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‘Mission complete!’ At this moment, there was an indescribable excitement in Mitch’s heart.

Yaeger’s attack had seemingly not damaged him, at least at a glance.

Yet, his internals had churned and he felt excruciating pain.

Aside from his master, it was the first time he was struck such a painful blow by someone else.

‘You are very strong indeed.

Yet, you are still much weaker compared to me!’

The sharp wind that trailed behind his punch had blown away Yaeger’s dark and beautiful hair, showing her flawlessly beautiful face.

At this moment, however, she was not flustered at all.

As if she had no reason to fear Mitch’s deadly attack.

‘Farewell, ugly thing!’ In just a few moments, Yaeger’s head would be smashed by his fists into a mushy paste like a watermelon, it would bloom and be scattered into the winds!

However, at this moment, Mitch suddenly caught a strange glint of red light in his vision.

Immediately afterward, he felt that time had turned slow, incredibly slow.

It seemed like it would take a century for his pair of fists to smash her head.

It was a wondrous and mystical feeling.

‘What’s going on I seem to have entered a weird state… Could it be that I accidentally got an epiphany’

Mitch had once heard of his master having a similar experience.

It was the time when his master had a breakthrough into the Grandmaster Realm and entered a mystical state of mind.

‘I’m about to have an epiphany! I am going to become a Grandmaster!’ Mitch was very excited.

He could never expect that he could reach the Grandmaster Realm by doing a mission.

He had definitely gained a lot!

Sadly, this was nothing but his delusion! Instantly after, Mitch could see the red light emanating from Yaeger’s body.

Then, he could see her saying something, but he could not hear a sound.

Since Mitch had learned to read lips, this situation posed no difficulty for him.

He instantly learned about what she said: ‘You must not expect it, right Actually, I can toggle cheats.’

‘Toggle cheats’

Mitch found it hard to understand those two words.

‘You’re not playing a game anyway, what do you mean toggling cheats’

‘This is!’

Suddenly, Mitch saw countless tentacles that were barely materializing on Yaeger’s body.

He was almost shocked into screaming out.

The front ends of these tentacles turned into multiple fists and bombarded his body.

No, Yaeger’s fists were also included.

They were also lashed out like a gust of wind at this moment.

It seemingly looked very slow.

However, the sense of oppression was incredibly strong! It felt like he was directly facing the barrage of a Gatling machine gun!

Tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu!

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Mitch seemingly heard the sounds of machine gun fire.

It seemed that either a second or a day had passed.

Before those slow fists finally landed on his body.

The severe pain instantly shot up into his skull.

With a bang, that mystical time slowing perception had disappeared.

Mitch finally realized that he was not in a state of epiphany, but it was because that Yaeger’s ludicrous speed had made him evoke that sort of illusion!

The afterimages of fists exploded frantically.

“Ahhhhhhh!” The sounds of painful wails and crackling bones erupted one after another.

In the blink of an eye, Mitch’s body was devastated by Yaeger.

Whether if it was his bones or internal organs, none of it was in a good condition! Yunuen Lin, Vincent, and the white-haired gangster were all stunned into disbelief as they saw this strange turn of events.

Back then when the [Princess] had failed her attack and was caught by Mitch, who was about to use a devastating blow—Vincent and the white-haired gangster were extremely excited.

Meanwhile, Yunuen Lin became utterly disappointed.

However, the situation had radically shifted now.

The [Princess] who was at an absolute disadvantage and was about to be pummeled to death, suddenly made a shocking reversal.

Within that moment, who can accept that Actually, Yunuen Lin had already accepted it.

She felt like she had just been through a roller coaster, it was exhilarating!


The last punch was Yaeger’s Iron Fist that carried a critical effect.

When counting the damage done, it had exceeded her previous attack by double!

At this time, Mitch was already beaten into a pulp as his devastated body was sent flying.

He instantly fell down the building and dropped below.

“No!” Feeling his body was falling at high speeds, Mitch’s consciousness was instantly restored from blurriness.

His body that was devastated by Yaeger’s attacks could no longer endure falling 100 meters.

He will die! He will 100% die!

“From now on, you shouldn’t be named ‘Mitch’, call yourself ‘Guise’ instead.” Yaeger stood close to the edge and looked down as she whispered.

Mitch could not hear those words at all.

After some struggling, He shared the most intimate contact possible with the hard concrete floor.

Under the moonlight, vitality was swiftly drained from Mitch’s eyes as his body quickly stiffened.

A Pinnacle realm master of both Internal and External Strength had now returned to the embrace of Mother Earth.

They will never be separated again.

“It’s you people’s turn.” Yaeger turned around and showed a professional smile.

It made Vincent and the white-haired gangster who was already trembling to feel frightened after seeing it.

They could never imagine that the strength of [Princess] was actually this terrifying! If they knew already, nobody would dare to provoke her! Sadly, there was no room for error for delayed foresight and regret in this world.

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With a dash, Yaeger did not waste time speaking nonsense with them and directly lashed out her barely materializing tentacles.

Lashing both people outside the building.

“A family is supposed to be nicely reunited.” Listening to the ghastly wails, Yaeger said.

Yunuen Lin blinked her large eyes while being indescribably shocked in her heart.

She opened her plump lips in difficulty and was about to say something.

Then, she saw Yaeger change her demeanor while instantly extending her right hand and was about to catch something.

Immediately, Yunuen Lin heard a faint voice.

Taking a good look, she saw Yeager pinching a metallic item that was emitting white smoke with her right hand.

On a tall building 800 meters away.

There was a gaunt man wearing black clothing, who braced his sniper rifle on a rail built with concrete and bricks.

He fired a shot towards a far distance.

“Mission complete.” The moment the shot was fired, he could imagine seeing the scene where his target’s head was exploding.

He could not help but feel incredible satisfaction in his heart.

This man is called Olai, a U.S.

agent that was hailed as a godly sniper with the moniker [Hawk Eyes].

Since becoming an agent, he had never failed any missions.

All of his targets were killed by a single shot.

This time around was no exception.

“Bye-Bye!” Taking his finger off the trigger, he pressed it onto his lips and blew a kiss.

When Olai’s eye was about to leave the scope, he saw a terrifying scene within his field of vision.

His target had actually caught the bullet he fired with her bare hands.

No, it was more than that.

His target actually looked towards him and smiled! At this moment, [Hawk Eyes] Olai felt absolute panic in his heart.

He was about to break down completely.

‘Not good, not good at all!’ Soon, his panic turned into an ominous premonition.

He really wanted to escape now, and travel 10,000 meters within a second.

Unfortunately, it was an unrealistic thought.

He didn’t even have time to look away from the scope.

Because, that person—the [Princess] with unparalleled beauty had already flicked her finger towards him.


A sonic boom suddenly was heard.

Now, a small dark hole had appeared on [Hawk Eyes] Olai’s forehead.

Then blood started flowing out from within.

“I didn’t expect that the hidden forces of the Small Sword Group was a sniper.

Not only that, it was an incredibly competent sniper.” On the rooftop, Yaeger retracted her hand and felt slightly frightened in her heart.

If she had not learned the ability to weave a sensory zone with her aura, she might have already been killed in this place.

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“Seems like I was slightly off-center.” After feeling the final bit of information she learned from the feedback of her telekinesis, she spoke in satisfaction.

Although she said that it was off-center, her aim had actually only deviated less than 5 millimeters.

“[Princess], please go back with us!” At this time, a voice from downstairs was suddenly heard.

Instantly, the ground slightly quaked.

Well over 200 soldiers wearing black uniforms had swiftly surrounded the building.


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