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Chapter 189: I Missed You, Elder Brother Li (2)

“Elder Brother Li, are you tired Come sit down and rest for a while!”

Li Qingcang saw that Ye Tianxin was flitting around like a busy bee, so he grabbed Ye Tianxins wrist.

“Dont bother.”

Ye Tianxin looked up at Li Qingcang with wide eyes.

‘Was he going to leave again Ye Tianxin thought.

Would their meeting this time be just as short as before

She did not dare to ask.

She would rather be thankful that he was there with her.

She could only sit beside Li Qingcang.

“Elder Brother Li, were you nervous during the college entrance exams” Ye Tianxin spoke, trying to start a conversation.

“No,” Li Qingcang replied.

Given his grades, he would not have done poorly even if he had taken the exams with his eyes closed.

Ye Tianxin sighed and continued, “Straight-A students are different indeed.

I have been very nervous, and I kept having nightmares these past few days.

I kept dreaming that I did poorly in the exams!”

Li Qingcang lowered his head and stretched out his hand to smooth out Ye Tianxins slightly furrowed brows.

“Just treat it like a normal exam,” he suggested.

Ye Tianxin lowered her head.

She could feel the warmth of Li Qingcangs palm at her forehead.

It was soothing.

“Elder Brother Li, what if I failed the exams or got low scores” Ye Tianxin had been thinking about it lately.

Li Qingcang met Ye Tianxins gaze and remarked, “If you do poorly in the exams, you can just take them again next year.

Its no big deal.”

Ye Tianxin suddenly leaned her head against Li Qingcangs shoulder.

She closed her eyes and relished the moment.

“I will definitely make it.”

“I believe in you,” Li Qingcang remarked reassuringly.

Li Qingcang smelled like the forest after the rain, fresh and comforting.

Ye Tianxins earlobes turned red.

Her face felt as if it were burning and the love in her heart was like the wild grass in spring, growing madly and without restrain.

It had grown so tall without her realizing it.

Ye Tianxin wanted to stay like this forever with Li Qingcang.

She didnt want this moment to end.

‘Oh, Elder Brother Li! If only you knew…

She would definitely do well in the exams.

She would definitely make it to Capital University.

She would definitely become an excellent diplomat.

She would definitely do her best to become a woman who could stand next to Li Qingcang.

“Oh, Elder Brother Li, do you remember when you came to our city the last time”

Li Qingcang nodded.

“I do.


“Not long after you left that day,” Ye Tianxin recounted, “I saw a woman in the courtyard.

She had short hair and looked pretty.

She smiled at me when she saw me, and then I got confused.”

That woman was Yan Lili.

“Did she do anything to you” Li Qingcang asked worriedly.

Yan Lili just wouldnt give up.

Ye Tianxin shook her head.

“Nope, she just smiled at me, and then she left.”

Li Qingcang heaved a sigh of relief.

It seemed that he had been too tolerating towards Yan Lili.

That woman was out of her mind.

“Then dont bother with her.

Remember to bring Guan Chenxi with you wherever you go in the future.

In case someone has ill intentions towards you, she could easily defend you.”

Ye Tianxin then laughed.

“Who would want to do something bad to me Everyone likes me, you know,” she said jokingly.

Li Qingcang agreed that everyone likes Ye Tianxin.

However, that could also be the reason why some people hated her.

He just wanted Ye Tianxin to be careful.

After all, Ye Tianxin couldnt please everyone else.

“Tianxin, do you want to get changed Ill take you out tonight.”

Ye Tianxin immediately said yes.

She really needed a breather.

Going out with Li Qingcang would take her mind off the exams.


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