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His body had completely recovered.

Even his mental power had been fully restored.

However, there was no movement from the two types of energy that were cultivated at the checkpoint.

What happened to recovering all his energy

Was the energy gained from cultivation, not energy

Wang Wen quickly calculated the cost of recovering his spiritual power.

Out of cautiousness, he even specially made 20 gold coins for testing.

As expected, after deducting 20 gold coins worth of mental energy, the repair cost was two world energy points.

It was equivalent to 2,000 points.

Only about 110,000 gold coins were sold.

As it turned out, the World Tower did not give them a chance to take advantage of the bug.

It would always repair energy at a higher price.

It was not even pretending to be fair.

Wang Wen finally nodded.

He did not dwell on that matter anymore.

He started to strengthen his physique and skills.

The matter of his physique was very simple.

The fourth level would increase his overall physique by four units.

In addition, the 300th floor also increased it by an additional unit.

It was equivalent to a 32-fold increase in quality.

Even though it was still far from the level nine he had achieved in his previous life…

However, it was apparent that he was far beyond ordinary people and was really no different from a god.

The only pity was that his foundation was too low.

He was most likely weaker than female tower climbers at his level.

Therefore, he still needed to continue training and find treasures that could strengthen his body.

At the very least, he could not be worse than a woman.

The physique-strengthening process was completed.

There was no way to upgrade further.

Level five required one billion points, which he did not have.

He still had around 640 million points left.

It was enough to upgrade all his transcendent skills to Level 4.

At that time, Wang Wen would not save his points blindly.

He had been waiting for that day for a long time.

He had to spend all the points he had.

Four transcendent skills.

Two of them only increased their duration in the first four levels.

They were Healing Impediment and Spirit Shield, both of which had their duration increased from 1 hour to 8 hours.

With each level increase, the duration would double.

The other effects did not change.

There were two more options left.

The Apocalypse, as expected, strengthened the damaging effect.

The level four effect was upgraded to an explosive level.

As for Purification…

Since its effect could not be upgraded, the cooldown period was reduced, which would only appear at level six or even level seven.

Its level four had a cooldown time of three hours.

In other words, Wang Wen could use it eight times a day!

Of course, the eighth time would usually last until the second 24 hours.

But that was already a qualitative leap.

He only had 200 million points left.

That meant that even if he drew the lottery for the fourth time, the transcendent skill he obtained would not be able to be upgraded to the fourth level.

He temporarily stopped and looked at Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo.

It would not have mattered if he did not look.

However, once he did…

Wang Wen immediately felt much better.

In comparison.

The two of them were much more miserable!

After the two finished strengthening their level four physiques, they almost did not have enough money to upgrade their transcendent skills to level four.

Ren Ruoruo first enhanced all four of her skills to see their effects.

Ultimately, she pitifully chose the most cost-effective transcendent skill, the Devils Form, and upgraded it to Level 4.

The strengthening effect was that the power of her spells increased from 100 percent to 4000 percent.

Her Light of Life had been upgraded to Level three, and the cooldown had been reduced to six hours.

The other two attributes were only at level two, and their duration was doubled.

It was Zhu Xingguos turn.

Everyone felt a slight headache.

His four transcendent skills were really awkward.

Wang Wen was most interested in his Fair exchange.

After strengthening it, it could create something out of nothing.

The same item could be repurchased at the same price.

In other words, after selling an item for 100 points, he could use 200 points to buy two copies of the item.

To a certain extent, that would fulfill Ren Ruoruos initial expectations.

Even though the price remained the same, the extra item would have been created out of nothing.

If there was a particularly precious material and there was only one in the world, it would not matter how much it was worth.

Zhu Xingguo could borrow that material to use temporarily.

He could use it on Fair Exchange and then return it.

There was only one set of skill information left.

The extra item could be happily purchased with the points earned from various garbage and become his.

That meant that from then on, any item could be copied.

Unfortunately, there would be a record of how many times the items had been sold.

That meant the copied items could not be reproduced again.

Otherwise, the endless cycle would be too satisfying.

If he wanted a third, he could only increase it by enhancing Fair Exchange and increasing its skill level.

The third level of Fair Exchange allowed a single item to be purchased four times at the same price.

He could easily calculate that he could buy it eight times at the next level.

Zhu Xingguo wanted to upgrade that skill to the fourth level in one breath.

Wang Wen stopped him.

“Lets see how the other skills do first.”

Thus, everyone looked forward to that.

The second level of the Fart Technique increased the duration by two hours.

Even a demon like Wang Wen felt a chill run down his spine when he thought about farting for two hours straight.

Zhu Xingguo saw his masters expression.

He excitedly planned to level up that skill again.

Ren Ruoruo stopped him.

She drooled as she looked at the effect of Gourmet Breads second level.

The much-anticipated reduced cooldown did not appear.

Instead, it increased the breads size from the original size of a football to the size of a washing machine.

A washing machine!

The span was too exaggerated.

That prompted Zhu Xingguo to spend all of his money at once.

Two people stopped his hand at the same time at the time.

The last item was the Mosquitoes Must Die.

The second level of strengthening effect increased its AoE damage to one that was even more explosive.

Wang Wen was dumbfounded.

He wanted to curse.

That was unfair, even if they did not talk about yield and power.

That skill was only at level two, yet it had the same explosive effect as a level four Apocalypse Was that not too much

Wang Wen, who refused to give up, strongly requested that Zhu Xingguo upgrade that skill again.


The third level of the Mosquitoes Must Die did not increase the damage intensity.

Instead, it increased the damage range.

The space had increased from one meter to ten meters.

It was the Apocalypse all over again.

In other words, level three Mosquitoes Must Die and level four Apocalypse were the same apart from the different targets.

Wang Wen was speechless.

He did not dare look further.

He did not dare to ask Zhu Xingguo to strengthen it more.

It was easy to imagine how devastating the Mosquitoes Must Die skill would be when it reached Level 4.

He did not dare accept that Apocalypse was inferior to that skill.

At that time, Zhu Xingguo was at a loss.

His master no longer cared about him Which skill should he strengthen

He cast a questioning look at Ren Ruoruo.

The woman was almost paralyzed with fear.

She waved her hand and retreated.

“Dont look at me.

Captain doesnt dare to say anything, so I cant give you any command.

You can decide for yourself!”

Zhu Xingguo thought for a while.

In the end, he decided to be extra careful.

So that he would not regret his decision.

After decisively upgrading his targeted skill to level four, Zhu Xingguo looked at the skill information, and his expression gradually became solemn.

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