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Chapter 1965 – Who Is It(5)

Lu nanze stood in the room.

At that moment, he was as anxious as a madman.

He strolled around the room in a panic, looking for something while shouting,””Qiao Yiyi, Yiyi …”

When Qiao Yiyi heard his voice, she realized that he was calling her.

Hence, Qiao Yiyi immediately shouted,””Im here!”

Lu nanze turned around and heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Qiao Yiyi.

But …

Because he had been walking around the room and touching everything, he had messed up the scene.

His fingerprints were in many places.

When Qiao Yiyi had just come up, she had heard him rush into the room.

In fact, if she thought about it, she knew that he wouldnt have had the time to commit the crime.

However, Qiao Yiyi and Lu nanze were once husband and wife.

Hence, Qiao Yiyis testimony was useless.

And now, Lu nanze had become a murder suspect!

Qian Jins two bodyguards knew that they had made a big mess.

They did not protect Qian Jin well, and the Qian family would definitely not let them go.

Therefore, they had to catch the murderer in order to receive the minimum punishment.

So, one of them blocked the door and didnt let anyone go out, while the other directly picked up his phone and started calling the police.

Tvvo minutes after they called the police, they saw someone walking over.

Because it was the scene of the crime, at this moment, all the guests on the entire floor had gathered around.

Those who were further away were pointing at the private room.

The bodyguards had also set up a separate area according to the polices instructions.

They did not allow unrelated people to enter and maintained the scene.

Qiao Yiyi happened to be in the crowd.

Although she called out to Lu nanze, she was taken away before she could enter.

At that moment, Qiao Yiyi was anxiously staring at Lu nanze, who was standing at the scene of the crime.

Then, she heard a familiar voice from the side.”Please make way, Im a police officer.”

She turned her head abruptly and saw Liang Liang standing there.

He must have been playing in this club, so he was dressed in plain clothes.

At this moment, he was holding a police ID in his hand and showing it to the bodyguard.

After the bodyguard confirmed the authenticity of the shock, he made way.

“Its officer Liang.

Captain Liang, come in quickly.

We personally caught the person who killed our husband! You must bring him to justice!”

Hearing this, Liang Liang nodded, “dont worry.

As policemen, we wont let any murderer off, nor will we wrong any good person.”

After saying this, he entered the crime scene with a straight face.

The moment he walked in, he seemed to sense something.

He turned his head and looked at Qiao Yiyi.

The two pairs of eyes met .

Qiao Yiyi and Liang Liang felt as if it was a lifetime ago.

It had been five years.

Liang Liang looked even more handsome.

Compared to before, he was more stable and had a sharper aura.

He was more like a leader.

However, when she saw him again, Qiao Yiyi didnt feel the pain that she had felt when he betrayed her that year.

Instead, she felt that he was a friend that she hadnt seen for a long time.

She felt that she could say hello to him and turned around nonchalantly.

However, she couldnt turn around at this moment.

She was still concerned about Lu nanze, who was still trapped inside.

Qiao Yiyi bit her lip.

She looked at Liang Liang and then at Lu nanze.

The change in her expression made Liang sigh..

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