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Sigh, I really envy Bai Ruoli, she\'s really got such a good life! She actually has such a handsome and strong man like Senior Brother Li as her fiancé! Ah ah ah, why would a top quality man like Senior Brother Li get engaged at such a young age

Why don\'t you even think about what kind of innate talent does Bai Ruoli have Based on her looks and personality, earlier Young Master Yuan couldn\'t wait to marry her back on the spot.

For Senior Brother Li to fall for her, isn\'t that very normal

What How can Young Master Yuan even be compared to Senior Brother Li Didn\'t you see what happened earlier Based on power, Young Master Yuan couldn\'t even handle one move from Senior Brother Li.

As for status, even Young Master Yuan\'s father have to bow down to Senior Brother Li! As for looks, there\'s no need to even compare! I have never seen a second man who is as handsome as Senior Brother Li!

That\'s right.

It is just right for a peerless top exponent like Senior Brother Li to marry seventeen or eighteen concubines or even take in hundreds of bondmaid so why did he choose to get engaged so early in life!!

No matter if it was a man or woman, all of them had an envious expression on their faces.

Yuan Zeyu heard the discussions from the below the stage and his expression turned green and white, not to mention how uncomfortable he felt inside!

Usually the person who had been treated like a Male God was him! But now, he had entirely became a decoration and a stepping stone.

This was the first time he had tasted such a feeling and that felt really bad!

Unfortunately the person whom they were all praising was Li Moying!

His powerful existence was something that he could not hope to achieve in his entire lifetime.

He didn\'t even dared to feel jealous!

Huang Yueli happened to be eating when she heard what the others were discussing and she almost choked.

What did these people mean! They actually felt that she was not worthy of Li Moying! And even said he could marry seventeen or eighteen concubines!

What kind of joke was that.

In future if he dared to take another glance at any other woman, she would chop off his **** below into seven or eight parts! Humpf!

Stop poking already, this piece of braised meat is being poked until it\'s becoming minced, how could it possibly taste good

The man\'s deep enchanting vocals bearing laughter was heard beside her ear as a warm palm held the back of her right hand, stopping all her movements.

Huang Yueli lowered her head as she realised that her unintentional action earlier had actually been poked with hundreds of holes on the piece of meat with chopsticks on her plate.

What are you thinking about Don\'t you this foodie usually loved to eat Why are you suddenly torturing the food today Li Moying affectionately pinched her face.

Huang Yueli was stunned as she instantly turned her face away in embarrassment.

Heavens… what was she thinking about She and Li Moying….

were in a temporary marriage arrangement only, so it was not possible to get married in the future!

When she returned to Mu Chengying, Li Moying could get married to any woman he liked so what concern was it with her And what rights did she have to control him She was really thinking too much!

Huang Yueli slapped her chopsticks onto the table in annoyance, I\'m full!

So fast I think you haven\'t eaten anything much Don\'t you usually eat a lot

Huang Yueli became unhappy, What do you mean Since when did I eat a lot I\'m not a pig!

Her lips were puckered up bearing an angry look, which made her look pampered and adorable.

Li Moying wanted badly to kiss her but he held himself back.

When did I say you were a pig You\'re obviously a cat! A greedy cat!

Just as he saw Huang Yueli\'s stare and was about to explode, he hurriedly took up a piece of garlic pork ribs and stuffed it into her little cherry lips.

These ribs are very tasty, have you tried it yet Try a little, Mn-

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