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302 Winner Takes All

When Wang Wen reappeared, he was right below the little sun on the dormitorys roof.

A transparent barrier completely encircled the ball of light above him.

The explosions energy was encapsulated in a bright ball.

He could feel the rate at which energy was being consumed.

Except for the first thousandth, which was burned instantly when the fluctuation was at its peak, the later parts gradually stabilized, and only one thousandth was deducted in about a minute.

The consumption was negligible.

However, Wang Wen did not dare to underestimate the ball of light.

The explosive substance inside appeared to be in an unusual state of circulation.

Even though the transparent barrier had kept the outside air out, the inside was still releasing energy.

According to the phenomenons analysis…

This small sun was unquestionably a hydrogen bomb with fusion capabilities.

Someone had fired a missile at him again.

And it was a nuclear bomb!

The rage in Wang Wens heart was even hotter than the little sun above his head.

He did not show any emotion on his face.

He used his mental strength to drag the nuclear bomb down from the dormitory slowly.

Concerned that the light would be too bright, he deliberately deepened the color of the barrier, making it appear from the outside like a gray light bulb.

His friends gathered around him with concern and curiosity.

He was just about to ask.

“Thats right; its a nuclear bomb,” Wang Wen said.

His voice faded.

The people who had formed a circle dispersed.

Chen Hansheng said, “Get away from me! You can resist nuclear bombs, but I dont!”

Wang Wen dragged the nuclear bomb and walked toward the academys gate.

As he walked, he asked, “Do you know who this thing belongs to If its too valuable, I must return it to them.”


Everyone looked at each other.

Luo Shan came to Mo Rans side and said, “Can we still return the nuclear bombs that have already been launched”

Mo Ran stared at the nuclear bomb being dragged away from Wang Wens head like a giant balloon.

He had the impression that the person who could once fight to a draw was now far ahead of him on a rocket.

He could not even see the rockets tail.

He pursed his lips and clenched his fists, not saying anything.

Even though Zhou Shengsheng had come to the party shamelessly, he had been relegated to a different table due to Chen Hanshengs higher status.

“I heard my father mention it,” he said uncertainly to Wang Wen.

“The remaining six consortiums appear to have held several secret meetings.

He was invited to the initial meeting.

They seemed to be upset with you.

My father felt he had nothing in common with them, so he was the first to leave.

I dont know about the rest.”

Chen Hansheng patted Zhou Shengshengs shoulder.

“It seems like your dad did not lose his mind this time.”

Zhou Shengsheng smiled awkwardly and did not say anything more.

Chen Hansheng moved to Wang Wens side and said, “Besides the First Consortium and us, only those six consortiums have a nuclear bomb.

They want to cause trouble!”

Wang Wen turned to look at him and pointed.

“Arent you afraid of being so close to me”

Chen Hansheng chuckled.

“That was a joke.

Besides, where else in this world is it safer than being by your side”

“Oh, thats hard to say.” Wang Wens anger was concealed, and he could even smile and say, “There are too many people who want my life.

I cant be sure when something slips out, especially when I am not paying attention.”

The crowd chatted while dragging the bomb.

They were headed to the major consortiums headquarters.

Li He observed the big light bulb curiously and asked Wang Wen, “Isnt it a little too ostentatious to just drag it around I can tell what youre here for with one look.”

“Actually, it can be smaller, but the smaller it is, the more difficult it will be for me.

Its easier like this.

Whats more, even if I dont have this thing, dont they know what Im here for” Wang Wen said.

“Thats true.” Li He nodded in agreement.

He took something out and waved it around the light ball.

He looked at the panel and said, “Dont worry, theres no radiation leakage.”

Chen Hansheng looked at him with a strange expression.

“The nuclear bomb is right above our heads.

Why are you still worried about radiation”

After being in Wang Wens circle for a long time, Li He had become a little mischievous.

“Just in case.

Who knows if Little Teacher Wang might accidentally miss something”

The group had just left the Fifth Districts teleportation gate and arrived at the main square.

He saw the leaders of the six districts guarding the front.

The leader of District 5, who thought he was close to Wang Wen and was more familiar with him, looked at the big light bulb in the sky and said, “Teacher Wang, what are you planning to do”

“Someone gave me a big gift.

I cant accept it, so Im going to return it,” Wang Wen said with a smile.

The six district leaders hearts skipped a beat.

One covered his mouth and almost cried.

“Teacher Wang, why dont you do that elsewhere” he begged Wang Wen.

“Whats wrong Why dont we go to your house” Wang Wen looked at him, puzzled.

“No, no, no, no, no.” He was scared out of his wits.

He waved his hands and said, “I mean, can we go to a less crowded place In another area There are too many people here.”

He could not bear to listen.

Wang Wen asked, “Why didnt you ask them if they could change locations when they launched the nuclear bomb Dont tell me that the people in our academy deserve to die.

Were the people in District 5 not human What a joke!”

The leaders did not dare to make a sound.

One of them looked at the District 5 leader with a bitter expression.

He was about to speak.

However, Wang Wen said, “Speaking of which, the six district leaders are all chosen by the ten largest consortiums, right For many years, a few of you have worked tirelessly to manage the areas.

Do you have any suitable successors You release the burden onto the young people.”

The six district leaders were stunned.

They stammered as they asked, “W-what do you mean”

Chen Hansheng took a step forward and sneered.

“He means for you to retire if you cant do any good.

Dont you know your new master Get lost!”

The six district leaders were silent.

They bowed quickly and moved to the side.

Wang Wen and his team dragged the nuclear bomb and slowly walked past them.

He walked into the portal near the Fifth Consortiums headquarters, in front of the tower climbers in the square.

The Fifth Consortium members were smart.

There was no resistance.

There was not even a single person.

The entire headquarters was empty.

Chen Hansheng took out his phone and made a call.

“Have you found Fifth Brother”

The head secretarys voice came from the other side.

“Were still looking.

He has gone into hiding.

We havent found him at any of the known residences.”

Chen Hansheng was dissatisfied.

“Thats too inefficient.

Put aside all other work and send people out to look for him.

If they cant do it, then post a reward and ask the whole world to help.

Were not short of money now.”

Wang Wen admired the Fifth Consortiums headquarters for a while and stopped Chen Hansheng.

“Old Chen, dont waste your energy.

Your people can do what they need to do.

Ill handle this myself.”

As he finished speaking…

He took out the Oath Scepter and said, “Get me the person in charge of the Fifth Consortium.”

A white light flashed in front of everyones eyes.

The Fifth Consortium leader stood naked and confused on the ground.

Chen Hansheng could not help but mock him, asking, “What are you doing, Director Lin”

Director Lin turned his head and looked around.

Finally, his gaze fell on the massive ball of light in the sky.

He was stunned.

His face was ashen.

He sat up, unconcerned about how he had unexpectedly left his lover.

He asked, “Can you give me some clothes to wear”

Wang Wen beckoned him with his finger and got him a t-shirt.

Not only did it reveal his belly button, but he also had no pants.

Beside them, Mi Lailai covered her mouth and laughed so hard that she was about to faint.

Director Lin tugged at his t-shirt that only reached his chest and smiled bitterly.

“The winner is king, and the loser is vilified.

Even a nuclear bomb cant kill you, so I admit defeat!”

“Little Teacher Wang.” He raised his head and looked at Wang Wen, saying, “Give me a quick death.”

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