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Chapter 687: Can I Ride The Private Jet To Country Y?

“Xiaohui, I really hope things go well for you.”

Li Xiaohui nodded and said, “I understand, Tianxin.”

That night, Li Xiaohui kept talking about her plans for the future.

As Ye Tianxin listened to her, she gradually fell asleep.

Li Xiaohui looked at Ye Tianxin, who was peacefully asleep.

The sight filled her heart with an overwhelming feeling of awe.

Some time ago, on QQ, Zhai Shanshi even asked if she knew about Ye Tianxins current situation.

She didnt reply to Zhai Shanshi at the time, but now she should.

She should tell him that Ye Tianxin is doing very well.

She has her own dreams.

She has her own life planned out.

She still has a splendid life awaiting her in the future.

Tonight, Li Xiaohui didnt stay in Ye Tianxins room.

She found a piece of paper and pen, and after leaving a written message for Ye Tianxin, she opened the apartment door and left Capital University.

When Li Xiaohui passed a food stall, she bought some and carried it to an office building.

“Zhai Shanshi.”

Zhai Shanshi raised his head from the computer and looked at Li Xiaohui.

“Why are you here”

“I just came from Tianxins place.”

Li Xiaohuis words made Zhai Shanshis expression suddenly freeze.

He asked in a hoarse voice, “How is she”

“Shes doing very well, but shes working very hard.”

Feeling a bit lost, Zhai Shanshi sat on the chair and said, “Its good that she is doing well.”

He called home some time ago.

Only then did he find out what his mother had done to Ye Tianxin.

There was an indescribable sense of grief in his heart.

“Zhai Shanshi, how is your company”

Zhai Shanshi nodded and said, “Not bad.”

Li Xiaohui took a deep breath and said, “You and Tianxin are working so hard.

I cant afford to fall behind.

Zhai Shanshi, do you still like Tianxin”

“I like her.” He likes her.

She was worthy of being liked by him, but they were no longer living in the same world.

Li Xiaohui opened a can of beer and handed it to Zhai Shanshi.

“I like her too.

Shes my idol.

Zhai Shanshi, we have to work hard together.”

Zhai Shanshi nodded and said, “Alright, lets work hard together.”

As usual, when Ye Tianxin woke up, the first thing she did was to turn on the TV and watch the news.

“According to our reporter, our countrys peacekeeping force in Country Y has been attacked by artillery shells, which has caused 3 injuries and 1 casualty…”

Ye Tianxin, who was brushing her teeth, turned pale in shock towards the news.

With her hands trembling, she found her phone and tried to dial Li Qingcangs satellite phone number.

The satellite phone call didnt go through, so Ye Tianxin had to call Xie Xuning.

“Dad, did you watch the news Is it true that the peacekeeping camp attacked”

Xie Xuning comforted Ye Tianxin on the phone, “Tianxin, I found out last night.

Xiao Cang is fine, Tianxin, so you dont need to be nervous.”

“Dad, isnt there a peacekeeper who died”

Only when Ye Tianxin saw the news did she know that death mightve taken someone so close to her.

After being silent for a while, Xie Xuning said, “Its another peacekeeper.

Hes a martyr.

There will be a private jet to pick him up and return to the country today.”

After Ye Tianxin found out that Li Qingcang was safe and sound, she felt relieved.

War is merciless.

The cannonball can strike anyone.

Ye Tianxin worried immensely about Li Qingcang, who was in the peacekeeping force.

“Dad, can I ride the private jet to Country Y”

Xie Xuning immediately refused Ye Tianxin, “Im sorry, but no.

With war raging in Country Y, its too dangerous for you to go…”


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