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Chapter 170: A Promise

Cheng Qiaoyis trick was not beneficial to a mechanism master.

It was as if it had been designed specifically for Wang Wen!

In the quiet training grounds.

Wang Wen was wearing microscope-level glasses custom-made by Cheng Qiaoyi.

Under the spotlight, she made the mechanism with a needle-thin clip.

Then she handed it over to him to crack.

He used the same tiny mechanism she had created and the clamp to crack it carefully.

He had cracked countless mechanisms throughout his two lives.

He had always viewed it from the standpoint of safety and efficiency.

He would do it as quickly as possible, so there were no accidents or explosions.

He wanted nothing more than to disassemble the mechanism.

However, Wang Wen, who had never been nervous before entering the gas chamber, was drenched in fine beads of sweat.

He did not bother wiping his brow.

He did not even dare to take a breath.

He worked hard to keep his hands stable.

He was terrified of accidentally crushing the mechanism, which was so small it was terrifying.

It was no bigger than a grain of salt.

He had no idea how Cheng Qiaoyi had come up with that idea.

Wang Wen genuinely wanted to compliment a genius.

He discovered that since Cheng Qiaoyi began training in that manner, her skills appeared to have entered a whole new level.

Everything was huge at that level.

He was just like a machine.

Wang Wen quickly fell in love with that sensation and became immersed in the new world.

Except for the odd bite of rice fed by Cheng Qiaoyi.

Or having a Skinny Boy feed him water through a straw.

When he went to the toilet, he even wore a pair of glasses to keep the mechanism in place.

He did not get any sleep or rest for a few days.

He could sense that the mechanism technique, which he had not used much since becoming a master, was progressing by leaps and bounds!

That was a strange sensation.

Those normal-sized mechanisms seemed to have seen through the essence once he left that world.

Even the most minor details were visible.

It was like Ren Ruoruos strange metaphysical feeling; it was as if the essence of everything in the world was connected in an instant.

At a later stage, Wang Wen did not even drink a drop of water.

He wore the glasses and fiddled with the mechanisms, or he closed his eyes and slept.

Cheng Qiaoyi was constantly checking his breathing, fearful that he was dead.

Many significant events occurred in the outside world during that period.

According to Wang Wens instructions, Zhu Xingguo found a middle-level leader in the Tiansheng Group as planned and showed him the video on the mobile phone.

The fat middle-aged man who had been yelling that he knew nothing immediately began to sweat profusely.

The Tiansheng Groups upper management was all in the tower.

The groups missile base, which was unsupervised, had launched a high-explosive missile with a high yield.

The First Consortium was the intended target.

However, the First Consortium appeared to be prepared, as they could stop the missile from the sky.

It was late in the evening.

The night sky appeared to have exploded into a small fireworks display resembling a sun.

As soon as that information became public, all the consortia held their breath.

It was as if a world war was imminent.

Nobody listened to Qin Wuzhengs declaration that he wanted to demolish the world wall.

They all withdrew their limbs and shrank their necks, waiting for the chaos to arrive.

That had to wait.

The chaos never arrived.

Qin Dongbei walked away from the tower.

Everyone was surprised to learn that the Tiansheng Groups boss had risen from the dead.

His strength did not wane but advanced, making him the Tiansheng Groups fourth tower climber to reach the 600th floor!

The Tiansheng Groups fame returned, and the group emitted the aura of the second-largest consortium once more.

After Qin Dongbei became the worlds first boss to become a top tower climber, the Tiansheng Group hinted at overtaking and replacing the First Consortium.

Qin Dongbei mentioned that the man in green and Wang Wen tried to remain hidden as much as possible, killing anyone who saw them.

The final result

Wang Wen blinked his eyes open.

It had only been a week.

He motioned with his hand.

Rain fell from the sky onto the practice field.

It fell to the ground but vanished.

His vision shifted.

The space around him changed as he moved, and tangible objects appeared in the air.

They were vivid, strange, and terrifying.

Cheng Qiaoyi attempted to study a transparent object.

She was picked up by an invisible hand and transported to a distant location.

Her face turned pale with surprise.

When the hand approached her, there was no sound.

Her head would have been crushed if not for the fact that there was no malice.

Cheng Qiaoyi turned to face Wang Wen, who stood quietly in the middle of the field.

Her eyes flickered as if she were looking at a god who had arrived in the human world to create something out of nothing.

After a long wait, Wang Wen turned around and landed motionless in front of Cheng Qiaoyi.

“Thank you, Xiaoyi,” he said with a heartfelt nod.

Cheng Qiaoyi blinked and pointed to the seemingly insignificant objects around her.

“Senior, how are you What are those” she asked.

“Spiritual power.

Thanks to your assistance, I have successfully broken through my mechanism techniques; I have completed three breakthroughs so far.” Wang Wen smiled.

“Three breakthroughs I have never heard of anyone breaking so many of them!” Cheng Qiaoyi covered her mouth in shock.

“Senior, you have set a world record!”

“World record” Wang Wens face was expressionless as if he had just remembered something.

“It has not started yet,” he said, shaking his head.

On that particular day, Wang Wen ate out in public.

He learned from Mo Ran that Chief Gu had left the First Consortium and was nowhere to be found.

If nothing unexpected happened, he knew the old man must be in his hometown in District 6.

He was on his way to District 6.

He was stopped, as expected, by Qin Dongbei and the others.

Qin Dongbei, who had climbed to the 600th floor, was eager to test him.

Given that Wang Wen did not bother to say anything, Qin Dongbei used his ultimate move to transform into a werewolf in public, howling and pouncing on him.

The three Tiansheng Groups loyal old monsters guarded him.

At the time, everyone vowed to kill Wang Wen, and they were determined not to let anything go wrong again.

In the air, five figures appeared in front of Wang Wen, who was standing quietly.

When Qin Dongbeis men saw the five people, they quickly halted.

Their expressions were tense.

Wang Wen was overjoyed when he saw the five people.

Several of the five people were previously members of his team.

Qin Dongbei turned to the three people beside him and asked quietly, “Is the First Consortium attempting to protect Wang Wen”

“Dont misunderstand.

We are only representing ourselves this time.

It was a personal request from Chief Gu before he left.

He asked us to take care of his friend,” the leader said, shaking his head.

Wang Wen, who was sitting in the back, was moved.

He could not decide whether to laugh or cry.

He wanted to tell the five that, based on his experience and the power the three old monsters demonstrated, Qin Dongbei was probably no match for him.

Unfortunately, he was too embarrassed to take the initiative and say those words.

Even if it were true, he felt incredibly embarrassed.

Furthermore, the old man entrusted his care to the group of five.

It was difficult to turn down such a generous offer.

It would be preferable if there were a future opportunity.

Wang Wen recognized the familiar faces among the five people and realized that they were the First Consortiums elites who had reached the 600th floor.

Thanks to that team, they were able to secure the number one spot, leaving the Tiansheng Group helpless.

The crowd that appeared that day seemed to have gathered the strength of all the worlds top tower climbers.

If that particular group of people died, the combined strength of all tower climbers in the eastern region would be greatly reduced.

It would take them another ten years to catch up.

Wang Wen was bored to tears, and his mind was racing with wild ideas.

Qin Dongbeis face flushed with rage, but he did not dare to move.

Even though he had the other three old monsters with him, he had only recently passed the 600th floor.

The First Consortiums elites had been well-known for many years.

If they fought, his chances of winning were slim.

“Kid, you are lucky.

Someone is working so hard to protect you.

If you have the ability, come out and fight with me, one on one!” Qin Dongbei, who was planning to retreat, gritted his teeth and shouted at Wang Wen.

Wang Wens eyes lit up, and he shouted, with a strange expression, “Deal”

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