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Chapter 2038 – The Ending Between Them … (8)

When the Butler heard this, he immediately looked at Lu nanze nervously.

Lu nanze also stood up.”Ill go with you.”

Qiao Yiyi didnt object and the two of them walked out.

Sure enough, a man in his thirties was standing in the courtyard.

When he saw the two of them walk out, he immediately took a step forward and knelt in front of them.”Ms.

Qiao, Mr.

Lu, please forgive me.

I really know my mistakes! After I did that, I couldnt sleep at night after I returned to China.

Im willing … Im willing to pray for Madam every day, okay The song family is such a big family, I really cant let it be destroyed because of me.

Otherwise, Ill be the sinner of the song family, wuwuwu …”

After saying this, he lowered his head and knelt on the ground, crying pitifully.

Qiao Yiyi stared at this man.

When he had locked her mother up and was extremely arrogant to the outside world, did he ever think that one day he would kneel in front of her daughter and cry

She was still in a daze when the man on the ground seemed to have thought of something.

He looked up at Qiao Yiyi and thought that she had softened.

He was overjoyed and looked at Qiao Yiyi.”Miss Qiao, Im willing to do anything for you.

Please let me live, okay”


Song was in pain too.

He didnt want to apologize.

Because he felt embarrassed.

However, the head of the family took him to the Li familys temporary residence.

When Li Hangs incident happened, it shocked the whole of Suzhou.

Who would have thought that such a large family, a family that had been around for a hundred years, would go bankrupt overnight

The entire family was chased out of the old house.

A group of men and women, young and old, stood on the street, not knowing where to go.

In the end, a family with a good relationship with them lent them a small bungalow.


Song stood in front of the low-rise house and looked at the dirt on the ground.

He took two steps forward and his dirty leather shoes immediately lost their color.

As for the group of people who had left home, they were used to the life of the rich.

They didnt even have the ability to take care of themselves, and their family had to quarrel every day about who to cook for.

The child next to her was crying badly, but there was no one to comfort her.

The whole family was squeezed together, with the women crying and the men frowning.

Everyone was glaring at Li Hang.

With great difficulty, the half-cooked rice was served.

The people who had been hungry for a day immediately rushed forward, wanting to eat.

Li Hang also took a step forward, but he was pushed hard by someone and pushed to the ground.

He fell to the ground and stared at the person over there.

The person glared at him and said, “”Its all your fault that our family is in this state.

How can you have the face to eat you can talk about it after were done eating!”

Li Hang sat on the ground and looked at them in a daze.

In the past, he was the head of the family, and this group of people had to please him and coax him, but now


Song felt like he was struck by lightning.

He would rather lose his face than live like this, so he came today.

He had acted so sincerely, so miss Qiao would probably forgive him, right


Song raised his head and looked at Qiao Yiyi.

“If you want me to forgive you, I can, but you have to promise me one thing,” Qiao Yiyi said, staring at him..

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