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Chapter 1958 – Enemies On A Narrow Road (8)

The meaning was too obvious!

Qiao Yiyis pupils shrank.

Just as she was about to say something, chief sun immediately said,”of course, no problem! Ill arrange the place, is that okay with you, boss Qian”

Qian Jin immediately smiled as if he had received a treasure.

He looked at director sun with a deep meaning in his eyes.”Our director suns arrangement is really well done.

You see, you know what Im thinking.“

Director sun nodded.”Yes, so this project …”

“Alright, lets not talk about projects or cooperation today.

Lets talk about romance! I came to Suzhou to treat everyone to a meal!“

Qian Jins mouth was very tight, and he refused to let go.

President sun knew that President Qian wouldnt agree to this before he got Qiao Yiyi.

He frowned and turned to look at Qiao Yiyi.

Seeing that she was very resistant, he looked at President Qian and smiled.”Alright, go ahead … Ill take Yiyi to the side first.

Well meet again after the gathering is over.”

President Qians eyes were glued to Qiao Yiyi.

It seemed like he didnt want her to leave.

However, there were so many people here, so he couldnt go too far.

He could only hint to CEO Sun.

Director sun nodded.

“Alright, alright.”

After she finished speaking, she pulled Qiao Yiyi and walked to the side.

Qiao Yiyi walked to a corner and couldnt help but look at director sun.

“Director sun, Im already making use of our overtime time to attend the party.

Tonight Im not going.”

“You cant not go,” Mr.

Sun immediately said.”Youve seen it yourself.


Qian likes to listen to you.”

Qiao YiyiS mouth twitched.

“I think he wants to sleep with me more.” But chief sun, I still have a son at home

‘ISO you already have a son, miss Qiao.

Youre no ordinary little girl.

Hehe, I wont say anything more.

I just want to say that its your fortune that boss Qian likes you.

As long as our company wins this project, Ill definitely give you 10% as a reward.

The money cant be any more.”

Qiao Yiyi frowned.”Chief sun, Ill say the same thing.

I didnt work because I needed money.


Before he could finish, director sun laughed.

“Of course I know, but you have to know that you have signed a contract with the company.

If you dont listen to your bosses Then I can Sue you in court at any time! Youll have to pay ten times the penalty!”

Qiao Yiyi was so angry that her eyes widened.”Director sun, I came to the company to work because I thought you were a good person, but I didnt expect

Youre making me accompany a guest like this.

Its not legal!”

Director sun smiled slyly.

“Youre wrong.

I only asked you to discuss the project with director Qian in private.

What did I do”

Qiao Yiyi was speechless.

Qiao Yiyi couldnt say anything.

Director sun patted her shoulder.”Alright, alright.

I dont have any other intentions.

Youre overthinking it! How could President Qian force you after seeing such a woman Ill go with you tonight, and Ill be sure to pay attention to your safety.

What do you think”

Her safety

Was there a need for anyone to pay attention to her safety

This director sun was simply too ridiculous.

However, she couldnt reject him anymore, so she nodded..

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