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304 Its Starting To Become Interesting (Part 1)

He wanted to be the Emperor!

He wanted to be the Emperor in that era!

Just thinking about it made Chen Hansheng feel like he was going to lose his hair.

“I know you are angry, but let us just forget about this,” he said hesitantly to Wang Wen.

“The Emperor is innocent.

Lets not cause trouble for him.”

“Whats wrong Is it so difficult to be an Emperor” Wang Wen asked in confusion.

“Are you scared, too”

“Its not a matter of whether its difficult or not.”

Chen Hanshengs choice of words was complicated.

He gestured with his hands as he said, “Hes— Well, hes rare—”

“Theres no emperor in the world now, do you understand” He looked at Wang Wen and said, “No more! The world will treat you as a joke, and no one will acknowledge you as the so-called Emperor.”

Zhu Xingguo was not happy.

“Who would dare not approve of my master as the Emperor I will give him a sack of mosquitoes!”

Chen Hansheng felt helpless.

“Its useless even if you kill everyone.

No one has to approve this.

Theres no point.”

“Its fine.

I dont need their approval,” Wang Wen said.

“Its just like how no one believed me when I said I only wanted to climb the tower.”

“Then what are you trying to achieve” Chen Hansheng was tongue-tied.

“People always judge things according to their own imagination.

In this case, why bother to explain it Just do our own thing.” Wang Wen pointed at the people in charge of the consortium sitting on the ground.

“Being the Emperor is just to stamp this matter; a rebellion, like in ancient times, must have a name.

Since they keep comparing me to the Emperor, then Ill go along with their wishes.”

Director Lin sneered, “You dont even understand what Im saying, and you think youre the Emperor Even if someone like you were to be the Emperor, youd still be an incompetent ruler!”

Zhu Xingguo raised his eyebrows, pointed his finger, and threw a Level 5 Fart skill that lasted for eight hours on Director Lin.

Director Lins stomach suddenly began to churn.

Everyone heard a sound.

People around him covered their noses and avoided him.

He was alone and confused, clutching his stomach.

On the other hand, Wang Wen pointed at Director Lin and said to Chen Hansheng, “You see, he even helped me think of the specific identity.

An incompetent ruler is good.

I must be an incompetent ruler!”

Chen Hansheng was speechless.

He could no longer think of any words to persuade Wang Wen.

Mi Lailai looked at the farting Director Lin from afar and said to Wang Wen, “Theyre laughing at you.

If you follow them, youll fall into their trap.

Even if you want to be an emperor, you should be a wise ruler.

How can you be a stupid ruler

“Since ancient times, good people have to go through 81 tribulations before becoming Buddha, while evil people just have to lay down their weapons.” Wang Wen looked at his friends around him and smiled.

“Its better for an incompetent ruler to have no restrictions.

I like to be an evil person—a great evil person!”

Upon hearing that…

Everyone had different expressions.

Li He thought about it.

Mi Lailais eyes lit up.

Chen Hanshengs speechlessness turned into admiration.

He clapped and laughed.

“Youre right! Youre so relaxed!”

Wang Wen pointed at the heads of the consortiums and said to Chen Hansheng, “Is the basement that the Tiansheng Group used to imprison the teachers and students still there Imprisoning people must be part of an Emperors pastime.

We can throw them into prison, right”

“Yes.” Chen Hansheng raised his chin, and his men came forward to tie up the group of usually high and mighty leaders.

They escorted the captives out.

Director Lin was exhausted from farting and had no strength to cause trouble.

The rest of the consortiums leaders felt a chill in their hearts.

They broke free of their restraints and shouted, “If you dare, kill us! Whats the point of all this”

“Im an incompetent ruler.” Wang Wen controlled their hands and feet and said with a smile, “How can I let you all die so easily A stupid ruler has to be fat.”

He turned to Zhu Xingguo and said, “If they want to be heroes, let them.

Remember to give each of them a little fart, starting with the six major consortium leaders.

The more they like to be heroes, the more priority they have.

You must take good care of them.”

“Dont worry, Master!” Zhu Xingguo nodded.

After that…

Farts could be heard and smelled everywhere in the basement where the Tiansheng Group used to imprison college teachers and students.

Every 12 hours, Zhu Xingguo would arrive to clock in.

Starting with the six consortium leaders, anyone who was obstinate would be dealt with.

He said nothing to them, explained nothing to them, or argued with them.

It was pure agony.

Wang Wen was very good at being a villain.

Even Lu Cis team could not save them from the basement!

Wang Wens strength had increased many times since the last summit.

He could easily use it hundreds of times, like when he defeated Lu Ci!

Lu Cis team attacked together.

They were all defeated.

Even if they had supreme treasures from the 700th floor, they did not even have the right to fight Wang Wen.

The entire world was in an uproar.

Nine of the top ten consortiums had fallen apart, leaving only the Boai Group and the newly rising Academy.

Everyone was terrified of the changes.

The scope of that operation was too broad, prompting countless people in the outside world to devise ways to save people or beg for assistance.

Initially, some irrelevant people approached them through small channels, asking how they could release the leaders.

Wang Wen ignored them.

However, things gradually became more interesting.

He Jiong.

That was a loafer who had spent a long time hanging out in the lower tower levels, relying on his identity as a 300th-floor hooligan to cheat for food and drink.

He has vanished since escaping alive after delivering a message to the two consortiums.

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