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A Night of Love Is Worth Ten Thousand Gold Coins

“No, I cant agree to that.”

Lin Rans first reaction was to refuse. This was too ridiculous.

The empress was also surprised by Lin Rans reaction.

If ordinary people knew that they were going to have children with the current empress, they would be wild with joy. However, other than a moment of shock, Lin Ran was calm and unmoved.

It had to be stressed that it was a great honor to be in skin-to-skin contact with the high and mighty empress and potentially, their son could be the future crown prince.

The empress was even more satisfied. As expected of someone trusted by the Sword God. His character was indeed trustworthy. Hence, she was more determined that Lin Ran was the most suitable candidate.

“Master Lin, I know youre in a difficult position, but please help me for the sake of the Sword God. Ill definitely repay your kindness in the future.”

“You dont want to see my identity exposed and the Heavenly Saint fall into chaos, right”

Seeing that the empress was pleading sincerely, Lin Ran couldnt bring himself to reject her. “Its just that—”

Seeing that he was budging, the empress was delighted and persuaded more enthusiastically.

“Master Lin, dont worry. You just have to go in and do your job and leave the rest to me. I guarantee that there wont be any danger and no one will find out about it.”

Only then did Lin Ran agree reluctantly. “Alright then.”

If others knew this, they would definitely think Lin Ran was the luckiest man in this world.

The empress was overjoyed. “Then we have a deal. Ill send someone to inform you tonight. This is a human skin mask. Wear this when the time comes.”

She did not linger and went straight back to make the arrangement. After all, this was a big matter and she could not afford to make any mistakes. There would definitely be Zhang Yuehengs spies watching her in the dark. She had to do it flawlessly.

At night, the two of them secretly changed their identities. The person who entered the empresss chamber was Lin Ran, who disguised himself as Emperor Sheng Yuan.

According to Emperor Sheng Yuans description, the light in the empresss chamber was very dim, so it was very difficult to see the face clearly.

The dark environment did not affect Lin Rans vision. He could clearly see the beauty lying on the bed. She was exquisite and graceful. The gauze curtain was half-covered, making the vibe especially exciting.

One could vaguely see the empresss exquisite facial features and small lips. They were like cherries hanging on a branch, ripe and juicy, making one want to pick them.

She was undoubtedly a beauty.

“Your Majesty—”

This voice was like a bird singing in the valley. It was indescribably sweet, but it also carried a hint of caution and nervousness.

Lin Ran lifted the curtain. As expected, the beauty in front of him was as beautiful as a blooming rose.

“Why are you looking at me like that, Your Majesty”

Perhaps because his gaze was too passionate and intent, the empress became shy. She lowered her head sheepishly, and a faint blush spread across her fair skin.

Zhang Qingya was a little uneasy. After all, the emperor had never touched her since the wedding. At first, she thought that she had done something wrong and angered the emperor so that the emperor stopped coming to see her.

Fortunately, the good news was that the other concubines were treated the same. Otherwise, she would be made a laughing stock in the harem.

Now that the day she had been waiting finally came, she wanted to seize it and enchant this young emperor. She suppressed the shyness in her heart and slowly leaned towards him.

Lin Ran did not expect the empress to take initiative.

“Your Majesty, let me serve you.”

The empress wrapped her arms around him like a snake as she groped around his body with her slender hands. Looking at her clumsy movements, Lin Ran grabbed her soft hands, and his gaze gradually became dangerous.

“Doyou know how”

Zhang Qingya looked up and was instantly stunned on the spot when her gaze met that pair of mysterious and unfathomable eyes. She felt that Emperor Sheng Yuan was a little different tonight, but she couldnt tell the difference.

They clearly looked the same, but their auras were different.

His gaze was invasive, filled with indescribable danger as well as mystery. She could not help but be attracted to him.

Lin Ran ran his hot palm over her delicate body and unleashed the snow-white dough with a red bean on it. It was so big that even Lin Ran couldnt wrap it entirely in his hand.

He played with the red bean and rubbed it slowly and gently.


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Zhang Qingya had never had such an experience before. She immediately let out moans that were getting louder and louder.

“Your Majesty—Argh—”

All the moans were blocked from coming out as Lin Ran sealed her lips, leaving only the sound of lip-smacking.

At this moment, the noble empress was controlled by Lin Ran. Her eyes were unfocused, and there was shiny saliva oozing out of the corner of her mouth.

On the other hand, Lin Ran was extremely calm and unmoved, as if nothing could stir his heart.

The cultivation technique of the Nine Yin-Yang Swords circulated in his body. As he entered and exited, an invisible stream of air emitted from the Empress.

Her originally snow-white skin was gradually dyed with the color of lust, like a slowly blooming flower. The nectar that seeped out of her body was tempting people to explore the mysterious flower path within her.


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