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Chapter 2055 (End) – [Side Story: Innocent Playmate (4)]

She stopped crying and turned back to look at him.

Shen Wuxin heaved a sigh of relief.

“Youre quite good-looking, Ill marry you!”Kaka said.

“Its a boy who marries a girl,”Shen Wuxin replied.

“Why” Kaka was curious.

“Because boys are better than girls!”

“But Im better at stealing belts than you,” Kaka said.

Shen Wuxin was speechless.

“Lets not talk about that.

Something else.

Kaka thought for a while.

“You see,” Shen Wuxin said.”Im taller than you.”

Kaka was anxious.”But Im still long!”

Shen Wuxin: “Im growing too.

Youre one year older, and Im one year older too.

Ill definitely be taller than you.”

“…It seems, right.”

“Im better at studying than you,”Shen Wuxin continued.

Kaka didnt like studying the most.

When he heard this, he admitted frankly,”Yes, thats right.”

“I eat more than you.”

Kakas eyes widened.

“Im stronger than you!”

Kaka touched his chin and was a little anxious.

“Thats why I want to marry you! You marry me—”

Shen Wuxin raised his chin arrogantly, looking extremely cute.

Kaka frowned.

“I can still stand and pee,” Shen Wuxin continued.”Can you

Kaka shook his head.

She didnt know enough about the difference between men and women, so she definitely wouldnt have thought that women could have children.

She racked her brain.

He couldnt always be more powerful than Shen Wuxin!

However, what did she have that was better than Shen Wuxin

He thought hard, thought hard.

Suddenly, her eyes lit up.

She looked at Shen Wuxin and said,””Ive got it! I can do one thing, but you definitely cant!”


“I  can attend my parentswedding, can you

Shen Wuxin was speechless.

He really couldnt do this!

Other than a few other people, who else in the world can attend my parentswedding!

Shen Wuxin frowned.

He couldnt show his fear in front of this little kid!

So Shen Wuxin looked up and said, “I, Ill ask my parents to hold another wedding!” Hmph!”

Kaka laughed innocently.

Shen Wuxin ran back to the wedding venue and stopped in front of Qiao Lian.

He looked up at her and asked,”mom, what do I have to do to get you to hold another wedding”

Qiao Lian smiled immediately.

“You can only have a wedding once in a lifetime.”

“Then what should we do Cant I attend mom and dads wedding”

Qiao Lian thought to herself,so you actually participated And you even participated in the entire process!”

Shen Wuxins eyes widened.”Huh”

“You were in moms stomach at that time!” She said.

Shen Wuxin was speechless.

So, how was he going to marry Kaka

This seemed to be a headache!

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