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They would die immediately if they got even a whiff of it.

Which one was more important, beauty or life

The answer was almost obvious.

Mu Yuluo said, “Ill call Ji Nuan first, whos staying close by.”

Then Mu Yuluo called Jin Nuan.

After getting on the phone, Ji Nuan looked through her binoculars at the little cabin in the distance.

The condition of the cabin appeared to be normal on the surface.

Ji Nuan said, “Okay, Ill pay close attention to whats happening here.

You guys better be careful, too.”

Ji Nuan was keeping an eye on the cabin in the distance.

But she felt that her location was too far from the cabin.

Besides, she had only got one pair of eyes, and theres no way that she could have done it all well.

The best way was for her to get closer to the cabin.

So Ji Nuan acted right away.

She was hopping about the forest like a nimble rabbit.

Every once in a while, she would leave their special contact code in the first place.

Ji Nuan looked up and saw a thin net tied between the trees.

She bent down and studied it carefully.

It wasnt until she found the camera in the distance that she silently calculated in her mind where the cameras blind spot was.

After finding the blind spot of the camera, Ji Nuan quietly ran to the back of the camera and got a pair of pliers that were particularly handy from the tool bag tied around her waist.

She immediately cut the wires to the camera, and the camera went dead the moment when it lost power.

Ji Nuan was a very cautious person.

Little by little, she moved behind the window of the cabin.

From her position, she could just see the brothers, Bill and Thomas.

She was shocked instantly.

There used to only be one man here, but now there were two of them.

Who would have expected that there would be two men here, especially since they were strong

Now that she was in those mens control zone, Ji Nuan became more cautious.

Two people had already been imprisoned.

She couldnt let it happen again.

Ji Nuan crouched under the corner of the wall and listened to the movement inside the cabin.

She wanted to know what was going on inside the cabin.

Meanwhile, she was also watching the surroundings of the cabin with great vigilance because they might have hidden some kind of trap here.

Bill said, “Miss Ye, youve put us in quite a quandary.”

Bill was hesitating.

Even though the Empire currently was not ranked number one in the world.

However, the Empire was a great nation with a long history.

As the saying goes: even a dead, thin camel looks larger than a horse.

If the great nation really did pursue its responsibility, could the two brothers handle it

What would happen if they killed Ye Tianxin

Both Bill and Thomas knew that they were faced with an impossible situation.

They also knew clearly that their choice would determine whether they were going to be safe or not.

They wanted to survive and live happy lives.

Ye Tianxin said, “Actually, its not difficult at all.

You can either trust me and work with me, or you can take the high commission.

Its your life, and you have a choice.”

Ye Tianxin was very nervous when she was saying that.

A normal person could never understand the sick persons mind.

People like Bill and Tomas might make a big difference if they put their talents to good use.

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