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Five Elements Sword Technique! Power of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth

“Now that youve been on Mount Sword for so long, its time to bestow upon you the Five Elements Sword Technique. If Im not around in the future, you will be in charge of reinforcing the seal in my place.”

At this moment, Daoist Li had already treated Lin Ran as his successor. He had also been selecting a qualified successor in the secular world, but none of them had a character and aptitude comparable to Lin Rans.

If the Five Elements Sword Technique was mastered well, it could be deadly. If, by any chance, it fell into the hands of evil, it would bring about a bloody calamity to the world. That was why Daoist Li was so careful with choosing his successor.

Daoist Li took out his sword. In an instant, a dazzling cold light flashed through the air, causing people who looked at it to shudder. It was obvious that this was a good sword, on par with those up in Mount Sword.

“Ill only demonstrate it once. You have to watch carefully. As for how much you can comprehend, it depends on your aptitude.”

“Metal, wood, water, fire, and earth, the power of the five elements, listen to my command.”


The moment he finished speaking, the sound of metal clashing could be heard in the air. It was as if a huge army was approaching, giving people great pressure.

The power of metal was injected into the sword, and the spiritual sword became more powerful. It emitted a dazzling light that made Lin Ran subconsciously raise his hand to block his eyes.

He couldnt help but praise. “What a powerful sword energy.”

Daoist Li slashed through the air, and the sky immediately darkened, then densely packed with sword intent condensed from metal. The expanding sword intent interweaved into a huge net that covered the sky and the earth and was filled with a murderous aura.

If an enemy was trapped in the net weaved by the sword intent at this moment, they would probably have nowhere to escape. Lin Ran thought that if it were him, although he could break free, he would probably have to pay a huge price.

“The Power of Metal is the most lethal and destructive element of the sword technique. Its the best when used against powerful enemies.”

Daoist Li explained as he demonstrated.

In the next second, a huge tree rose from the ground, coiling around the sword intent with its branches. The power of metal slowly dissipated, turning into green light spots that scattered across the land, bringing with it vitality.

“The power of wood can provide you with energy to heal your injuries.”

The sky cleared up and a gentle breeze blew past the forest, causing the leaves to rustle. Suddenly, raindrops fell from the sky and condensed in the air. For some reason, the raindrops began to shake vigorously.

Without warning, rain poured down from the sky, making the world covered in mist. It was hard to see anything clearly, and even Lin Ran found it difficult to recognize Daoist Li.

“Water benefits all things and fights for nothing.”

Lin Ran was shocked to hear Daoist Lis voice right by his side. He had no clue when he appeared beside him.

Everywhere Daoist Li walked, water formed under his feet, allowing him to tread on air.

With a shake of the sword in his hand, the world around them changed drastically again. A fire dragon roared as it flew past the sky, and its roar was deafening. The water vapor instantly evaporated.

Lin Ran looked up at the sky to see two scorching suns hanging high. They turned the earth into a huge steamer. He felt his body was burning and his forehead breaking out in sweat.

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“The power of fire is violent and difficult to control. You have to use it carefully, or else it will hurt you.”

As if to prove a point, gigantic fireballs exploded in the sky, and sparks flew everywhere. Countless fire meteors fell, and the heat they caused could melt a person almost instantly.


The ground rumbled and shook violently. A few deep cracks emerged on the ground. Fortunately, Lin Ran reacted in time and jumped to the side.

The earth wall appeared out of thin air and blocked the sparks from burning down the forest.

“The power of earth is extremely defensive. It often has unexpected effects in battle.”

Daoist Li tried his best to teach what he knew, but he did not know that his disciples cultivation was much higher than his.

Lin Ran praised, “The Five Elements Sword Technique lives up to its name.”

If the five elements were used together or in specific combinations, it would have expected results.

Daoist Li, as only a Martial Master, could already bring out so much power with this sword technique. If it were Lin Ran, it would be more so.

“Thank you for your teaching.”

Lin Ran bowed respectfully with a grateful expression. Daoist Li was worthy of his respect. The Five Elements Sword Technique was no small matter. It was even comparable to the ones he had obtained from the system.

Daoist Li nodded. “Ive already finished demonstrating. Master it well. If theres anything you dont understand, come and ask me.”

After saying this, Daoist Li left with a gust of wind.

Lin Ran was grateful that Daoist Li had given him a great opportunity.

He picked up the branch on the ground and started practicing.

Daoist Li did not go far when he heard a commotion behind him. He turned around and saw the water dragon and the fire dragon hovering above the mountaintop, splitting the sky into two.

The impact was so great that even the other side of the mountain was affected.

He couldnt help but look surprised. “It seems that this kid is actually quite talented.”

Daoist Li looked satisfied. Then, he seemed to have thought of something and looked at the mountaintop with a complicated expression.


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