo Qi had hidden herself in the crowd as she was hopping mad!

Wasn\'t this wretched lass being pursued by the fifth stage realm practitioner and had already been injured seriously!

How could she escape death and within a short span of twenty days, her injuries miraculously healed completely and her potential… seemed to have improved further!

How did she do that

She herself had borrowed the position of Bai Liu Feng\'s niece with great difficulty to make those at Celestial Light Academy see her in new light, giving her a chance to prove herself….

Would it be disrupted by this wretched slut again

The more Bai Ruo Qi thought, the more indignant she felt!-

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