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Chapter 2039 – The Ending Between Them … (9)


Songs eyes widened in joy.”Miss Qiao, Ill agree to ten or even a hundred conditions, let alone one.

Please, please …”

Qiao Yiyi looked at him and suddenly curled her lips.”Unless you can bring my mother back to life.”


Songs pupils shrank.

Qiao Yiyis expression was cold.

She stared at Mr.

Song and said slowly,””Sensei song, let me give you a piece of advice.

In this world, the heavenly Dao reincarnates.

You have to accept the punishment for what youve done.

A life for a life is a principle that any normal person knows since ancient times.

How come you dont understand it”


Songs legs gave way and he fell to the ground.

Qiao Yiyi looked down at him.”I came back to China this time to fight you to the death!” Do you think that I, Wu Hen, am a soft-hearted person Then youve miscalculated!”

She turned her head and walked into the room without looking at Mr.

Song again.

She carried her usual domineering and sharp aura.

Lu nanze looked at Qiao Yiyis back and turned around.

He narrowed his eyes and stared at Mr.

Song, who was on the ground.

He sneered and turned to leave, but Mr.

Song stopped him.” Mr.Lu!”

Lu nanze turned around and heard Mr.

Song say, “”Do you really want to fight to the death The Lu family must have spent most of their assets to trip the Li family, right Our family is stronger than the Li family.

Are you willing to destroy the Lu familys hundred years of Foundation”

Qiao Yiyi entered the living room, but her words still reached her ears.

She stopped in her tracks and turned to look at Lu nanze.

Lu nanze stared at Mr.

Song and said,”so what if both of us end up injured”

With that, he turned around and left, leaving Mr.

Song alone squatting on the ground, staring blankly ahead.

In the living room, Qiao Yiyi looked at Lu nanze, who was striding in.

For some reason, even though she knew that Lu nanze was tall and strong, Qiao Yiyi still felt her vision blur when he stood against the light.

The sunlight shone in from behind him, making him look like he was in a stage where he could not be seen clearly.

She stared at Lu nanze and asked after a pause,””ls it worth it” Was it worth it

For her, he had destroyed half of the Lu familys Foundation.

When Lu nanze heard this, he came to her side and wrapped his arm around her waist.”As long as I can help you, its worth it.”

Qiao Yiyi was speechless.

An indescribable feeling of gratitude welled up in her heart.

Qiao YiyiS eyes were filled with tears.

She stared at Lu nanze and suddenly smiled.

She couldnt help but take a step forward and hug Lu nanze.

Five years ago, Lu nanze had given Qiao Lian a human ginseng as a gift.

Compared to what he was doing now, what was this

He actually really, really loved her .

When Mr.

Song left the Lu residence, his steps were heavy and heavy.

Back at the song familys house, he suddenly didnt know how to face the group of people at home.

He was different from Li Hang.

Li Hang was the head of the Li family, so he had the final say in everything.

As for him He was just one of the many descendants of the song family.

He was not eye-catching.

The current head of the song family was his eldest uncle..

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