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This time, after going through the series of battles, she had earned over ten thousand star currency!

Not only that, before she started her battles, she had hurriedly placed a bet of twenty thousand medium grade spirit stones that she would win all her battles.

This time… another two hundred thousand medium grade spirit stones were in her account! This was a huge amount of fortune! In the entire Celestial Light Academy, probably not many people had that much money.

Thinking of the bets, Huang Yueli\'s sight swept towards Li Xue\'er once again.

The banker in charge of this bet….

Seemed to be Li Xue\'er!

She had organised so many betting stations with the intention to view Huang Yueli as a joke but now Huang Yueli had managed to win all her battles and she had bet such a huge amount of spirit stones!

This was all coming from Li Xue\'er!

As expected, Li Xue\'er\'s expression was as ugly as it could be!

She had been knocked until her head was bleeding by Ye Mingshuang earlier and luckily it only looked serious but in actual fact it was just a slight external injury.

After applying emergency first aid to stop the bleeding, her condition had improved.

Li Xue\'er bore with the pain and refused to leave the Martial Arts Stage just to witness with her own eyes on the ending of the competition because she absolutely refused to believe that Huang Yueli would be able to win all her battles!

When she heard Zhu Jiucheng was going on stage, Li Xue\'er couldn\'t help but feel happy.

After all, this was the strongest person whom she had invited to deal with Huang Yueli among all the others!

The result was that fellow actually directly admitted his defeat and even asked Huang Yueli for advice!

Li Xue\'er almost fainted on the spot out of rage!

This pighead, wasted so much of my efforts trying to get into his good books! He actually….

actually couldn\'t even defeat this wretched lass!

All her hopes were dashed by the various scenes afterwards.

Everyone who went up on stage said I admit defeat.

All these were like a knife slicing her heart making her bloody and painful.

Huang Yueli… she actually won all her battles! Won all her battles!

How was that possible

Recalling that Huang Yueli had placed a bet of twenty thousand medium grade spirit stones earlier, Li Xue\'er almost wanted to knock herself to death!

Two hundred thousand medium grade spirit stones!

Where was she going to magic it out Even if you sell her, she wouldn\'t cost that much money!

Huang Yueli saw her ashen face and her discomposed look where her forehead was still stained with blood, her lips curled into a smile.

Senior Sister Li, you\'re such a good person and simply too generous! You know that I just entered the academy and was in need of money so you actually gave timely assistance, giving me so many spirit stones! Just two words of thank you is not able to express the deep gratitude that I have for you…..

Huang Yueli\'s eyes turned watery as though she was deeply moved.

This made Li Xue\'er even more enraged to the point of spitting out blood!



But two hundred thousand medium grade spirit stones is really not a small amount.

Moreover this bet\'s grade period is only three days.

Senior Sister Li, you have to prepare properly.

If you owe money and not return, it is highly possible that you will be expelled from Celestial Light Academy!

Li Xue\'er knew this very well.

To open a betting station in the academy, it must be registered as if they were not able to cough out the money, the consequences were very severe.

The lightest would be to deduct star currency to exchange for the debt.

But in severe cases, there were students who were expelled previously!

Thinking of this, Li Xue\'er\'s eyes blacked out and before she could even breathe, she had fainted on the ground.


In a secret corner of the viewing platform.

Li Moying, Jiang Tuxin and the others had sat there for quite long and had seen all that happened on the tournament stage.-

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